The 10 Best Ray Ban Sunglasses For Women in 2020 Reviews

It’s beautiful to see ladies wearing ray ban sunglasses. The sunglasses are designed to make you look so cute. It is funny how most people wear Ray ban sunglasses just to add to their look but it’s worth it. Ideally, the reason people wear Ray ban sunglasses are three: to hide yourself from the dangerous sun rays; to hide yourself from people and lastly for a majority, to add to your look.

In this section, we have run have made a rundown of 10 Best Ray Ban Sunglasses For Women in 2020. Regardless of your reason for wanting to buy a ray ban sunglasses, you can choose your favourite from the array of choices we are offering.

Table of the Best Ray Ban Sunglasses For Women:

#1. Ray-Ban Women’s Matte Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's Matte Classic Aviator Sunglasses
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Right from its casing, you will see beautiful and authentic Ray ban sunglasses. The ray ban sunglasses features high quality plastic frames that will offer you services for a relatively long time. This ray ban sunglasses also have plastic lens and also offers 100% UV protection. Additionally, the lenses are prescription ready right from their case.
More importantly, Aviator sunglasses includes protective casing that ensures protection of the sunglasses together with its lenses. Interestingly, the sunglasses come in a variety of colors. This allows you to choose a color of your choice.

#2. Ray-Ban Women’s Erika Velvet RB4171 Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's Erika Velvet RB4171 Sunglasses
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Nothing is as beautiful than having this ray ban sunglasses. They are classy, stylish and mirrored lenses makes it exceptionally impressive in its look. They also have a polished gunmetal arms and includes a carrying case together with a cleaning cloth to help in cleaning the lenses. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors that you can comfortably choose from.

You could be skeptical about these ray ban sunglasses’ authenticity. But we are here to confirm that they are very authentic. And are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability. They have durable plastic lenses and frames that are slim and light in weight. The sunglasses have lenses that are prescription ready, ready to be used out of the casing. Hey also boasts of 100% UV protection coating.

#3. Ray-Ban Women’s mirrored Polarized Icons Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's mirrored Polarized Icons Sunglasses
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These Ray ban are excellent in every aspect. They feature mirrored lenses that gives them a cool shine. Unlike the above sunglasses, these have glass lenses that makes them give a very clear vision. Again, in contrast to the above, these sunglasses have metallic frames adding to their durability.

Also included with these sunglasses is a cleaning cloth that helps to keep the lenses clean and clear. They also come with a protective casing to ensure security and safety of the lenses and the sunglasses in general.

Additionally, these ray ban sunglasses also features a 100% UV protection coating. Again with these sunglasses, you may not need to worry of authenticity: they are very authentic. Of note, the sunglasses have lenses that are prescription ready. Try these sunglasses, you will love your look.

#4. Ray-Ban Women’s Round Aviator Flash Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's Round Aviator Flash Sunglasses
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These are excellent sunglasses that adds to your beautiful look. From the onset, it is worth noting that there are fake ray ban sunglasses out there, mainly made from Italy. However, I can doubtlessly say that these are very authentic and original sunglasses and are of high quality.

The sunglasses have durable metal frames and glass lenses. This full metal round frame stands out with unique double bridge design; lightweight metal and vibrant color options making it impressive.

Additionally, the lenses are prescription ready. The sunglasses also boasts of 100% UV protection coating. The set also includes protective casing and a cleaning cloth. When it comes to clarity of vision and comfort, these sunglasses are highly recommended.

#5. Ray-Ban Women’s 4068 Oversized Wrap Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's 4068 Oversized Wrap Sunglasses
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These are the next ray ban sunglasses in our list. They are extremely beautiful and gives a very clear vision. Hey are also clearly comfortable.
This ray ban sunglasses have composite frame and a glass lens. The set also includes a cleaning cloth and a protective asking. Additionally, it is important to confirm that these sunglasses are very authentic. They also include in the set a product information card.

#6. Ray-Ban Women’s RB4068 Ray-Ban Acetate Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's RB4068 Ray-Ban Acetate Sunglasses
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Next are these acetate sunglasses. They are equally comfortable band gives a clear vision. They have a plastic frame and includes crystal lens. They boasts of 100% UV protection coating.

These Ray ban sunglasses may require slight adjustments to the shape their arms, adjustments that should be done by a professional. With that, I assure you will love these sunglasses. They give adequate protection from the sun.

#7. Ray-Ban Women’s 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses
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These sunglasses are somehow brown to give a cool feeling. They have acetate frame making them very light in weight yet very durable. They have crystal lens that are very clear for good vision while enjoying their beauty.

The set also includes a protective casing. They boasts of prescription ready lenses and logoed temples. They also include an etched “RB” on the left lens for determining authenticity.

Additionally, the shape and curvature of these sunglasses may need adjustments. Notably, such adjustments should be done by a professional to prevent damage. This sunglasses are highly recommend.

#8. Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses Unisex

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses Unisex
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I love these sunglasses. They are authentic and of good quality. They have their frame made of glass and the lens glass. You can easily clean the lenses using the included cleaning cloth. They are not polarized and boasts of 100% UV protection coating.

These sunglasses features original wayfarer shape.the nylon fibre frames are lightweight yet flexible to offer enough comfort. The frame can easily be adjusted without the help of a professional.

They also come in a classic color-lens combination that adds to their versatile style. They also feature iconic ray ban rivets plus a raised metal logo for recognizable style. If you thinking of investing on these sunglasses, then proceed on. You will get comfy, clear a d durable ray ban sunglasses.

#9. Ray-Ban Unisex New Wayfarer Classic RB2132 Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Unisex New Wayfarer Classic RB2132 Sunglasses
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These ray ban sunglasses have smaller frames with softer eye shapes. The frame is made of plastics and it also includes glass lens. The hinges on the frame are well made and can serve you for a relatively longer time.

They are polarized and the lenses are known to be prescription ready. The set also includes a protective casing.

They are authentic, of good quality yet still very fairly priced. They have 100% UV protection coating. They are very stylish and funnily, they will give you this girlish face appearance.

#10. Ray-Ban Unisex-Adult Round Metal 0RB3447 Round Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Unisex-Adult Round Metal 0RB3447 Round Sunglasses
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Talking to frequent users of this Ray ban sunglass, there is one thing that stands out. The beauty and extraordinary look that these sunglasses adds to your face. It’s stylish and classy.

They have a metal frame and mirrored lenses. They are known to be non-polarised. The set also includes a protective casing and a cleaning cloth for the lenses. They boast of a crystal arm ends too.

These ray ban are very authentic and are of good quality. However, most people complain that these sunglasses are too expensive. But just to let you know, the sunglasses are fairly priced and with the quality, I would say it’s worth it. You may want to give them a try.

Factors to consider when choosing a good Ray Ban Sunglasses for Women

  • UV protection

It is a common knowledge that ultraviolet rays from the sun are extremely dangerous and may cause several eye problems including an eye cancer. As such, the principal reason for even buying the ray ban sunglasses is to give you maximum protection from ultraviolet rays. It will be needless to have sunglasses if they cannot protect you from the ultraviolet rays

  • Cost

Normally, there is always a tendency to believe that products that are highly priced are the best one should think of buying. However, in some cases this may not be true with Ray ban sunglasses. You don’t need to overspend on these. Just get yourself an averagely priced sunglasses that can serve the purpose.

  • Polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses gives you protection from glare. A lot of light may be reflected from surfaces into your eyes through the sunglasses causing impairment of vision. It is this unwanted light that we call glare. Polarized lenses will prevent those reflected rays from reaching your eyes.

  • Size

The idea is, you need maximum protection from sunlight. So definately the larger the size the better. Large sunglasses gives you enough protection from sunlight from all corners sides, top etc.

  • Lens color

Of course some people look classy in some sunglasses more than others, so may want to consider the color. Others for one reason or another just prefer specific colors.
Nonetheless, color may not play a role on the ability of the sunglasses to protect you from the dangerous sunlight.


Like we have already shown, there are different types of ray ban sunglasses in the market with a variety of exceptional features. Of course from these array of choices, your choice will be dependent on among other factors the shape of your face and the amount you are willing to spend.

Tha every word an needs a ray ban sunglasses is not arguable. It is for their own good. It will give them maximum protection from a the harmful sun rays. The above discussed ray ban sunglasses are exceptional to say the least. They will with no doubt serve the purpose well. They are highly recommended.

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