Top 10 Best Glass Electric Kettle in 2021 Reviews

The best glass electric kettle heats water fast. In most cases, it heats the water reaching the minimum line within 3 minutes and the water reaching the maximum line in just 7 minutes.

This kettle is also very safe to use. It has an auto shutoff function that shuts it off automatically when it is done boiling. There is also dry-boil protection that helps extend the lifespan of the kettle. If you are here to find a suitable brand for your needs, keep reading.

List of The Best Glass Electric Kettle in 2021

01. HadinEEon 1.7L Electric Glass Tea Kettle

While the kettle is made of glass, the base and inner lid of the HadinEEon Tea Kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel. The material selection used to make this kettle is premium quality and will no doubt improve the performance of the kettle. The kettle is also heat-resistant, and this further extends its lifespan.

You will find it handy for boiling water to make tea or for cooking polenta or pasta. It works extremely fast, and this makes it particularly perfectly for boiling water in the morning when you tend to have very limited time. The kettle takes just 6 minutes to boil 1.5 liters of water. It is cordless and has an auto shutoff safety feature that offers thermal shock protection.


  • Looks nice in the kitchen
  • Cordless design makes the kettle convenient to use
  • Holds almost 2 liters of water
  • The kettle is of good quality
  • The blue LED is very beautiful


  • The lid does not stay up and must be held when filling the kettle

02. HadinEEon Variable Temperature 1200W Glass Electric Kettle

HadinEEon Variable Temperature Kettle offers 6 different Fahrenheit temperatures, which are 160 deg F, 212 deg F, 175 deg F, 200 deg F, 185 deg F, and 190 deg F. These different temperature settings allow you to make the best-tasting coffee and tea. The kettle also comes equipped with the newest water circling heating technology.

The technology helps in fast heating of water as well as making sure the kettle stays quiet and does not bother anyone. The kettle takes 5 minutes only to boil 1.5 liters of water. That being said, you will be able to enjoy fresh coffee and tea with your friends and family when you have this kettle. The boil-dry and safety auto-off protection function prolongs the lifespan of the kettle as well as improving safety.


  • Glass makes it easy to monitor the progress
  • LED light blinks to remind you that the kettle is on
  • Well made and sturdy
  • Buttons make it easy to quickly choose the right temperature


  • Heavier than expected

03. AmazonBasics 1.7-Liter Electric Glass and Steel Kettle

AmazonBasics 1.7L Kettle provides you with an efficient and easy way to boil water for making tea or cooking. It is a decent purchase for someone that loves herbal tea, instant soups, or hot chocolate. With it, you will be spared the hassle of having to heat water on the stovetop time after time. The kettle features a glass carafe, which, in turn, features a non-heating handle.

The glass carafe detaches effortlessly from the base to allow cordless serving. The kettle also features an auto shutoff function and boil-dry protection. These two make the kettle safe to use. Moreover, there are blue operational lights that further make the kettle safe and convenient to use. The modern design will look neat on your counter.


  • Looks great with other stainless steel appliances
  • The size is perfect
  • Keeps water hot for a while
  • Easy to use and boils water fast


  • Not everyone likes the fact that there is “AmazonBasics” written on it

04. Zeppoli 1.7L Electric Glass Tea Kettle

Zeppoli 1.7L Tea Kettle is designed to stand the test of time. It is constructed with industrial-strength glass as well as complimented by the accents stainless steel. This is robust build that allows the kettle to withstand minor drops and provide you with long-lasting performance. It also ensures the kettle preserves natural flavors as well as preventing taste contamination. The cordless technology offers hassle-free pouring.

There is also a 360-degree rotational glass body that provides precise measurements. Another cool feature is the Strix thermostat control that helps the kettle shut off automatically. There is also indicator technology that features bright LED lights, which show when the glass kettle is heating. The maximum capacity of the kettle is 1.7 liters. At this capacity, the kettle heats water within 5 – 6 minutes.


  • Appears to be of decent quality
  • Auto shutoff works as advertised
  • The metal bottom does not collect mineral scale
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • The blue lighting is cool


  • The spout could be bigger for easy pouring

05. Breville USA 2.3 glass BKE595XL Electric Kettle

In Breville BKE595XL, all the parts that come in contact with water are BPA-free. This means it is totally safe and will not leach chemicals into your body. It produces clean water that makes good-tasting tea or coffee. The soft-opening lid of this electric kettle enhances performance. There is also a lid release button and a removable scale filter.

What’s more, this kettle has a huge capacity of 7 cups (1.7 liters), and this will allow you to heat up plenty of water in one go. The kettle also features a 1800-watt rapid boil concealed element as well as an auto shut-off & boil-dry protection. Other features of this kettle are an illuminated power On/Off switch; ergonomic handle, and multi-directional base equipped with cord storage.


  • The kettle looks good
  • Boils water quickly and quietly
  • The attached lid makes for easy emptying and filling
  • The plastic guard prevents your knuckles from getting burned


  • The power cord is a little too short

06. Culinary Obsession 1.8 Liter Glass Electric Kettle

Culinary Obsession Electric Kettle has a large capacity of 1.8 liters. It is a wonderful purchase for someone planning to make tea for a large group of people. It boils water from the minimum fill line in just 2 minutes and maximum fill line in just 6 minutes. The kettle is also very easy to clean. It features a 4” wide lid that is extra large and opens nearly a full 90 degrees.

That being said, even the largest hand can easily access the inside of the kettle and clean it quickly. The kettle is compatible with the standard US electrical outlet of 110/120 volts. It shuts off automatically and has blue LED indicator lights that lets you know whether it is on/off.


  • The kettle has straining holes in the pour spout
  • Plastic does not come in contact with the boiling water
  • The shipping is prompt and packaging is nice
  • The lack of coil makes cleaning a breeze


  • Water spots may show on the bottom, but, according to the instructions, this is normally

07. OXO Cordless Glass Clear Electric Kettle, 8710300

OXO 8710300 Electric Kettle is made of long-lasting borosilicate glass that not only offers protection from thermal shock but also helps provide a pure and clean taste. The kettle also features an LED (illuminated) power switch that lets you know when it is on. The lid of this kettle opens slowly to control the release of steam as well as to prevent hot water from splattering.

Another exceptional feature of this electric kettle is the insulated bottom that helps make it easy to transport. Plus the kettle is equipped with a non-slip, comfortable handle that remains cool to the touch and offers a secure grip. The cord neatly wraps around the base to make the kettle compact enough for easy storage.


  • Well made and of good quality
  • Watching the water boil is really fun
  • The design is elegant
  • The kettle boils water properly


  • Since it is a glass kettle, the body tends to get very hot

08. Aicook 1.7L BPA free Electric Tea Kettle

Aicook 1.7L Tea Kettle features 5 preset temperature buttons that help you prepare various kinds of tea. You can prepare oolong tea (190 degrees Fahrenheit), white tea (185 degrees Fahrenheit), and green tea (175 degrees Fahrenheit). It gives you a chance to brew a world-class cup of tea in a professional way and without any hassle.

The kettle also has an incredibly accurate temperature sensor that ensures your tea leaves never burn again. Plus it features a Keep Warm function that holds water at the desired temperature for up to 120 minutes. There is also the memory feature that allows you to lift off the kettle for 10 minutes without it shutting off. Furthermore, this teapot has superior safety protection technology.


  • Presets are fun to explore
  • Makes tea and coffee wonderfully
  • The clear glass makes it easy to see how much water is left
  • Easy to clean after use
  • The function and design are great


  • The tea basket is a little too high above the water

09. Chefman 1.5 Liter Digital Electric Glass Kettle

The digital touch display of the Chefman Electric Glass Kettle has programmable steep times and helps the kettle boil water faster than conventional units. There are 8 presets that make it easy to get excellent hot water that is suitable for your needs. So, whether you want oolong, black, herbal, green, or white tea, this electric kettle is for you.

Simply pick your preset and the hot water boiler will do the rest – make over 6 cups. A removable tea infuser comes with this kettle and will help you brew your favorite bagged or loose-leaf teas. What’s more, this kettle is made of premium stain-resistant borosilicate high-quality glass. It will no doubt hold up well to everyday use.


  • The auto start function is wonderful
  • The kettle feels amazing in the hand
  • The removable top helps make cleanup a breeze
  • Easy and safe to use
  • The glass is see-through and very beautiful


  • The bottom inside the metal plate gets discolored fast

10. Chefman 1.8L Digital Electric Glass Kettle

The rapid-boiling power of the Chefman 1.8L Glass Kettle will help you make hot coffee faster than ever before. The kettle boils a full pot within seven minutes and two cups of water in three minutes only. This means when you have it, you will be able to enjoy piping hot coffee, instant oatmeal, and tea without any hassles.

Additionally, this kettle features seven accurate presets to meet all your morning beverage needs. Needless to say, if you want to steep many different types of tea, this is the unit to turn to. There are settings for green, white, oolong, herbal, and black tea. This kettle also features the LED power, Keep Warm, and Heat functions. These functions help make it very easy to use.


  • Water does not leak and there is no odor
  • The Keep Warm function works great
  • The lights and buttons are amazing
  • The tea infuser is removable and easy to clean


  • Stays on the Keep Warm setting; hence, you must unplug after using it

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Glass Kettle

The following factors should be at the back of your mind when buying an electric glass kettle.


If you normally make tea for a large group of people, you should consider picking a large electric kettle with a large capacity. However, there is no need to go for a large unit if you are the only one going to use the kettle. After all, the larger the kettle, the costlier it is likely to be.

Ease of Cleaning

The electric kettle you are going for should be very easy to clean. It should have a wide mouth that allows even the largest hands to get to the bottom easily and clean it. Ideally, if it comes with a tea infuser then it (the tea infuser) must be removable to further make cleaning a breeze.

Safety Features

The safety features not only keep you safe when using the kettle but also play a role in extending the lifespan of the kettle. Some of these features are auto shutoff function, dry-boil protection, and stay-cool handle and bottom.


A glass electric kettle is a good purchase for someone that loves hot tea or coffee. A good one heats and boils water fast, thereby, saving a lot of time, especially during busy morning hours. That being said, we hope you were able to find exactly what you were looking for.

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