Top 10 Best Stud Finders in 2020

Whether you are mounting a TV or hanging a painting on the wall, a stud finder will make your job easy and secure. The tool can easily and accurately spot a stud inside the wall and prevent you from a disaster. You will no more mount the expensive gadget on to an unsupported part of the wall, and therefore, a stud finder will protect your belonging perfectly. There are various accessories available with a stud finder for accurate measurement and various other applications. Check out the top 10 best stud finders in 2020 below.

Table of the Best Stud Finders:

#1. Franklin Sensors Professional Stud Finder

Franklin Sensors Professional Stud Finder
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This is a professional stud finder that comes with built-in bubble level and ruler. Therefore, you can put it into multiple uses, and it is quite compact for easy carry. The product has high ratings which reflect its quality, and it is also highly durable. It uses as many as 13 sensors to accurate reading, and it has a one-step operation. Moreover, it has deep sensing for studs in the deep area. The accuracy is high, and it is a total value for money purchase.

#2. ProFinder Precision Sensors Stud Finder

ProFinder Precision Sensors Stud Finder
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This is a deep sensing stud finder with more sensor pad area. The product has a one-step operation, and the lights indicate when the stud is spotted. There are 13 individual sensors available, and hence, the accuracy of detection is very high. Moreover, it operates very quickly, and there is a built-in spirit level as well as a ruler to use it in other application such as level line marking. It works on 2 AA batteries or 3 pencil batteries.

#3. BLACK+DECKER Auto-Leveling Interior Line Laser

BLACK+DECKER Auto-Leveling Interior Line Laser
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This stud finder is manufactured in China and is a two-in-one tool. Apart from being a stud sensor, this is also an auto-leveling laser level. This is perfect for measurement and tests and comes with an LCD display. The display is very easy to read and has an auto-leveling technology. It has the ability to detect live A/C wires, studs, wood, and metal. This is easy to use, and it is also very compact. This is a laser product where the power output is less than 5 MW. It is lightweight and functions automatically.

#4. Zircon Multi-Scanner Stud Finder

Zircon Multi-Scanner Stud Finder
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This stud finder is very convenient to use. It can also detect live AC wires and metals and has the ability to detect non-ferrous metal. In this, there is wire warning detection where you will know the presence of any unshielded electrical AC wiring. You can use it in several modes like metal scan mode, deep scan, and stud scan. It has the auto-correcting technology and will correct the user errors. This is powered with a 9V battery and will help you to avoid any kind of hazards.

#5. TACKLIFE Stud Finder

TACKLIFE Stud Finder
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Equipped with two scanning modes, this stud finder can also do live AC wire scanning. You can use the different scanning modes according to the thickness of your wall. Apart from metal studs, this can also detect wood and can target from up to 1.5 inches. For live AC wires, it is 2 inches. This will give you both visible and audible indication as there is an LCD display. You will be hearing a beep sound which will warn you about the detected object. This comes with automatic calibration, and you will also be getting a user manual with this.

#6. CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder
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If you are looking for a small stud finder which will easily fit in your pockets, then this is the one for you. It is very compact and is a powerful device which allows you to function hands-free. This does not require any batteries and has a powerful magnet. This has a gentle touch, and there is also a soft grip which allows you to grab easily. This has a two-way level for marking, and it is multi-functional. This is for professional use, and there is also a bubble level.

#7. Stud Finder By Classware

Stud Finder By Classware
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With this stud finder, you will be able to scan your hose walls with much ease. With this, you don’t require a professional electrician and spend your money. It is a multi-scanner and helps you to detect metals, hot AC wires, studs, and ceiling joints. It has high precision and is very quick to act. It is technologically advanced and comes with user instructions. This is very powerful and runs on a 9V battery. This is lightweight and comes in a practical size. There is also a secure grip which allows you to hold it conveniently.

#8. Stud Finder and Multi-Function Wall Stud Sensor Detector

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Fused with smart features, this stud finder is of multipurpose and is very quick to locate edges. In this, there is an LCD screen display which is very easy to read. This is very efficient in locating studs, live AC wires, and metals. This can also be used to mount a television and is very safe and quick. This is also a beam finder and can detect live electrical lines from up to 2.36 inches. This comes with a user manual and can be used for other applications.

#9. Fetanten Stud Finder

Fetanten Stud Finder
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This stud finder has the latest sensor technology and can locate wood studs from up to 0.75 inches. It has multi-mode detection and can detect many other items. This is very simple to use and is powered by a 9V battery. In this, you will be finding a signal strength indicator, and it will display the item discovered with a buzzer. This comes in an ergonomic design along with a comfortable grip. This is very easy to carry and is very lightweight. This is ideal for people to record data and can also be used for other applications.

#10. Zircon Stud Sensor

Zircon Stud Sensor
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This is another handy stud finder which has a powerful performance. This can locate studs from up to 0.75 inches, and there is also wire warning detection. This will give you trustworthy results as it comes with SpotLite Pointing system. There is an ergonomic grip which allows you to hold it comfortably. This runs on a 9V battery and will run at optimal performance. This will avoid any hazards and can also be used for doing other applications. It is an “Over the Stud” indicator which allows you to detect items with ease.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind:

First of all, one should know about the types of stud finders available in the market before making a purchase.

Types –

There are three types of stud finders available, and they are magnetic stud finder, electronic stud finder, and radar stud finder. The magnetic ones use powerful magnets to spot the location of the metal nails and screws inside the wall. However, they fail to detect wood studs even though you can be trusted blindly for the metal studs.

The second type which is the electronic one, it is the most common stud finder used. It finds the density change inside the walls and therefore, gives a more accurate positioning of the studs. You can detect exactly where the studs begin and end. There are different intensities of electronic stud finders available, and it depends on how much of the wall’s depth it can penetrate to spot the studs. The thicker wall you have, the higher variant of stud finder you have to buy.

The third type is radar technology based. The stud finder sends out pulses of radio energy, and that bounces back when they come across objects. A radar stud finder gives a more detailed outlook about the studs, and it can detect studs of all type. From a penny to a wooden block, everything is detectable with radar technology and therefore, it is used in the commercial projects.

Material and Depth –

There are different variants of the stud finders available for each of the three categories. While buying, you have to check the compatibility of the stud finder with the material you have on the wall. Apart from cement, there could be plaster, tiles, stone and much more. Make sure that the stud finder can penetrate through them. Similarly, check the range of the stud finder so that it can penetrate the total width of the wall. The walls of different homes are of different widths.

Besides, The grip of the stud finder also has to be ergonomic because finding a stud is a tiresome process especially if you have to scan the entire wall. The alert system should be good enough.

Conclusion –

There are various stud finders available that come with various accessories that help in mounting purposes. You can avoid the mistakes with a stud finder while you are hammering, drilling or screwing something into the walls. There are stud finders available in different price points so that you can afford it easily. Whether it is hanging a TV or installing cabinets, or any wall related household projects, a stud finder makes the mounting and installing secure and perfect.

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