Top 10 Best Telescope Under 500 in 2020

Because the ocean is so large and vast, it is common for two ships to be very distant from one another. To see another ship clearly, some tool must be used. Telescopes are items used both in older times as well the present era. In today’s world, binoculars are far more common to see used on the sea. From the time of their invention, these items were prized greatly for their usefulness on the sea. Because navigating was so important in the older days, no ship left harbor without at least one of these pieces. It was common for a quartermaster to keep these pieces in sets of two in case one should ever go overboard. Today, these items are used in both play and research as integral parts of both. The great range of uses makes this item invaluable.

Table of the Best Telescope Under 500:

#1. Celestron

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This telescope is one of the best in the market. I like it because you have fun when using it. This telescope is heavy, powerful and it has good optics. This is one of the telescopes would advise my friends to buy because you see things clearly on the sky. This is one of the user-friendly and cheap telescopes in the market. It is also durable and has a wider area of view.

#2. Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

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I for my daughter, this type of a telescope, has a birthday gift because I had promised of giving her a gift and she became so happy. Though not in our family has ever used such type of the telescope before we are learning to use it slowly. I had my daughter telling his friends severally that she sees things. The price of this telescope Is a bit fair. This telescope has unique identification from another telescope, and it has a serial number which prevents it from theft.

#3. Orion 09007 SpaceProbe

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I love this telescope it is incredible, and I love it so much. It is reliable and easy to use, and I have that the optics are easy to adjust. This type of telescope also favors those people who are in a semi-urban environment that is fairly polluted. For me, the prices also work well because it is relatively cheap compared to other telescopes. This is an excellent product, and it’s so fascinating seeing the crater on the moon, and also one can see the Jupiter and the moon on the sky.

#4. Celestron NexStar

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This type of a telescope it has finderscope,2 eyepieces and finderscope it also included adjustable,full-height steel tripod with an accessory tray to keep you organized. I bought this for my wife, and I have never seen any error with it, and it works so excellently.This type of telescope never disappoint you get quality pictures

#5. Orion 10015 StarBlast

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I like to advise my friends to purchase this kind of telescope because one good thing about it is that the maintenance cost is compared to other telescopes that I have ever used before. You can use this telescope to explore the universal. It is awesome for the first time to see Saturn I saw using this telescope. It is great for observing the moon, and it is easy to use.

#6. Orion StarBlast

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This type of telescope works so well for taking a photo and assembling them. I had to my this for my children because they want to see the space. In future am planning to start selling the telescopes and I am thinking to start selling this kind of telescope only because is one of my best.

#7. Gskyer Telescope

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The good thing with this the seller gives a 1year warrant and therefore in case you get any complication or in case it does not work properly you can return to the seller. This telescope is coated with an aluminum tripod which makes it shiny and more attractive. I bought this as a birthday gift for my wife, and I know she will love it

#8. Celestron 31042 AstroMaster

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This is one of the easiest and quickest tools to use, and it has no complications. I like the way it has coated glass optics for clear images. This telescope has a permanently mounted star pointer finder scope.I like this product because it is great you can be able to see far things closer to the eyes. For example, despite the moon being far, it looks bigger by this product.

#9. Orion 9024 AstroView

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This very powerful and of high quality and can use for pleasing daytime terrestrial viewing with a content image diagonal. Having purchased the telescope, I do not regret because it is worth that money. I would recommend this to those who are studying astronomy to buy this type of telescope because works well you can see the moon and it’s four stars. Those few people are still asking what the best gift to give to their friends then I am advising them to surprise them with this type of gift.

#10. German Technology Scope

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After setting well, this telescope works so nicely compared to other telescopes. The other reason why I like this telescope is the way the sellers do not delay after you have placed an order they deliver within the shortest time possible. They also ensure the safety and does not reach to the customer will it has mechanical issues. The content also matches the description. My wife bought me this telescope has my birthday gift, and I love it. It is so attractive and beautiful.

Buyers guide

A telescope is said to be good only if its optics are good. Telescopes with good optic quality can collect maximum light and this result in better viewing of the object. Also, it must be easy to maintain for extended use. In case if any parts damage or break down spare parts must be easily available. Proper support of technical terms and guidance must also be provided. Adding or removing parts should be capable of a wide range of use.

The size of the aperture is important in a telescope. Generally, the aperture is the diameter of the lens. You can select the aperture size based on the purpose of the telescope that you are using for. Large size apertures are capable of collecting more light, and the images produced are comparatively much better with a closed focus.

Wavelengths are also an important feature to look for in a good telescope. The minimum wavelength that a telescope can have is about one-fourth. Good telescopes can have wavelengths of one-eighth or merely lesser than that. Usually, wave numbers are revealed as fractions, and the performance of a telescope is based on the assortment of the total wavelengths of each optical element. For instance, a telescope with three mirrors will have an overall wavelength of one-fourth when its every optical component has a wavelength of one-eighth.

Good magnification power is much important for a telescope. They are measured per inch of the size of the aperture. When you need a clear and closer view, you can go for the magnification of 50x per aperture. Remember do not go for an aperture more than that, as you will not get a clear view of objects. For example, if you have a telescope measuring 3 inches, then a 150x magnification is more than enough. Also, magnifications below the range of 50x leave you an unclear image.


In conclusion, a good telescope must have some cost benefits. The features of a telescope should be apt for the cost that you have incurred on it. They should also be much, and it should be easy for handling them.

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