Top 10 Best Squat Racks Under 500 in 2020

Many people will be desperate to pack muscle onto their body frame. The process is considered to be much faster by using Squat exercises than in any other way. To perform squat exercises, consider packing your home gym with a hardy rack. This will enable you to carry on with your exercises in a safe and secure manner. However, to get the best selection of squat rack under 500 in 2020 can be difficult for many shoppers. As a result, one may end up equipping his or her home gym with the unnecessary rack. This will mean that your home gym will not help you realize your expectations easily. Considering these facts, in this article, we review the top 10 squat rack under 500 in 2020 and buyers guide.

Table of the Best Squat Rack Under 500:

#1. Black Ollieroo

Black Ollieroo

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Its stand is made of a sturdy durable steel metal and holds a maximum load of 480 Lbs. The height of stand ranges between 40.6″ and 64.2″, with a base width of 30.3″ to 48″ for Bench press accommodation. This unique base design makes its stent to be more solid. Its feet are fixed with rubber which is resistant to abrasion. The rubber also helps to prevent damage on the floor. One such product comes with free delivery services.

#2. Valor Fitness

Valor Fitness

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Its stands are made of 2″ by 2″ 13-gauge steel tubing attached with J-hooks, whose height can be adjusted from 48.5″ to 70″, in 10 adjustment positions. It also possesses adjustable bar catch, where you rest the bar on when performing bench press workouts. These bar catches have a flexible height of 24.75″ to 38.5″ adjusted in 11 positions. Its base length ranges from 20″ to 28″ in three adjusting positions, increasing stability of the stand. At the front of each stand is a one plate storage peg which measures 7”, considered to be compatible with Olympic sleeves which are sold separately. It holds a maximum load of 350 Lbs, and one such product costs comes with free delivery services.

#3. Sunny Health and Fitness

Sunny Health and Fitness

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Its frame dimensions are 42”L by47”W by 85” H. the pull-up bars supports a weight of 500Lbs, while bar holders can support 880lbs. To increase its utility, landmine barbells are attached for additional core and rotational performances, such as anteflexion, landmine squat, and rows. On the pull-up bar is the knurling grip, which offers an extra grip when performing slippery workouts. For increased strength and endurance, it has exercise band attachment points. The product also possesses a 16” spotter arm to increase safety to the user. The free-standing design enhances its stability and is accompanied with free shipping services.

#4. Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness

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It‘s used for different exercises and storage of plates used for weight training. It has J-hooks used for barbell plate’s storage, while spotter bars are flexible to fit your needs. The pull-up bars have 2” and 1.25” hands for straps support. The heavy-duty stands improve the racks stability. Its outside dimensions are 82” by 46” by 36” while the inside dimensions are 32.5” by 54”. Its pull up bar height is 77” and holds a weight of 230lbs. The product comes with free shipping services.

#5. Ollieroo with Barbell Plate Rack

Ollieroo with Barbell Plate Rack

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Its stands are constructed using high-quality steel, which makes it safe for the user and durable. The rubber end caps are non-slip and resistant to abrasion hence protecting the floor from damage. Its barbell rack has adjustable heights ranging from 46.8” to 68.1”. Its base length ranges from 30.3” to 48”. We offer 100% satisfaction and replacements when damaged. If you are not satisfied with the product, it is easy to get back your money. A new product has free shipping services.

#6. Merax Athletics Fitness

Merax Athletics Fitness

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Its steel frame measures 2” by 2” fitted with four steel chrome weight support bars that are adjustable. The bar support height can be adjusted from 17.5” to 68” in 21 positions. It is covered with foam which is used for curls among other accessories. The steel chrome bars are also fitted with knurled grips for enhanced safety. One such item has free delivery services.

#7. Body Champ

Body Champ

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It consists of one Olympic weight bench and a squat rack. The independent 2-way bench is adjustable in 5 different levels for back pad setting, while the seat cushion has two setting positions. Its stand carries with it a double deck safety characteristic. It has two sets of integrated catches; the upper and the lower set. The upper set is meant for upright positions, while the lower set is for incline, decline, and flat positions. Its transportation and storage are made easier by its fixed two wheels and its lightweight. With its no-pinch catch, your hands are safe from any injuries.

#8. HulkFit


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Its H-shape increases its stability, and it carries a weight capacity of 800 Lbs. It has two pull up bars fixed at different diameters, and preferable heights. It also has two J-Hooks, Two spotter bars which have a safety locker. It also possesses two weight plate holders, which are designed per your desires. Its dimensions are 81″ by 44″ by 46″ and weights 110lbs. The product comes with free delivery services.

#9. Vanswe


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The safety bar carries a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds. It’s inside, and outside cage, catchers carry 500lbs and 650lbs each, while the spotter and pull up bars carries and 380lbs and 330lbs respectively. It is made of 2 dip handles, and two adaptor sleeves for Olympic plates. It also possesses four chrome adjustable bar catches. Its height is adjustable from 17.5″ to 68″ in 21 positions, with its safety bars compatible with Olympic bars. For a strong physique, it consists of high and low pulleys which give room to exercise your upper and lower body.

#10. Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym

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For this product, one can separate the utility bench from the rack giving room for squat exercises. The preacher pad will separate the forehands and biceps making sure the exercises are of the right form. The multi-choice bench positions give room for more exercises and are designed to carry with it Olympic bars. It supports a maximum weight of 300lbs from the user and a total weight of 610lbs.

Factors to consider when buying the squat rack

When buying a squat rack, there are some things you need to consider. This will include
Construction materials: ensure that the rack you consider buying is made of steel. This is so as steel is considered to be more sturdy and durable.

Flexibility: when selecting a squat rack, buy one that can be used to perform other exercises as well. Consider one with larger frames fitted with bars at the top.Warranty: consider checking on the product’s warranty as it will give you the whole quality of the rack.


In conclusion, buying a squat rack has been a difficult task for many buyers. The selection part is what makes it more difficult. However, with proper planning, and taking time to learn about what you need in your gym will help you buy the right squat rack. Consider checking on the factors discussed above when buying a squat rack. Still, consider the above discussed top 10 best squat under 500 in 2020, and you will get yourself a squat rack that works for you.

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