The 10 Best Sports Umbrella in 2020 Reviews

This is a sporting year. Tokyo Marathon and Winter Olympics have concluded, and we are waiting for the FIFA World Cup in Russia among other highly anticipated sporting events across the globe. Whether you will be part of the upcoming sporting events or you are a regular participator in local sports, you need an umbrella and not just any umbrella but a sporting umbrella. Being there means you’ll have to cope with a searing sun, snowfalls, winds and other outdoor weather insults. For that reason, I have come up with a list of top-notch sports umbrellas that you may find worth buying.

#1. Rain-Mate Compact Umbrella

Rain-Mate Compact Umbrella
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If you are looking for a windproof reinforced canopy umbrella with an ergonomic handle, then Rain-Mate Compact Umbrella is for you. It comes in a variety of colors including black, yellow, pink, maroon, dark blue, navy blue and even rainbow print. One remarkable feature on the umbrella is the Fail-Safe Flip technology which inverts the canopy without breaking the ribs amidst strong winds. Besides, the nine reinforced fiberglass made ribs linked on a sturdy shaft, and metal frame enables it to survive the harshest outdoor conditions.

#2. Bodyguard Travel Umbrella

Bodyguard Travel Umbrella
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This ten rib Teflon coated travel is great for both traveling and sports applications. It comes with a comfortable to hold the handle and an automated open-close capability. You will be handed a leather cover as a gift upon purchasing it. What makes it extra convenient for going out with it in sports events is its lightweightness, it can easily fit in a smaller bag or held in hand without much ado. Anytime you displeased with the umbrella, and you feel need to return, you can easily do so by taking advantage of its 100% lifetime guarantee. The automatic open-close mechanism opens the canopy at a touch of a button.

#3. Procella Golf Umbrella

Procella Golf Umbrella
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This 62″ umbrella has the a larger canopy you would want in a sporting umbrella. To possess such a huge canopy and being lightweight enough to carry into derbies is an added advantage. Plus, it is waterproof and has the feature you don’t want to miss in any umbrella; automatic open-close feature. It is not entirely made for golfers but to anyone out there wild enough to support his team in the rain.

#4. Sun Tek Umbrella

Sun Tek Umbrella
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It comes with a 68″ canopy umbrella with the capability to protect you from cancerous UV rays while you’re hanging out in the hot fields during sports events. The ergonomic design of its handle enables firm grip for both left and right-handed users. He ribs and the shaft are made of fiberglass making the umbrella both lightweight and durable. The canopy is made of 100 percent nylon double canopy. The Vortec venting system stops the umbrella from bending and inverting in high winds.

#5. RainStoppers Sports Umbrella

RainStoppers Sports Umbrella
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It comes in four colors; grey, blue, black and white boxes and red and white boxes. Its canopy measures 48” which is just expansive enough for you and another fan of your team. The handle is made of foam rubber to enhance grip. The auto-open function is onboard as well.

#6. Montsleo Inverted Sports Umbrella

Montsleo Inverted Sports Umbrella
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The first thing you will find to be fascinating about this umbrella is its innovative C-shaped handle. It can be inverted, thanks to the Inside Out Design. This helps prevent dripping to ensure your car and the floors are dry at all times. It can stand on its own after closing to help save space. This umbrella is highly convenient for drivers because it can maintain a perfect closing and opening without soaking itself when getting out or in the car. It is durable and windproof, thanks to the black electric ribs.

#7. LifeTek Hillcrest Golfing Umbrella

LifeTek Hillcrest Golfing Umbrella
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This 62” canopy umbrella is designed for both men and women. The canopy is oversize, Teflon reinforced, windproof and opened automatically. Every LifeTek Hillcrest umbrella comes with a two-year warranty for defects, quality workmanship, and other defects. The 8-rib windproof frame is made from fiberglass and resin to offer a perfect blend of flexibility and strength. It is important to expound that the canopy is made of water repelling Du Pont Teflon to keep it dry after covering yourself against rain.

#8. Sis-Tek Golf Umbrella

Sis-Tek Golf Umbrella
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One of the best sporting umbrellas on the market. It comes with a 62” Teflon coated canopy which is double vented and waterproof at the same time. Better yet, the canopy is partly reinforced with 210T pongee micro-weave to keep the canopy sunproof and enhance its waterproof capabilities. It is extra large to adequately shelter three people. It opens automatically at a push of a button.

#9. Repel Golf Umbrella

Repel Golf Umbrella
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It has a three-layered Teflon coated canopy complete with 8-rib fiberglass reinforced frame. The Auto Open feature automatically opens the canopy at a touch of a button. It offers a lifetime warranty.

#10. ProActive Sports Ultra-Lite Umbrella

ProActive Sports Ultra-Lite Umbrella
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The canopy of this umbrella is made from 100 percent Nylon, a feature that gives it excellent waterproof ability. The rib and the rest of the frame are made from fiberglass. It is lightweight enough to fit in its bag and gets carried around. The fame is anti-conductive and windproof. A matching sheath is included.

Things to considers before you purchase

How best your sports umbrella depends on its capability to withstand vagaries of nature.

Waterproof capability

Staying outdoors in sporting events means you are more exposed to rain than doing anything else. Therefore, consider buying umbrella whose canopy is more waterproof than that of the standard umbrella.


This boils down to the design of them frame. The stronger the frame, the more windproof your umbrella will be. An umbrella with eight ribs or more made of fiberglass can be an excellent pick.

Size of the canopy

There is likelihood a friend will pop up and want to share your umbrella. So an umbrella with a bigger canopy is a better choice. Some umbrellas come with 68” canopies, excellent!


You don’t want to have your umbrella broken and go to buy another one. A warranty ensures that you get a replacement when your umbrella develops problems. Most manufactures give a warranty of 2 years or more.


This list of sports umbrellas is just a tip of the berg. There are tones of them out there and trying to list them down will look like an umbrella encyclopedia. But is good you already have a list from which you can make priorities. The guide to selecting the best sports umbrella will further help you make correct choices. The good thing is most of the sporting umbrellas on offer are below $30, so your purse doesn’t need to be heavily loaded for you to protect yourself from mother nature while cheering your favorite team. Consider the tips listed in the guide above.

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