There are many different frameworks that can be used to coding, designing, development of websites and applications. Each one has special unique features that are specific to the creator of the software. Just like everything else, each person has their own favorites, software is no different. If someone asked 100 people which PHP framework is the best, there would be 100 different answers because being the best is actually just a matter of opinion. So, there is no real definitive answer to this question, Just it’s always best to do research for yourself, compare the different types of software, seeing for yourself which is the best for you & your project needs, by comparing the various CMS (content management system) framework software. 

elow is a short list of PHP framework software that is some of the most popular, however it’s nowhere near a complete list of all that is out there by no means, but it is a good start. It is always best to do your own research, either by trial or by looking at the specs: 

1) Zen Framework 

This is a full featured and robust framework that is object orientated. The framework is extendable mainly because of the way the framework is put together; the interface is top of the line and is excellent for complex corporate level projects. It is highly customizable and adheres to PHP best practices. You can create modules or add-ons for more functionality if needed and so much more. 

2) Yii Framework 

The “YII” stands for “Yes It Is”, and is simple and evolutionary. This is what many are saying about this framework. It’s easy to install and get up and running for faster turnaround time on getting your projects completed. It also boasts on being security conscience and the features to make your projects more secure with more ways to secure the back end and front end of your project built into the framework. It also is excellent where speed and performance is concerned but be prepared for a huge learning curve if you’re familiar with it already. 

3) FuelPHP 

This framework is perfect for medium complex to corporate sized projects. It is highly flexible and completely customizable and installs easily with plenty of documentation to help you get started faster. One of its biggest assets is its security features; it goes far beyond regular security measures. Since it is relatively new on the scene though, support may be thin and the learning curve may be substantial. 

4) Slim 

This is one framework that is highly regarded and many prefer because of being a micro-framework it is able to help developers create awesome web sites quickly that are powerful but yet simple. It creates API’s with ease which helps with tight time constraints. Finally it is good for smaller projects where a full featured framework is really unnecessary. It is perfect for creating services like API’s and web and mobile apps. Even has an alert system to help alert to issues affecting your project. 

Now this obviously is nowhere near the full list of framework software but these software programs are some of the high regarded ones and freely available for the most part. Open source software have been gaining popularity over the last few years and gaining ground all the time to be able to match commercial ones, which is economically sound for those who are on tight budgets. One does not have to purchase costly software now with the open source community having software that is just good as the ones that is purchased.

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