Top 10 Most Accurate Kitchen Scale in 2021 Reviews

Why make guesswork while brewing coffee, baking, or cooking healthy meals when you can get the most accurate kitchen scale? These scales work by capturing the exact measurements of your ingredients so you can get the exact quantity. Most of them are easy to use so you won’t even need any special skills or experience.

These kitchen scales are battery-operated, meaning they don’t require any electricity. They take measurements in various units for utmost flexibility. Best of all, these kitchen scales can be used to measure tiny items and pieces for added convenience. To find the best scale, have a look at the top 10 most accurate kitchen scale in 2020 reviews below.

List of Most Accurate Kitchen Scale in 2021

01. Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, Digital Grams and Oz

With its multifunctional design, the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale offers endless uses for personal and commercial environments. It has a capacity of 11lbs to allow you to weigh a wide variety of items with ease. This scale takes measurements in increments of 1g to enable you to get accurate measurements each time.

It is powered by 2 AAA batteries to ensure you can take measurements anywhere anytime. This model is equipped with a clear LCD display with a beautiful backlight to allow for easy reading each time. It boasts a food-grade stainless steel finish that in addition to making it durable makes it simple to clean. Moreover, this scale has multiple measuring units including pounds, ounces, and grams to choose from.


  • Enables you to weight smaller ingredients and liquids
  • There is a separate mode for weighing milk
  • Compact for space-saving use and storage
  • The stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance


  • Not suitable for weighing large items but there’s a bigger version

02. Nicewell 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale

Weigh your ingredients accurately to ensure healthy portions when you have the Nicewell 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale. It comes with 2 AAA batteries and user manual to ensure it is ready to use straight out of the box. This kitchen scale is designed to measure items effectively in ounces, grams, and pounds up to 22lbs. each item is weighed in 1g increments to ensure optimal accuracy.

Featuring tare function, this scale allows you to weigh even smaller ingredients and liquids in a bowl or tray. It boasts fine craftsmanship with tempered glass and ABS plastic for durability and reliable performance. Plus, this kitchen scale has a stainless steel finish that looks good and is easy to clean for easy care.


  • Four high-precision sensors for precise measurements
  • Touch-sensitive buttons allow for simple operation
  • Goes off automatically in 120 seconds of dormancy
  • Makes baking simple and accurate


  • Does not work well on a tiled countertop

03. INEVIFIT Accurate Digital Kitchen Scale

Know the exact amount of food you’re putting into your body using the INEVIFIT Accurate Digital Kitchen Scale. It has a high-quality craftsmanship with upgraded sensor to ensure it can weigh up to 6kgs in 1g increments. This kitchen scale is made up of only durable materials to ensure it can withstand daily use. Besides, it comes ready for use with batteries included to get you started immediately.

This unit comes with a tare function to make it easy for you to weigh smaller ingredients and liquids with utmost accuracy. It measures items in grams, pounds, and ounces for added versatility. In addition, this scale has a brushed stainless steel finish that makes for easy care and maintenance.


  • This scale looks elegant and high-end
  • It has an LED backlight display for easy reading
  • The low-battery indicator offers convenience
  • This model features an auto shut-off function


  • Large plates and bowls can obscure the display

04. AMIR Upgraded Digital Kitchen Scale

Consider the AMIR Upgraded Digital Kitchen Scale for instant accurate measurements at home or commercially. It is built with a high precision sensor to deliver accurate results between 0.05g to 500g. This kitchen scale has a sturdy BAS plastic frame and high-quality stainless steel surface ideal for weighing medicine, jewelry, as well as cooking ingredients.

It comes with few but smart button functions labeled PCS, M, and T. whereby, PCS enables you to measure items such as pins, screws and beads. The “T” lets you know the net weight and the “M” enables you to choose the proper unit of measurement. Best of all, this scale is compact, making it a great unit if you want something minimalist.


  • Takes up minimal desk space
  • The clear backlight display allows for easy reading
  • Available in various colors to pick from
  • Offers good quality for the price


  • This unit may need calibration for near perfect accuracy

05. ZERLA Digital Kitchen Scale, White

Find the exact weight of your ingredients by weighing them on the ZERLA Digital Kitchen Scale. It works by automatically subtracting the weight of the bowl your food may be in to calculate the exact weight. This scale is accompanied by a battery to allow you to use it immediately when you receive it. It has ultra-low power consumption with overload indication for reliable performance.

Engineered with good electroplating technology, this kitchen scale can easily convert all kinds of scale including ounces, pounds, and grams. It is built with a high-precision sensor to record precise measurements between a range of 1g and kg. Furthermore, this scale is complete with a crystal clear display for easy viewing.


  • Measures liquid and solid food items
  • This scale is food-grade to ensure it is safe and healthy
  • Slim and compact for space-saving performance
  • The scale is fashionable to look good in any kitchen


  • This scale might switch off at inopportune times

06. 1byone Digital Food Kitchen Scale 11 Lb

Weigh food items up to 11 pounds with high precision of 0.04 ounces when you have the 1byone Digital Food Kitchen Scale 11 Lb. It is engineered with the latest generation in sensor technology to provide accurate, immediate responses every time. This kitchen scale is easy to use as all you have to do is place on a hard, flat surface. It boasts an LCD display to ensure easy reading.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries included, this kitchen scale can be used immediately upon arrival. It has high-quality craftsmanship with chrome painted plastic surface safe for all foods. What’s more, this model is equipped with quick unit conversion to enable you to measure items in ml, oz, lb, and g depending on your needs.


  • Comes with easy tare function
  • Delivers accurate measurements each time
  • The weighing surface is easy to clean
  • The price is reasonable for the quality you get


  • Some people may not like the plastic surface

07. KitchenTour High Accuracy Precision Digital Kitchen Scale

Begin living a healthy life today by investing in the KitchenTour High Accuracy Precision Digital Kitchen Scale. It is a multifunctional digital kitchen scale that can be used to measure different items including food but not limited to food. It is engineered with an uneven surface placement indicator to ensure you get it right each time.

This model boasts tare function and PSC counting function to ensure the best and accurate measurements every time. It is equipped with 6 conversion units for added versatility. There is an overweight indicator included to let you when the item exceeds the weight limit. Even better, this scale has a backlight LCD display for easy reading.


  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Comes with batteries to get you started
  • There is an auto-off function to help conserve battery
  • This kitchen scale is affordably priced


  • The included instructions are very sketchy

08. LEVIN Food Scale 33lb Digital Kitchen Scale

Featuring 4 advanced weighing sensors uniformly distributed at the corners, the LEVIN Food Scale 33lb Digital Kitchen Scale offers precise weight graduation. Thus, it is ideal for controlling the amount of seasoning or ingredient portioning of a cake. This kitchen scale has 5 weight units to meet all your personal and commercial weighing needs.

It is designed with one-press tare and side switch button located separately to save you the trouble of choosing the wrong button. The switch button is in the front so you can switch by a single press. Better still, this scale is built to switch off automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity to save you energy.


  • Stainless steel and tempered glass construction
  • Easy-to-clean weighing surface
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Comes with two batteries to get you started


  • This scale is a little too sensitive; otherwise, it is easy to use

09. Etekcity 0.1g Digital Gram Kitchen Scale, Black

Take the weights of everything from food to jewelry and everything in between using the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale. It is built with a backlight LCD display that makes it easy to take the reading in any light conditions. This kitchen scale has a user-friendly design to make it easy for you to navigate between the switch and density settings.

Also, it has a tare function to help you measure smaller items and liquids with utmost accuracy each time. This scale is generally easy to operate so you can effortlessly replace the batteries to keep it running efficiently. It uses upgraded sensors to give you instant readings and reliable measurements.


  • The kitchen scale is easy to clean and to maintain
  • It has an attractive design suitable for all kitchens
  • Allows you to switch between milk and water densities
  • This unit is ultra-slim for easy handling and storage


  • The tare function takes time to respond

10. Easy@Home Digital Kitchen Scale, EKS-202

Engineered with the latest sensor technology, the Easy@Home Digital Kitchen Scale provides the highest precision in the industry. It utilizes the precise tare function that calculates the net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the net weight of the bowl. This model is multi functional, making it the perfect choice for cooking, baking, and jewelry among others.

Accompanied by two large buttons with audible click confirmation, this kitchen scale is easy to use. It has instant unit conversation among pounds grams, ounces, and millimeters. There is a large LCD display included to show you the measurement results. Moreover, the display also shows overload and low battery indications.


  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Compact and simple to store
  • Looks good and well-made for the price
  • Auto-powers off after 2 minutes of inactivity


  • May arrive with a few defects but it comes with a 1-year warranty for the same

Buyer’s Guide for The Most Accurate Kitchen Scale

While there are several things that make the most accurate scale, here are some of the key things to keep in mind while shopping


Versatility is the ability of a given kitchen scale to offer many different functions. For starters, ensure the scale can take measurements in various units such as ounces, pounds, and grams. Secondly, it should do more than just measure food ingredients. That is, the scale can also measure liquids, jewelry, and more.


For ease of use, consider a kitchen scale with intuitive buttons. This is because not all scales have their buttons well-laid out and labeled. Ensure the switch button is separated from the tare function for convenient operation. And finally, the buttons should be large, responsive, and easy to use


To get the most out of your kitchen scale, make sure it has a large weighing platform. This enables you to measure items in large mixing bowls or sheets of pans. Smaller platforms have the disadvantage of obstructing the display when you add a large bowl. Also, ensure the platform has a smooth finish that is simple to clean.


You don’t have to be a professional chef to use the most accurate kitchen scale. Some of the meals you take for granted could even be better when you use the exact quantities required. The most accurate kitchen scale is, therefore, an essential kitchen tool even for the minimalists. Go through our top 10 best reviews above to find out what makes the most accurate scale for any kitchen.

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