Top 10 Best Desk for Multiple Monitors in 2021 Reviews

The best desk for multiple monitors has a large surface area that does not just accommodate several monitors but also provides space for other accessories such as the keyboard, mouse, etc.

This desk is also well made with premium wooden materials and sturdy metal frames so it can hold many heavy-duty monitors without shifting or wobbling when you type. With it, you will have an organized and neat workstation. Well, before you get it, make sure you check out the following reviews.

List of Best Desk for Multiple Monitors in 2021

01. Walker Edison Furniture Company L Shaped Workstation Desk

Walker Edison Furniture Company Desk is sleek and modern. It goes without saying that it will instantly update your study room or home office. It is made out of durable steel, which, in turn, has a powder-coated finish. It is also made with a thick tempered safety glass that is highly unlikely to crack even under immense pressure.

Moreover, this command center workstation features an L-shaped design that enables it to fit perfectly in any room and save tons of space. It also has an unattached CPU stand and a sliding keyboard tray to provide you with more functionality. Plus there is flexible configuration that ensures your needs are met by allowing you to mount the tray on either side of the desk.


  • Very easy to put together
  • Well worth the price
  • Appears to be pretty sturdy
  • The desk looks very professional
  • Supports multiple desktop computers and monitors


  • The keyboard tray is a little smaller than expected

02. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

You should go for the SHW L-Shaped Corner Desk because it saves space, and it is perfect for home office and dorm room, among others. It features open shelves that provide a perfect space to store books and binders. It also features a couple of grommets on the desktop to help you organize cords so your workspace can remain neat and appealing to the eye.

The material used to make this desk is a wood grain laminated particleboard. It is sturdy and easy to care for. The desk also has a decent finish in espresso. It brings a modern and sleek appearance not to mention making the desk blend wonderfully with the décor of your home office. The overall dimensions of this desk are 51 inches wide by 19.7 inches deep by 28.3 inches high.


  • Extremely easy to put together
  • Arrives amazingly well packaged
  • Size is perfect – not too small, not too large
  • Shipping is done really fast


  • The holes for cables could be more conveniently placed

03. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk Pro

Atlantic Gaming Desk makes a nice purchase for gamers because it is particularly designed to fit all your gaming gear and help you focus fully on epic battles. The leg is made of durable steel to enable the desk to hold heavy gadgets nicely. The laminated top is also built to last. It is made of charcoal colored carbon fiber that will no doubt withstand the test of time.

Well, it is not just the build quality of this desk that is impressive but the features it is packed with are cool too. These features are a charging stand for a smartphone and tablet, built-in wire management, headphone/VR headset hook, cup holder, rear power strip holder, controller stands, and under-desk basket, among others.


  • The desk is sturdy
  • The back power strip basket is a nice addition
  • The tabletop is good looking
  • The headphone hanger is relatively high quality
  • Great for the price


  • Table size is a bit smaller than imagined

04. Mr IRONSTONE 50.8” L-Shaped Desk with Large Monitor Stand

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk has an optional space-saving monitor shelf that helps improve convenience. The desk is designed in such a way that it leaves plenty of space for the mouse and keyboard. That being said, Mr IRONSTONE Desk is suitable for gaming, computer work, and writing. It is constructed with a metal frame and P2 MDF board.

This sturdy construction makes the desk durable and sturdy. The 1.2-inch * 0.6-inch bar width is strong enough to comfortably support heavy-duty parcels. Both sides of this desk are of the same length. As such, it is very easy to switch from one side to another and enjoy your gaming moments to the fullest. Detailed instructions, all the necessary tools, and numbered parts are included for easy assembly.


  • All the parts are included as promised
  • Directions are clear and simple
  • Has plenty of legroom
  • Comes in different colors to choose from


  • Assembly can be difficult if screws are tightened right away

05. FITUEYES DT108002WB 3 Shelf Monitor Stand Riser

The special design of FITUEYES DT108002WB allows you to raise up to 3 monitors for stocking, working, and gaming at the same time. The length and angle of the monitor stand riser are adjustable to make sure your needs are easily met. The stand riser also features shelves, which are great for putting glasses, books, mouse, and keyboard.

Since the monitor stand raises monitors to an ergonomic height, expect eye and neck strains to reduce significantly. You will stay more relaxed in front of your monitors and work much longer than ever before. The shelves that come with this monitor stand are well built and have a weight capacity of 33 pounds. Furthermore, this monitor stand riser is available in many different colors, including Black, Oak, and Brown.


  • Easy to build and very sturdy
  • Package arrives in good condition
  • The surfaces are easy to clean
  • The color options are nice


  • The holes for the wooden pins could be deeper

06. Seville Classics airLIFT Stand Up Desk Converter/Riser

Seville Classics airLIFT Converter/Riser features a motorized height-adjustment system that raises the monitors quietly and quickly from 6.1 inches to 19 inches. The innovative system does all these with the touch of a button. If you are tall and tired of hunching over your computer during gaming or work, Seville Classics airLIFT Converter/Riser is for you.

It includes a USB 2.1A/10W charging port and a built-in phone stand. Needless to say, you will be able to recharge your tablet, Android smartphone, iPad, or iPhone without a power adapter. This monitor stand converter/riser also comes with a keyboard tray that installs quickly in just a few minutes. Moreover, all the necessary tools are included to further make assembly a breeze.


  • The USB port and cable management are good
  • Compact yet holds 2 monitors perfectly
  • The desk rises relatively quickly
  • The quality of the desk is great
  • Best for the money


  • The keyboard tray is non-adjustable

07. TechOrbits 32” Standing Desk Converter Riser

TechOrbits Converter for Multiple Monitors is designed to last longer and look nice in your office. The manufacturer uses top-quality matte MDF wood to make it. Well, this special type of wood adds an exceptionally smooth finish to the surface material. Because the manufacturer believes in the quality of this desk, it provides a lifetime warranty to protect against any unfortunate.

The desk will hold your entire workstation. It is constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and gas springs that enable it to comfortably support up to 33 pounds of gear. The desk also features a large surface area that not only fits 2 monitors but also has space for speakers, keyboard, and more. It is a well-made desk that will modernize your workstation as well as improve your posture and health.


  • The keyboard tray is in a perfect position
  • The height is fully adjustable
  • Nothing wobbles when you type
  • Putting the desk together is a no-brainer


  • The keyboard tray does not slide in and out

08. Defy Desk 32 inch Height Adjustable Desk Riser

Given that there is no desk restructuring or any kind of assembly needed, you will be able to use the Defy Desk Riser within a few minutes. All you need to do is place it on top of your desk and start using it for gaming or work. The surface size is 32 by 22 inches and the weight capacity is 30 pounds. The desk provides you with plenty of surface space to let you place up to two 21” monitors without any problem.

This desk also features fluid height adjustment that allows over 200 height adjustable positions. This means creating a comfortable level with this desk is a piece of cake. The maximum height this desk can attain is 16.9 inches from the existing desk. Well, the desk is made for people who are between 5 feet and 6 feet 3 inches tall.


  • The quality is wonderful
  • Raises and lower smoothly
  • Appears to help reduce back pain
  • Good for the price


  • Heavy and can make a flimsy table super wobbly – make sure your table is very stable

09. Mr IRONSTONE 63”W x 32”D Large Gaming Desk

The gaming surface of the Mr IRONSTONE Desk is huge. It measures 63 inches wide by 32 inches deep. Because of this massive space, expect the desk to fit your PC gaming keyboards, gaming monitors, and other gaming gear beautifully. You will be able to arrange everything neatly and focus fully on your favorite game.

Although it is huge, this desk is surprisingly easy to transport. The tops are divided into 3 sections for easy storage and transport. A cup holder, 3 cable management holes, and a headphone hook all come with this desk. They further make the desk very much convenient to use. Besides, this desk features a rock-solid and stable R-frame construction for superior durability.


  • Has plenty of room underneath
  • Looks and feels nice
  • Does not wobble during use
  • Customer service is outstanding
  • Legs are sleek and modern


  • May have drilling issues

10. Elephance 59” Large L Shaped Desk Corner for Home Office

Elephance L Shaped Corner Desk is a perfect purchase for small spaces. It is suitable for home, college, apartments, bedrooms, and, of course, offices. Despite fitting perfectly in small spaces, the desk is not in any way small. It measures 59 inches long by 23.6 inches wide by 29.5 inches high.

It has a large working space that provides plenty of room for laptops, monitors, and other office supplies. With this desk, everything you use during gaming or for work will be within easy reach. It is made with P2 class particle board as well as thicker steel frame to enable it to deliver a solid performance. It also has adjustable leg pads to meet your different needs for height.


  • Extremely sturdy and has some weight to it
  • Looks great wherever it is set up
  • Wonderful for the money paid
  • Keeps the office organized and neat
  • Does not wobble or shift when loaded down


  • The directions are not very detailed

How to Find the Best Multiple Monitors Desk

We also bring you the factors to consider before you buy a desk for holding many monitors.

Desktop Size

If you have several huge-sized monitors or computer screens, you should pick a desk with a large desktop size. Such a desk has plenty of surface area and will fit your monitors nicely. You must, however, be ready to create a large space for the desk, given that it is unlikely to be compact or space saving.

Extra Features

Different desks come with different features. Some have open shelves, while others have a keyboard tray. Also, there are brands that have all of these features. Well, it is important to buy a desk with as many extra features as possible. This is because a desk like this takes convenience to a whole new level.

Ease of Setup

Setting up your monitor desk inappropriately is like walking on a thin rope across a deep valley. The rope will snap eventually and things will not look so good for you, will they? When a desk is not set up properly, it is likely to give way at some point, and this will see your expensive monitors come tumbling down and perhaps getting damaged. In a nutshell, choose a desk that is easy to put together to avoid potential damage to monitors.


A desk for multiple monitors is no doubt the real deal for someone that uses 3 or more monitors at the same time. It increases productivity by making sure everything you need is within reach. If you were looking for one, we hope the above reviews and buying guide have been helpful.

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