Top 9 Best Watches Under 500 in 2020

Whether you fancy quality, stylish and expensive wristwatches yet you do not afford, there is an alternative that will give you what you more than you desire and at a friendly price under 500. It will serve your needs by looking stylish, tell time appropriately and give you the confidence as you will not need to keep it in safe or take an insurance policy that covers it. You do not have to wait for that particular day so that you can surprise yourself or someone else; get a watch that delineates both fashion and luxury. Below is a review of the best top 10 watches under 500 in 2020 and buyers guide.

Table of the Best Watches Under 500:

01. Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E

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It is a wearable technology that eases the life of its users not only by being efficient but by also being affordable. It is an android wear 2.0 thus provides you with a variety of apps and watch faces. The apps will make your work more comfortable in that you can call for a ride, explore a new neighborhood.It is an excellent tech to help you in your fitness program by monitoring your heart rate and walks or runs. If your phone is out of power, this device gives you an alternative to making calls to your friends. The seller offers 30-day money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty should you find it is defective.

02. Tickwatch Pro

Tickwatch Pro

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It is a stylish and luxurious watch with incredible features like a smart mode meaning that it is a google assistant wear OS by Google, apps and watch faces. It has a long lasting battery minimum five days. It is designed with an essential mode which is power saving due to FSTN LCD plus provides necessary information such as on fitness because of the ability to monitor. It enables for payment of goods and services by use of NFC payments.



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It is beautifully designed to provide customizable features for the watch face. Slim android wear that is unisex with an inbuilt messaging system which has the keyboard and emoji to offer assistance. This US version is compatible with androids and iOS, slightly waterproof and supports the snap and swap Google mode thus the user can change the band quickly and efficiently.

04. Amazfit


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It is an ideal blend of style, comfort and technology; it has an inside red color look and an outer of black color; a certified waterproof material that will significantly impact your health and fitness program. When using it, you only need to pair your storage device through Bluetooth and you will enjoy some music in your workouts. By using this wristwatch, you have the assurance of being in the know-how, as it will display your mobile notifications. It has a warranty of 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month replacement warranty.

05. Huawei


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This wearable tech is sophisticated with an inbuilt GPS and heart rate monitors. It will also scientifically measure the quality of your sleep with the aid of Huawei TruSleep. Get real-time work out data through this watch, pay for services and goods using the NFC and make it your Google assistant. It has a durable battery that will facilitate three weeks on watch-mode, 7 hours of constant GPS use and two days while on smart power saving mode. To make its usage more entertaining, it has a Google play music which will help you to download and listen to your favorite songs.

06. Fossil Q Marshal Gen

Fossil Q Marshal Gen

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It will help you to be on the know through the display of notifications aided by the Bluetooth connection; the touchscreen functionality will enable you to make calls or reply messages and emails. It will provide data and monitor your fitness performance. The face of the watch is customizable thus you can adjust the colors and you can choose a wear OS by Google design. It is compatible with Android OS 4.4 or iOS 9.3, allows for pairing by Bluetooth and allows connection to Wi-Fi. The battery has a span of 24 hours regardless of the usage.

07. Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3

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Make payments with ease from your watch, it is comfortable to use in any activity and anywhere thanks to its chroma display which makes it easy to read even in direct sunlight; you can swim with it or use on any weather. You can download workouts and keeps track of your exercises. You can also download apps and watch faces that suit your taste and preferences. With a built-in GPS, it will track your activities on fitness and stress. It allows you to stay connected and get all Smartphone updates through Vivoactive 3 and you can share and join the competition with other people thanks to the Garman Connect. It has a battery life-span of seven days.

08. Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin Vivoactive HR

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It is GPS enabled thus it can track your activities; its display color allows you to read on sunlight plus has a high-resolution color touchscreen. It will monitor your heart rate day and night except when swimming and when paired with a smartphone, it will update you with new notifications. The battery life on GPS mode is 13 hours and while on smartwatch mode up to 8 days.

09. Asus ZenWatch 3

Asus ZenWatch 3

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Update your world using this watch by connecting it with your smartphone or tablet and receive real-time notifications. It has a call and message functionality thus you can respond to the announcements. Let it be part of your fitness activity as it can monitor your performance. It is powered to connect to your mobiles using the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi technology. It has an enhanced protection against scratch due to Gorilla Glass. The battery’s life is 1 or 2 days depending with the use and it is chargeable with a magnetic pogo cable.

Buyers guide to watches under 500

Some of the features to look for when comparing timepieces under 500 are below. Some are important while others are optional depending on your need.

Ability to connect to the mobile devices

The watch should either have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection; this has several advantages among them is that you will be able to receive your mobiles notifications on real- time, you can connect or share with other friends and you can pair with your music storage devices thus improves your experience during workouts.

Batter’s life

Check the battery’s span when use on GPS or smartwatch mode. It will help to avoid disappoints when it runs out of charge while you are in the middle of something important that needs its assistance. Also check if its chargeable, the recommended charging time and the devices one can use when charging it.

Screen readability

It may not be essential but for those whose readability is affected by direct sunlight should check if the screen color display will ease their reading because if not, it may not help the user.

All weather

It is better to know to what extent you can use the watch to prevent its damage. Check if it proofs water and dust and compares if it fits your physical conditions. There are those that are waterproof but not in the swimming pool.

Customer satisfaction

It is evident through the availability of a warranty and money back guarantee should you find the product inefficient. Especially for the products that are expensive, inquire from your seller to avoid disappointment and loss of money.

Google assistant

The Google assistant will enable you to download apps on your wearable that will help with fitness tracking, make payments, monitor your heart rate and also be able to reply to friends.

Built-in GPS

It will also help to track your heart rates and work routes. From above it is evident that there are quality and affordable timepieces models with a budget of 500. The type that you choose speaks of your identity, purpose, taste and attitude. Buy a time wearable that can help you to multitask without having to carry your phone around and one that has exciting features or can allow you to download music, you do not want to buy a watch and get bored with it after few days?Lastly, buy it from reputable vendors either online or offline. Buy a timepiece that you know about and not by appearance. Thus you will be able to note defect with ease.

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