Top 10 Best Tube Amps Under 500 in 2020

We do so much by selecting guitars that people sometimes forget that the sound has to come from somewhere! It may be similar to people who pay more attention to the design of the car than the engine that is inside. Buying a guitar amplifier can be confusing because of all the options that exist. Among the most important decisions that any guitarist should make, he cites what style of guitar amp he will use. When making decisions, some elements tend to be taken into account. Here is a Top 10 Best Tube Amp under 500 in 2020 & Buyer’s Guide to give you some tips on how to make the most of your first purchase.

Table of the Best Tube Amp Under 500

01. GemTune GS-01

GemTune GS-01

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This tube amplifier is a class A amp that features an integrated HI-Fi and comes with 5U4CX1, EL34BX2 and 6N9PX2 tubes. The device is made from high-quality materials like solid wood and stainless steel to offer a durability factor to it. It has an excellent performance by providing the highest quality sound and eliminating any distortion. The makers used VU level meters which tilts according to the music frequency.

02. Kkika Hybrid

Kkika Hybrid

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Kkika Hybrid is a 38 watt and two vacuum amplifier tube that supports AMP and Bluetooth. It is one of the bestselling tube amps under $500. It operated with a power supply of 110 and 60Hz AC. A 3-year warranty covers the device for its parts.

03. LittleDot MK2

LittleDot MK2

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The LittleDot MKII boosts sound quality, output impendence, dynamic range, and harmonic distortion. It comes with other features like jumper settings and drop-in replacements. Its metric measurements are 210x110x130 mm and weigh 2.5kg, so it is quite portable. It has 600 ohms Pre-Amplifier Output Impedance and input impendence of 50k ohms.

04. Monoprice 611705

Monoprice 611705

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Monoprice is a 5 watt and 1×8 guitar combo tube amp. It is durable for all electric guitars. It uses a 12AX7/ECC83 pre-amplification tube and a 6V6GT amplifier section power tube. It also comes with a Celestion Super 8 GBA-15 speaker. This amplifier handles 80Hz – 10 kHz frequencies.



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CALIFORNIA SET5 is a single end tube amp with a tripod design. It is a perfect item for Blues, surf’s music rock and jazz music. Another feature of this amp is that it uses pure class A power of only 5 watts. Also, it comes with 12A x 7 pre-amp tube power and uses EL84 power tube. For it to offer you the purest tone the amp use single end design.

06. Nobsound Little Bear T11

Nobsound Little Bear T11

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This tube amp features 6N2/12Ax7 vacuum and tube preamplifier. It comes with an LP Vinyl record player and stereo Hi-Fi preamp. The tube amp is a simple phono pre-amplifier that operates with MM cartridge turntables. It offers high-quality sound performance with boosted liveness. Also, the item adopts a conventional active RIAA for proper equalization of PHONO stage circuit.



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BUGERA T50 is a tube amp with a hand built guitar head design. 50-watt power drives it. Also, its operation is maintained by 2xEL34 and 4x 12AX7 tubes. The tube amp features an authentic 2-channel pre-amp design. It is designed to highlight a revolutionary INFINIUM tube tech.



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BUGERA BC15 is an extremely versatile tube amp featuring a hand-selected 12AX7 tube. It produces a classic guitar sound and an authentic vintage design. It comes with a comprehensive range gain control and 2-channel pre-amp to offer you super-fat sounds having all pickup types. It also has a dedicated 2-band equalizer mid shift button to provide creative sound shaping.

09. GemTune BL-02

GemTune BL-02

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GemTune which is a class A integrated amp operates with an EL34-BX2, 5Z3PX1, and 6N9PX2 Tubes. For clarity and ideal vocal musical chords, the tube amp uses an EL34B tube that is upgraded to PSVANE brand. It also comes with a self-balancing design run by analogue inputs and output tags for speaker impedance.

10. Nobsound 6P1

Nobsound 6P1

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Closing up the list is this Nobsound tube amp that operates on 6.8Watts and two vacuum tube power. It comes with a class A single ended audio that is handcrafted and without headphone amp functionality. The amp has vacuum tubes and VU meters to give it more elegant look and make it attractive. It is a good item for concerts and live shows.

Top Best Tube Amp Buyer’s Guide

Currently, it is tough to buy any electronic. One thing that makes it hard is the fact that, there are many sellers out there and you might get cheated on the item you buy. Also, for instance, you will be going to buy a tube amp you need to consider some factors to make sure you purchase the right item.
The Use of the tube amplifier
Selecting an amplifier can be a little tricky if it’s the first time it’s turned off. The different valve amplifiers are designed for different purposes. You should consider what you buy an amp for. Retailers sell speakers designed explicitly for singing, bass, electric guitars and a range of other functions. So, if you have an electric guitar, buy an amplifier intended for this purpose.

Where are you going to use it?

When choosing an electric guitar amplifier, you have to consider where you are going to play. Do not think about where you will play immediately, but in the long run as well. Are you part of a local group? Do you plan to stay relaxed and dance alone in your basement or garage? Will you take your show on the road?


The most critical element to consider when looking to buy a new tube amplifier for your electric guitar is the sound. If your new amp seems horrible, the level of quality of the player does not matter. Do not be surprised if people start cleaning the room. Concerning sound, you will have to choose whether your electric guitar amplifier will use tubes (also called valves), transistors or hybrids to generate your sound.

Tube type

In general, hard guitarists prefer tube amplifiers. It is true that you will pay more for electric tube amplifiers made with tubes, but sometimes you get what you pay for. You may prefer a transistor amplifier. They will be cheaper to buy and give you more sound effects. Finally, some hybrids use tubes to create sound and use transistors to produce the results.

Size and power

The power of the amplifiers is measured in watts. To play at home and in small places, anything below 30 to 50 watts is beautiful. Also, speakers that are between 8 and 10 inches in diameter are excellent and should do their job. The most massive amplifiers have 100 watts, and the 12-inch speakers are more suitable for large concert halls.


The type and thickness of the wood have a significant influence on the sound produced by the amplifier. That is why it is necessary to protect it from harm. Look for guitar amplifiers that have plastic protective covers at the corners and edges to help the tube amplifier last longer and be more durable.


There are two primary configurations for guitar amplifiers, combos and batteries. A combo merely is where the amp and the speaker are built together in a box. A battery is where you buy an amplifier and a speaker box separately and place them one on top of the other, hence the term “battery”.


Now that you have gone through the tips and guide on how to pick the right tube amp, you can select one of the items in the list and go ahead to buying it. It is good to keep in mind that not all sellers will sell you the right thing. So, go for a reputable and proven dealer or seller.

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