Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stand in 2021 Reviews

The best dual monitor stand holds two monitors firmly and securely. It normally has an adjustable height, and each of its arms is tiltable, rotatable, and can swivel. These arms mostly rotate 360 degrees to allow portrait or landscape orientation.

They put monitors at the perfect height and reading angle to promote ergonomics. Well, if you are looking for one, the following reviews and buying guide are for you.

List of Best Dual Monitor Stand in 2021

01. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand, STAND-V002

VIVO STAND-V002 boasts amazing compatibility that allows it to fit two screens with sizes ranging from 13 – 27 inches and weighing 22 pounds each. Ideally, these 2 screens should have 100x100mm or 75x75mm backside mounting holes.

The stand also boasts full articulation that makes its adjustable arm provide a tilt ranging from +80 degrees to -90 degrees as well as 360-degree rotation and 180-degree swivel. Moreover, the height adjustment is along the center pole to help with stability and performance.

The stand allows you to set up your monitors either in landscape or portrait shape. The monitor stand mounts to the back of the desk via a C-clamp or grommet mount (optional). Plus it has integrated cable management to keep your power or AV cables organized and clean.


  • The price point is great
  • Instructions that come with the monitor are clear
  • Shipping and packing are excellent
  • The monitor is very solid


  • No independent monitor height adjustment

02. VIVO Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand for 2 Screens (STAND-V002F)

VIVO STAND-V002F features a heavy-duty base that measures 10 by 12.5 inches. The solid base provides unparalleled stability when monitors are held within its center of gravity. What’s more, the bottom of the base is padded to make sure your desk is nicely protected from scratches.

It is important to note that you should not pull monitor(s) too far backward or forward beyond the center of gravity of the stand as this might compromise stability.

Mounting the monitor stand is a very simple process; thanks to removable VESA plates. Moreover, all the necessary tools and hardware are provided to further make assembly a cakewalk. The stand also features integrated cable management that keeps AV and power cables organized and clean.


  • Monitors hang well on the stand
  • Build quality is good
  • Packing and finish are neat
  • The price is reasonable


  • The logo on the pole does not appear to be in the center once the stand is installed

03. WALI MF002 Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

The compatibility of WALI MF002 is one that cannot go unnoticed. The monitor desk mount works beautifully with monitors, LCD, and LED flat-screen TVs of up to 27 inches in size. The desk mount is compatible with VESA 100x100mm or 75x75mm.

The plates are height adjustable as well as detachable to provide you with maximum convenience. This desk mount stand is also solidly constructed. It is made of high-quality material that improves its strength as well as promoting a stable connection with the monitor screen.

Plus this stand looks sleek and will give your workspace a modern status. The monitor arm is easy to adjust; meaning you will always work in a much more comfortable place than before. The stand is perfect for schools, homes, manufacturing plants, offices, businesses, IT networks, dorms, and more.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Keeps monitors lined up nicely
  • Small footprint provides you with plenty of space
  • Wonderful for the price


  • May tip over easily if monitors are not placed in the right spots

04. HUANUO Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand has a weighted base that prevents it from tipping over easily. It provides a couple of standing options and will firmly hold your monitors; making sure they are secure and easy to use.

What’s even better, you do not need to drill a hole or strengthen the stability of the monitor stand using mounting kits. The stand is made for desks with thickness up to 2.8 inches. Since it holds 2 monitors with just one base, this stand saves plenty of space and will make your workstation a nice and comfortable place for projects.

The stand also boasts high compatibility. It fits monitors with screen sizes ranging from 13 to 32 inches. What’s more, the monitor dual stand works with both curved and flat LCD monitors.


  • The edges of the base are all well rounded
  • The logo is clean and centered
  • The paint is nice
  • Mounting brackets make mounting the monitors a no-brainer


  • Instructions are not very clear

05. Huanuo 13” to 27” Computer Screens Dual Monitor Stand Mount

Huanuo Dual Stand Monitor is compatible with both curved and flat screens with sizes ranging from 13 inches to 27 inches and weighing up to 17.6 pounds each. It is also compatible with 100 x 100mm and 75 x 75mm vesa patterns.

It features an adjustable arm that offers a tilt of +80 degrees to -90 degrees as well as a rotation of 360 degrees and a swivel of 180 degrees. There is also a height adjustment along the center pole. Clamp mounting is up to 3 inches thick plus the monitor mount supports grommet mounting up to 3.5 inches thick.

It is designed to perfectly fit different desks. The base is one, and, therefore, helps save space as well as eliminating clutter. Additionally, the stand features cable clips that protect cables not to mention making sure they are organized.


  • Great for the price
  • Very simple to assemble
  • The adjustable height promotes convenience
  • Creates a more ergonomic setup


  • Repositioning the arms can be a bit tedious

06. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand – Black

AmazonBasics Monitor Stand features a dual side-by-side monitor arm that adjusts easily so you can have an easy time using your monitors and the stand as a whole. You will not need to toggle between applications, and this not only promotes convenience but also saves time.

The arms of this dual stand for monitor rotate from landscape to portrait mode; tilt to change reading angles, and retract and extend.
The stand not only holds monitors – but it also places them conveniently and ergonomically to help reduce strain.

It is designed to hold monitors with weights ranging from 5 pounds to 25 pounds (2.3 kilos to 11.3 kilos). Moreover, this stand is VESA compatible (75 x 75 millimeter and 100 x 100 millimeter) for increased convenience.


  • Setup is quick and easy
  • Build quality is excellent
  • The stand arrives nicely packed
  • Cable management helps give a clean desk


  • The forward/backward tilt is a little too stiff

07. AmazonBasics Steel Dual Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Stand for 2 monitors fits most screens whose sizes range from 13 to 27 inches and weigh up to 22 pounds each. It also fits desks with thickness ranging from 0.8 to 3.9 inches. Besides, this dual monitor mount stand boasts 360-degree rotation to let you set up your monitors either in landscape or portrait mode.

The stand also features an adjustable height from 7.9 – 14.2 inches high. Plus it can be tilted from -15 to +85 degrees. The cable-management system this stand is equipped with does a good job of keeping cables out of the way.

Additionally, this stand is very easy to set up using detachable VESA plates (75 by 75mm and 100 by 100mm). All the necessary hardware and tools are included to further make setup a breeze.


  • Materials and build are excellent
  • Quick-release mounts ensure easy adding or removal of monitors
  • Hollow central column prevents cables from showing at your desk
  • Comes with a set of Allen keys


  • Monitors seem to tilt downward once attached to the stand arms

08. MOUNTUP Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Each arm of the MOUNTUP Desk Mount Stand holds a monitor up to 17.6 pounds. Furthermore, the desk mount stand is compatible with LED, LCD, and OLED flat screens with VESA patterns of 100×100 millimeters and 75×75 millimeters.

Each arm is independently and fully adjustable. You will be able to rotate your monitors 360 degrees for a portrait or landscape orientation.
You can also tilt them 125 degrees as well as swivel them 180 degrees to get the right viewing angle.

Ideally, achieving an optimal ergonomic position with this monitor stand is a walk in the park. Grommet bases and the interchangeable C-clamp help make the monitor easy to assemble. Also, there are detachable VESA plates that make attaching or removing monitors a breeze.


  • Parts are heavy and solid
  • Holds up 2 monitors on outstretched arms without any issues
  • Very good for the price
  • Cable management clips are handy


  • Getting the hex bolt securely tightened to compress the plastic so the arms do not slide down the pole is pretty daunting.

09. H HUANUOAV Dual Monitor Stand with C Clamp

H HUANUOAV Dual Monitor Mount fits 2 screens with sizes ranging from 13” to 27” and weighing 17.6 pounds each and with backside mounting holes of 100mm * 100mm or 75mm * 75mm. It has top-notch arms that extend and retract.

These arms also tilt +/-45 degrees not to mention swiveling to make it easy to change reading angles. Plus they rotate 360 degrees so you can shift from landscape to portrait mode with ease. The 2-stage locking system includes a grommet base with a 3-inch diameter as well as a C-Clamp.

Moreover, this monitor stand for 2 screens comes with detachable VESA bracket plates that help make installation a simple process. It also comes with a 5-year friendly customer support team.


  • The stand is strong and sturdy
  • Let’s you position your monitor in any way you see fit
  • Customer service is responsive
  • The cable management feature is a nice addition


  • Instructions are not entirely clear at some points

10. HUANUO Fully Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount fits most LCD screens and computer monitors whose sizes range from 13 inches to 27 inches and weighing up to 17.6 pounds each. It also works beautifully with curved computers, and that’s because it comes with washers. The monitor mount is compatible with VESA 100 x 100mm and 75 x 75mm from many different brands.

Additionally, it has a full-motion design that allows screens to swivel from -90 degrees to +90 degrees; tilt from -45 degrees to +90 degrees, and rotate 360 degrees to let you easily achieve portrait or landscape orientation.

In a nutshell, the full-motion design creates a wonderful viewing angle for gaming or working. The HUANUO Monitor Stand also frees up space on your workstation and eliminates all clutter.


  • Brings monitors closer to the user
  • Perfect for those looking for more desk space
  • Comes with Philips head screw
  • Assembly is fairly easy


  • Monitors might shake slightly when you type

Buying Guide – The Best Dual Monitor Mount

We also promised you a buyer’s guide, and here is one.


Dual monitor stands work with different screen sizes and weights. The majority is compatible with monitors that are 13 to 27 inches in size and weighing up to 17.6 pounds. To avoid unnecessary inconveniences, it is advisable that you check the size and weight of your monitors before buying a monitor mount.


You should go for a monitor stand that comes with all the necessary hardware and tools for installation. You should also make sure the instructions it comes with are clear and easy to understand. Moreover, it is recommended that you buy a dual stand for monitor from manufacturers with reliable customer support.

The Base

The base of the monitor plays a huge role in the performance of the monitor. Therefore, it should not be overlooked. Buy a monitor mounting system with a weighted base because it (the base) does not tip over easily. Nonetheless, you should be careful not to go for a base so bulky that it takes up a fair amount of space.


A dual monitor stand is good for someone looking to improve ergonomics as well as to free up some space in their workstation. It holds 2 monitors at once plus it has a full-motion design that allows you to adjust the height and angle of your monitors for easy gaming or working.

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