The 10 Best Wheelbarrow Ever in 2020 Reviews

It pays to have the right transportation. When you have dirt or other construction materials to move, a good wheelbarrow is the ticket. One way to get a good wheelbarrow is to use one of the 10 best wheelbarrow ever in 2020.

These transportation units can move dirt, concrete, plants and just about anything you put into them. How do you find one of the 10 best wheelbarrow ever in 2020? Simply, continue to read our review. It is designed to give you the information you need to find the right wheelbarrow for you.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips on what you need to know. Getting the right knowledge is half the battle when you go shopping.

Table of the Best WheelBarrow Reviews:

1. Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow
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Two wheels are better than one. You get better traction, better stability, and better transportation. Weighing only 29 pounds, it can more than lift its own weight. It is rated to hold 300 pounds of whatever you put inside.

The loop handle is designed to push and empty the wheelbarrow a lot easier. Measuring 36 x 27.5”, this wheelbarrow has up to 5 cubic feet of space. The loop handle will also allow you to hang this wheelbarrow on the wall.

Its flat free tires mean you can get a lot of work done without having to stop and fix a flat.

2. WORX Aerocart Yard Cart

WORX Aerocart Yard Cart
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The design on this two-wheeled wheelbarrow is taking wheelbarrows to the next dimension. Made from steel, this wheelbarrow will hold up to 300 pounds of weight. And you can transport your load worry free as the tires use the no flat technology.

The traditional style handles make lifting and pushing the wheelbarrow simple. Then the two back pole legs provide the stability as it waits to be unloaded. A fold out shelf can either keep your load inside or carry extra gardening supplies.

That shelf will hold up to 80 pounds. This wheelbarrow will also change into a handy dolly when you need to move large pieces of furniture.

3. Mac Sports Collapsible Garden Utility Cart

Mac Sports Collapsible Garden Utility Cart
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Your kids may think it is a toy, but you know it as a garden cart. This foldable cart is easy to store when not in use, but it will also handle the tough jobs. Its steel frame and 4 tough wheels will hold up to 150 pounds of weight.

Then the polyester body is tough, durable and easy to keep clean. The wagon’s adjustable handle will adapt to just about any user’s size. Then the handle will also do the steering. Turning the handle turns the front wheels.

Measuring 30.1 x 8.3 x 21 inches, this wagon is large enough to handle most odd jobs around the house.

4. Giantex Heavy Duty 2 Tire Wheelbarrow

Giantex Heavy Duty 2 Tire Wheelbarrow
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The oversized 14” wheels will take your 330-pound capacity, 6 cubic foot load over most terrain. The rubber wheels combine with the steel frame to provide you quality transportation. Then the loop handle makes it easy to steer the wheelbarrow and also lift it up to empty the load.

The powder coating on the steel frame helps protect your new wheelbarrow from rust. Plus, the back legs provide the stability you need when you are loading or unloading the wheelbarrow.

The approx. overall measurement of 53” x 25 ½” x 20” makes this wheelbarrow large enough to handle most chores around the house.

5. Simplay3 Plastic Wheelbarrow

Simplay3 Plastic Wheelbarrow
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You may not think plastic is tough enough to handle household gardening work. This 4-cubic foot capacity plastic wheelbarrow may fool you. Free from the danger of rust, it should last you a long time.

Its 13 ½” wheels do not go flat. They are made of plastic and can withstand most rough terrain Then the plastic handle as a storage tray to hold tools or snack supplies. The well is designed to be extra deep, so you do not spill your load as you move it from one place to another.

The approx. 46 x 31 x 23-inch wheelbarrow has a plastic stand to keep it stable when not moving.

6. Lifetime Wheelbarrow

Lifetime Wheelbarrow
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Made from recycled material, this powder coated steel wheelbarrow will resist rust and harsh weather. The traditional handles make maneuvering this wheelbarrow easier. Plus, the steel tubing leg support has a front lift design. This makes emptying the wheelbarrow less messy.

The oversized wheels will handle most of the load and will travel across all terrain with ease. Its wide wheelbase does it all for you. Then the wheelbarrow has a 6 ½ cubic foot capacity and can hold up to 550 pounds.

You also get a 2-year limited warranty to protect your investment in this product.

7. Jackson Contractors Wheelbarrows

Jackson Contractors Wheelbarrows
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This wheelbarrow is a little bit narrower than most of its construction counterparts. But that design allows the wheelbarrow to fit through small openings. Even though it only has 1 oversized wheel, it can still hold up to 6 cubic feet of materials.

The poly tray will resist both corrosion and rust. This wheelbarrow should last you a long time. Also, the steel braces on this 60 x 26 x 17-inch wheelbarrow provide the strength you need to haul heavy loads.

The wheelbarrow is designed to work with you. It will not make your home chores any more difficult than they already are.

8. Best Choice Products Home Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Home Wheelbarrow
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This air inflated 13” dual wheeled wheelbarrow has a loop handle for easy maneuvering and storage. When you are done you can just hang it up until the next time you need to use it. Made from polyurethane, powder coated steel and rubber, there is little chance rust will destroy the unit.

The wheelbarrow provides up to 5 cubic feet of room and will hold up to 330 pounds of weight. The overall measurement of the wheelbarrow is 36 x 25 x 20” and only 8 bolts to hold it together.

Its overall design will allow you to haul a variety of products with ease, stability, and confidence.

9. Marathon Yard Rover Garden Cart

Marathon Yard Rover Garden Cart
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The front steel axle and the two approx. 13 ½” tires handle the load bearing on this wheelbarrow. You should be able to cart your load over any terrain without spilling. The air-filled tires and overall construction will hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

The 36 x 27.5″ tub will also hold up to 5 cubic feet of materials or objects. Its loop handle is designed for easy storage and works with the legs to provide stability. Maneuverability is not much of a problem with these wheels and loop handle.

Its rust proof protection and construction should help this wheelbarrow last a long time.

10. Jackson Contractor Wheelbarrow

Jackson Contractor Wheelbarrow
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The 5-foot wood handles provide all the lifting leverage you need to haul your load across the yard. Then the steel construction provides the strength you need to carry heavier loads. The steel reinforcing bars help keep your load stable.

The 16-inch tire will transport your load over most rough terrain and make hauling a lot easier. Its deep tub should keep your load inside instead of spilling out as you hit a bump. Measuring 58.8 x 25.5 x 27 inches, you can haul a lot of dirt or other materials in each trip. This will save you time.

Our Buyer’s Guide

When you go shopping for a wheelbarrow, you may think that one is as good as another That is not necessarily the case. Here are some tips to help guide your search so you get one of the 10 best wheelbarrow ever in 2020:

  • Purpose- what are you going to haul in the wheelbarrow? Will the unit be big and strong enough to handle the workload?
  • Wheels- two wheels are better than one. They are more stable and carry more weight. Are they flat free wheels?
  • Capacity- the larger the better. 5-cubic feet and 250 pounds and up is the smart choice
  • Construction materials- is it rust resistant steel? What other materials are part of the wheelbarrow? Will they hold up to rough yard work, etc.?
  • Handles- are they tough enough to carry and then lift the weight inside the wheelbarrow?
  • Warranty- what is covered? What is not? How long is the coverage? What is the return policy?
  • Price- make sure you can afford the best of the best. You will save in the long run.

Some Final Words

Yard work is not always easy. But you can make it easier by upgrading to one of the 10 best wheelbarrow ever in 2020. These wheelbarrows are designed to handle tough, heavy chores.

When you need to move a pile of dirt from one place to another. It pays to have one of the best of the best working for you. You will save time and energy when you do.

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