Top 10 Best Stabilizer Jacks in 2020 Reviews

The best stabilizer jacks provide great stability to RVs, trailers, cars, boats, etc. They also keep them secure by preventing them from tipping over due to the weight being in the wrong places. These stabilizing jacks eliminate tension, rocking, and bouncing. Moreover, they are made of sturdy materials such as aluminum, steel, and iron.

Well, these super strong materials enable them to hold a lot of weight. These leveling jacks also feature adjustable height to make it easy to find the perfect level to keep your RV or trailer stable. If you are looking for one, the following reviews are for you.

List of The Best Stabilizer Jacks in 2020 on

01. Camco 4 Pack Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks

Camco Stack Jacks are designed to secure and improve the stability of RVs. They are designed by a manufacturer, which knows that RVs need high-performance jacks to keep them stable. Without these jacks, RVs can rock even with the slightest movement.

Well, the Olympian Stack Jacks are made of aluminum, which we all know as super durable yet lightweight. The aluminum construction gives them a decent weight capacity of 6,000 pounds. These jacks also feature an extendable design that allows you to extend them from 11 inches to 17 inches.

The extendable design helps make these jacks extremely easy to use. Speaking of which; simply position each stabilizer jack underneath the RV. Once you have done that, raise these jacks to get the desired stabilization and leveling. Since these jacks are made of aluminum, they are very easy to pack and store when not in use.


  • They prevent the RV from bouncing
  • Great for the price
  • They pack into a small space
  • Incredibly strong and easy to use


  •  Since these jacks are stable, they only seem to work well at the lowest height

02. Dumble 2 Piece Set RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks

Dumble Slide Out Set includes 2 stabilizer jacks. These jacks are adjustable from 16 inches to 28 inches high. That being said, you will be able to choose the perfect height that works perfectly for you. These jacks are versatile in the sense that they work with a camper, RV, and trailer.

They get rid of tension and improve stability to make sure you are always secure. These slide-out jacks also minimize rocking motions, thereby, letting you walk back and forth with confidence. They are made of heavy-duty steel that offers unrivaled strength and durability.

They are also coated with zinc powder to further improve their longevity as well as to enable them to resist corrosion. Additionally, these trailer slide-out supports feature a folding handle that lets you store them in small compartments. In fact, you will be able to store them together with your RV accessories.


  • Support jacks work great and are good-looking
  • The price is great
  • They are shipped promptly
  • The finish is spot on


  •  The base could be wider to provide more stability, especially on a non-hard surface

03. Cynder Set of 4 Aluminum Stacker Stack Jacks (02047)

Cynder Stacker Stack Jacks are designed to not only help you stabilize your RV but also to keep you safe while handling it. What are we saying? These stacker stack jacks have textured finish with no sharp edges. This means accidental cuts will not happen when you have these stacker stack jacks.

They extend from 11 inches to 17 inches to provide you with various levels to stabilize your RV. What’s more, Cynder 02047 Jacks are versatile and compatible not just with RVs but also boats, cars, campers, and travel trailers.

Their base is made of aluminum die cast, which is one of the strongest materials stabilizer jacks can be made of. That being said, these stacker stack jacks hold up well to heavy-duty use. They come in a pack of 4 and can carry a load up to 6,000 pounds.


  • They are worth the money
  • Come in a pack of 4 to make sure there is one for each corner
  • Leveling jacks are shipped fast


  •  May not be tall enough, but a pad or scrap wood should solve this issue

04. Dumble 4-Pack Stabilizer Jacks Camper Leveling Blocks

Dumble RV Leveling Blocks are designed to help you prevent your RV from swaying. The level, secure, and stabilize travel trailers, campers, and RVs. They work by transferring weight on a constant vertical plane. As such, you can use them to support a stored car so its tires do not go flat.

You can also use these leveling blocks on a trailer with 1 axle to prevent it from tipping back as a result of too much weight being in the wrong places. Moreover, these leveling blocks can be used under weak steps or in a crawlspace to prevent the floor from rattling or creaking.

It is worth noting that these leveling blocks should never be used to raise anything – they are for stabilizing only. They are adjustable from 29.2cm – 44.5cm (11.5” – 17.5”) so they can fit your trailer or RV perfectly.


  • They do an excellent job of stabilizing trailers and RVs
  • Slick and are easy to use
  • Very lightweight and easy to take along
  • Leveling blocks adjust without any issues
  • They are shipped in a timely manner


  •  The maximum height could be better

05. Red Hound Auto 2 Telescoping Stabilizer Jacks

Red Hound Set not only includes a couple of telescoping support jacks but also comes with mounting hardware and level, an adjustment rod handle, and easy-to-read comprehensive instructions. We can say this set comes with everything you need to eliminate tension and keep your RV securely in place.

The RV support jacks have a height of around 12 inches and when extended, their height reaches 18 inches. Besides, their mounting plate has a good size of 4 by 2 inches. These stabilizing jacks are also sturdy and each one of them holds up to 650 pounds of load not to mention boasting a nice lift capacity of 1000 pounds.

That being said, these jacks for stabilizing RVs offer proper support that will leave you impressed. Apart from RVs, they can be used to stabilize utility trailers, concession stands, cargo trailers, motorcycle trailers, and pop-up campers, among others.


  • Stabilizing jacks are good quality
  • The set includes all the necessary hardware for basic installation
  • Stabilizing jacks are easy to use
  • The price is very reasonable


  •  Leveling jacks seem to require pre-drilling

06. Goplus 5000lb RV Leveling Jacks Trailer Stabilizer

Goplus Leveling Jacks are versatile, and, therefore, can be used for many different applications. They can be used to lower, level, and raise RVs and campers. This means Goplus Leveling Jacks can also come in handy for a tire change or RV repair. Because of their importance, these trailer stabilizers are a must-have for long-distance traveling.

They are made of heavy-duty iron, which gives them a decent load capacity of 5,000 pounds. These levelers are also made with a rust-proof finish to further improve their longevity. Furthermore, they have an anti-corrosion handle that makes adjusting height a breeze.

Well, these leveling jacks are adjustable from 4 inches – 24 inches. So, whichever level you prefer, be sure to easily get it when you have these trailer stabilizers. They are compact; hence, storing them when not in use is a no-brainer. They are also user-friendly and will ensure you only need less effort to lift your car.


  • Leveling jacks install without any issues
  • They work as advertised
  • Great value for the money
  • They are strong and stable
  • They come in a pack of 4


  •  Shipping could be quicker

07. RVGUARD 4 Packs RV/Trailer Stabilizing Jacks

RVGUARD Stabilizing Jacks seem to have a very stable base that greatly improves their stability. The base is square and measures 6-1/8 by 6-1/8 inches. Well, with a base like this, you can easily stabilize your RV or trailer on a non-hard surface. Stabilizing jacks feature an extendable design that allows you to adjust them from 11.5 inches to 17.5 inches.

The fact that you are able to adjust these leveling jacks means you will be able to find the right height with ease. They are made of aluminum so they can deliver high-strength performance without being heavy.

Each jack can support up to 6,000 pounds, and they come in a pack of Having said that, expect issues with bouncing and rocking every time you move back and forth in your RV to immediately be resolved. Additionally, these jacks come with a colorful storage bag for quick, easy storage when not in use.


  • The price is surprisingly good
  • Easy to use and store
  • Jacks are strong and serve their purpose


  •  Smaller than expected, but this does not seem to compromise their performance

08. Homeon Wheels Stabilizer Stack Jacks – (4 Pack)

Homeon Wheels Stack Jacks are made of heavy-duty durable aluminum die-cast. It is, therefore, no surprise that each of them can hold up to 1984 pounds. If you do the math, these jacks can hold up to 7936 pounds. This is great, and it is, perhaps, one of the reasons why these stabilizer stack jacks are multifunctional.

They are not just suitable for stabilizing RVs but also can be used to keep boats, trailers, pop-up campers, and cars stable. For best results, you should be keen enough not to exceed the load limit of these stackable jacks.

The stackable design means these jacks take up very little space. Storing them when not in use is, therefore, a cakewalk. A 1 T Level Aid is included in the package that comes with these stabilizer stack jacks. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also promised in the unfortunate event that you are far from pleased with these stabilizing jacks.


  • Easy to set up
  • They do a great job of stabilizing RVs
  • The load limit is as advertised


  •  Maximum height is not the best

09. Homeon Wheels Plastic Stabilizer Stack Jacks (4 Pack)

Although Homeon Wheels Stack Jacks are made of plastic, it is a heavy-duty and durable PP material that works like metal. Besides, these stack stabilizing jacks have an adjustable height to let you achieve a perfect level without breaking a sweat. The height adjusts from 11.42 inches to 15.75 inches.

These stack stabilizing jacks also have a decent weight capacity of 6610 pounds. Each of them can hold up to 1651 pounds, and they come in a pack of You should, therefore, expect nothing but exceptional results with these jacks. Because of their high weight capacity, these jacks work with RVs, smaller trailers, cars, and pop-up campers.

Their stackable design ensures they take up very little space during storage. For this reason, you will find them very easy to carry and use on the go. For instance, you can use them to steady your trailer in a parking lot.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sturdy and resistant to rust
  • Easy to set up
  • The price is great
  • Stands store easily in small spaces


  • The T bar for tightening is easy to misplace – it keeps falling out

10. ToughGrade 24” RV Scissor Leveling Stabilizer Jack 2 Pack

ToughGrade Leveling Jacks are made of steel. Steel is very durable; hence, the fact that these jacks are made out of it means they are super sturdy jacks that do what they are supposed to do. Steel also rusts easily, but that should not be a concern here as these jacks are nicely coated with a rust-proof finish.

They are built with durability in mind; hence, you can invest in them with peace of mind knowing that you are buying a solid item. These jacks also feature an anti-corrosion handle to help you adjust the height from 4 inches to 24 inches.

Their height range is wide enough to easily meet all your leveling needs. Besides, these stabilizing jacks have a load capacity of 2500 pounds. Well, this is not the highest load capacity but that does not mean these jacks will come short.


  • All the holes are perfectly lined so no drilling required
  • Well packaged during shipping
  • Leveling jacks work great once installed
  • The set also includes a crank handle


  •  The load capacity is not the highest

Buying Guide: The Best Stabilizer Jacks

Our buying guide speaks about the following factors. Have a look.

Weight Capacity

Stabilizing jacks with a lower weight capacity than the weight of your RV or trailer is effectively useless. You definitely do not want to end up with such jacks. Therefore, make sure that before you buy a stabilizer jack set, you know the weight limit. This will help you choose something very useful for what you need it for.

The Material Used

For stabilizing jacks to have a high weight limit, they must be made of top-notch materials. Some of these materials are aluminum, steel, iron, and even PP plastic. When choosing a set of leveling jacks, make sure they are made of one of these materials. Ideally, if you happen to pick jacks made of metal, ensure they are beautifully coated to prevent rusting.


If you cannot install stabilizer jacks accurately and correctly, chances are they may not work as imagined. Therefore, try to go for stabilizing jacks that are easy to install. These jacks normally come with all the holes perfectly lined. They also come with the hardware needed for installation. Plus their package always includes detailed installation instructions.


Although most trailers come with stabilizers, they are not things you can rely on. Most of them are not well made. Plus they rust easily. Ideally, these stabilizers normally come in a pair and they are meant for the rear. With that said, try your best to invest in proper leveling jacks that will keep your RV or trailer stable by eliminating rocking and bouncing.

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