With the rise in the way we all use and rely on technology, it is rare you will find a person who has not used some sort of messaging app to stay in contact with friends and family. The popularity of these apps, and their easy accessibility, has allowed the market for them to become flooded with choices. However, there are some that stand out among the rest due to their ease of use, their cost and other options. Here are the top 5 messaging apps used worldwide in 2019.


When it comes to the apps being used for messaging in the world today, WhatsApp seems to be the number one choice with users. This messaging app has approximately 1.5 billion users across the world. WhatsApp is the number one choice for many reasons, but most seem to choose it because it offers more security than other apps. This messaging app uses encryption which makes it highly secure and security is important to people in countries where keeping private messages private is a concern. Approximately 1.6 millions users sign on to WhatsApp on a daily basis keep in touch with friends and family. It is the most popular app in countries such as Great Britain, South Asia and South Africa. Since its inception, WhatsApp has added features to make it even more appealing to users. Users can now enjoy the advantages of group chats and phone calls, can send stickers, can use the app for making and accepting payments and many other features that have been added over the years to better the messaging program.

Facebook Messenger

The second most popular app messenger is Facebook Messenger. When it comes to the amount of users, Facebook Messenger falls just short of the number of users choosing WhatsApp. The messaging app has approximately 1.3 billion users worldwide and counting. One of the advantages of the Facebook messenger is that companies also can use it to advertise products to potential customers through the use of chat bots. Chat bots are set up to send generic messages to Facebook users in order to entice them to purchase items. This may sound like an annoyance, but numbers have shown that the rate of return on chat bot advertisements is approximately 80% higher than using email to communicate products and generate sales. Many companies now utilize Facebook messenger as one of their main marketing strategies. Since the development of Facebook Messenger, a number of elements have been added to make it even more appealing to users. Features like accepting and receiving money, availability to send GIFs and stickers, the ability to talk to people using video and microphone, etc. have all been added over the years to draw more and more users worldwide.


Just shy of Facebook Messengers user numbers, is the number of users on WeChat. While predominantly used in the country of China, WeChat boasts approximately one billion users globally. Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, WeChat offers a great deal of functionality as well. Designed first to be a communications app, the developers have since given the program the availability to access social media and to accept and receive payments from other users. Any user of this app also has the added benefit of finding other users of the app in the same vicinity and the use of a built in GPS.


Fourth on the top five list is the messaging app Viber. As of January 2019, there were approximately 260 million active users on Viber who used the app monthly to keep in contact with friends and family. Like WhatsApp, messaging on Viber is also encrypted which makes it popular in countries where security is a risk and people want to keep their conversations private. However, Viber has less features then the three previous apps. Users are able to send photos, videos and text messages to stay in touch like all the other apps. They also have the function of sending stickers and GIFs to other users and make audio and video phone calls. While it does not boast a built in GPS or payment method, Viber does have one thing the other apps do not have and that is the availability to make communities for users to discuss their hobbies, lifestyles, etc. with other users around the world. This messaging app, due to its security features, is popular in countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Bosnia and Armenia.


Last, but certainly not least, is a messaging app called LINE. LINE is estimated to have approximately well over 700 millions users around the world. This messaging app is especially popular in Asian countries where it is seen as a replacement for WeChat and Viber. Like many of the messaging apps mentioned above, LINE also has many features which retains its users and also continues to attract more on a daily basis. This messaging app can be used to send photos, videos and texts and even boasts an self contained editor that users can take advantage of before posting and sharing their pictures.

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