So, you want to be a rockstar, or perhaps act like one, right? It is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, if you already have money and notoriety, you can start a reality show, like the Kardashians. However, there is now another way to get famous, with hardly any monetary investment. Well, at least, not the ind of money that goes into producing a television show, or trying to become famous as a real rockstar. 

Youtube has made made countless people, overnight millionaires, and get this, it was just from turning their phones around videoing themselves. Who would have known, that making an idiot out of yourself, according to some, would make you rich. Remember the guy that loved Britney Spears? Everyone tuned in to see what crazy thing he would say next. Sure you might have thought he was crazy, but he had the last laugh, all the way to the bank. Sounds easy right? But is isn’t all that easy. It actually takes work, and ingenuity. 

The competition is fierce, now that people are seeing the kind of money that can be made, as an amateur star. So, how do you go about making yourself popular, and therefore generating income? It takes a lot of finesse, and smart marketing. Where do you get these ideas? This article will attempt to show you ways, to market yourself, and possibly become a self made millionaire. 

The idea, is to get thousands of people talking about your videos. This word of mouth or social media attention, gets you more clicks, with advertisers wanting to jump on board your wave. Advertiser pay you for garnering attention to them. The more activity, the more money you can make. There are people who show their kids playing with new toys that are out. The toy manufacturers love this. Gaming people are showing themselves interacting with others, showcasing video games. 

People that travel a lot, are giving reviews of every place they travel. They also show, how to make traveling easier. Some people show how to fix things, make things, and sell things. The opportunities are endless. Everyone’s new “go to” is You Tube. What does it look like, do people like it, how do I fix it, and much much more. As a matter of fact, about 30 million people a day peruse youtube,. Why not garner some money from it. 
Your first thing to think about, is your niche. Up to 100 hours of video are uploaded each minute, so you have your work cut out for you to get those much needed views. Specialize in what you are truly proficient at. Whatever you want to sell, has to be something that you are very knowledgeable about. Pick out a general theme, but stick to one product at a time. Don’t overwhelm people, or you will lose them in a few seconds. It has to be something that a lot of people like, as well. 

Next, make sure to use “key” important words to attract attention, but be true to the product or service. There is nothing worse than misleading people with a title. They will steer clear of you, from then on. An example would be to have a title with something Like “Get total Air, dude”, making them believe it is a great new skateboard or inline skates, when it is actually an air conditioner? It was just an example, don’t hold it against me. 
Meta tags are more of the same, as with key words. You must be able to reach the market, you are targeting. Research other “youtubers” who rank high with many clicks. See what tags and words they are using, as they are obviously successful. It will give you a better idea of what to use. 
Now, you have to come up with a great description of your video. The description of a video, pops up right with the title. A description often helps “search engine bots” to learn what your video is about. Most importantly, have a URL to your website included, so people can further investigate about you. 

Don’t be afraid to add “playlists” to yours. It helps to boost viewership, as people who like the same types of videos, will venture over to yours. This will help to raise your ranks, to be highly sought after, if done right. 
Having done all the aforementioned, you can build a following. It won’t be overnight, unless it is something absolutely fabulous. Encourage viewers to hit like and share”. Many have catchy tunes, or funny animal GIFs that they use, that people remember. Remember the continuous Michael Bolton commercials for Honda? These were done with the intention of you remembering them. You have to continuously work on keeping your viewers, as well. Good luck on your you tube adventure!

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