Top 10 Best Soldering Iron Kit for Beginners in 2020 Reviews

The best soldering iron kit for beginners comes with everything beginners and hobbyists need to solder. It normally includes a soldering iron, a soldering stand, a solder sucker, and different replaceable tips. The soldering iron of this kit is very easy to use so beginners cannot have a hard time figuring out how to solder with it.

It comes equipped with an adjustable temperature to help you tackle various jobs. It is also built with safety in mind to make sure you do not burn your skin while soldering. In the following reviews, we have put together these kits so you can easily find what best suits your needs.

List of The Best Soldering Iron Kit for Beginners in 2020

01. Tabiger 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

Tabiger Basic Soldering Iron Kit includes 5 solder tips, a durable tool case, a soldering iron, a desoldering pump, a stand, an anti-static tweezer, and a solder wire tube. The kit has many different tools that enable you to meet all your soldering project needs. Its soldering iron has beautiful specifications, including 110V and 60W.

It also features an advanced ceramic printed heater, which quickly heats up to the set temperature. Furthermore, this soldering iron boasts an adjustable temperature range from 200 – 450 degrees Celsius. Plus it has large-sized venting holes that help improve energy efficiency.

The solder sucker, on the other hand, features simple construction that allows you to use it with ease. All you need to do is cock it and then press the trigger button. All of these can be done with one hand. When you are done using the tools of this kit, you can keep everything in the included case.


  • Customer service is exceptional
  • The cord is rugged and nice
  • Switching out the tips is a breeze


  •  The arrow for the temperature control seems to rub off easily

02. Plusivo 60W Soldering Iron Kit

Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit has up to 21 tools. For this reason, the kit is ideal for professionals, beginners, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and electronics and electrical learners. The kit is also pretty versatile and can be used for DIY soldering projects, home crafts-making, electronic repairs, and more.

One of the tools in this kit is a soldering iron stand. It features a spring holder and a cleaning sponge. The purpose of this stand is to hold the soldering iron nicely. Another tool is a soldering iron with heat-resistant cap. It also features an anti-skid and heat-resistant handle. This means your chances of getting burned while using the kit’s soldering iron are zero.

Furthermore, the soldering iron comes with 5 replacement tips. Other tools in the kit are a tin wire solder tube, mini PCB, and a desoldering pump. Plus there is a durable PU carry bag that helps keep everything organized.


  • Tools are decent quality
  • Soldering iron gets hot pretty quickly
  • Online soldering 101 guide is available for free
  • The iron is light and slender


  •  The temperature dial on the iron is quite tiny

03. Plusivo 60W Soldering Iron Kit with Multimeter

Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit only includes the essential tools. This makes the kit perfect for home DIY fixing jobs, circuit board welding, soldering projects, crafts/jewelry making, electrical, electronics and appliance repairs, and other DIY solder applications. Ideally, this kit is made with safety in mind.

For instance, the soldering iron has a heat-resistant grip and cap to make sure you do not get burned while using it. The bonus accessories this kit comes with are a pen-shaped screwdriver, heat shrink tubes, mini PCB, mini screwdrivers, wire stripper and cutter, solder sucker/desoldering pump, and a downloadable ebook, among others.

The kit also includes a convenient and durable PU carry bag. The bag keeps all the components organized, thereby, making sure they are easy to transport anywhere. The 30-day money-back guarantee proves that this soldering iron kit is of good quality.


  • The soldering iron gets hot enough to handle any soldering job
  • The kit is worth the price
  • The kit comes with everything
  • The kit is suitable for newbie


  •  The soldering pen holder is so light that it hardly stays where you put it

04. Vastar Full Set Soldering Iron Kit

Vastar Soldering Iron Kit is suitable for electrician students, home DIY hobbyists, welding circuit boards, and computer repairs. It includes an excellent soldering gun that does not require a soldering station. It is plug-and-play; hence, it is extremely easy to use. The kit’s iron not only features an adjustable temperature but also has large venting holes.

It heats up quickly in just 15 seconds so you can finish your soldering projects in no time. Instead of the color ring resistance, Vastar uses the chip fixed resistor to help make the soldering smooth. Furthermore, there are 5 pieces of iron tips included in the kit. With them, you will have a great time repairing anything with your soldering iron.

Whether it is accessories or guitar/hardware/computer/TV capacitors, this soldering iron kit can repair it. Its soldering iron boasts excellent heat dissipation; meaning, as much as it heats fast, it also cools down fast.


  • The temperature is easy to control
  • The kit has all the essentials
  • It is offered at an amazing price
  • The ease of use makes the kit perfect for beginners


  •  The desoldering pump is unconvincing in terms of quality

05. ETEPON ET002 Soldering Iron Kit

The soldering iron of the ETEPON ET002 takes just 30 seconds to heat up. It heats up rapidly so you can finish the task at hand as soon as possible. Furthermore, the iron features an ON/OFF switch that makes it extremely easy to operate. It also features an insulating silica gel to help protect it from being ironed at high temperatures.

Plus the insulating silica gel prevents the iron tips from dropping to the ground. An advanced digital multimeter is included in the kit as well. It has a large LCD that makes testing and reading data much easier than imagined.

Another essential tool in this kit is an 8-in-1 precision packet screwdriver. It not only has 8 multiple tips inside but also features a magnetic base. Well, the magnetic base will prevent your screws from getting lost. A portable polyurethane carry bag is also included in this kit.


  • Works nicely for small jobs
  • The iron has a nice grip for steadiness
  • The cord is flexible
  • The audio beep lets you know when everything is connected as described


  •  The digital readout only works for the hot air

06. Plusivo 60W Soldering Iron Kit

Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit includes a diagonal wire cutter. This wire cutter helps improve the versatility of this kit. That being said, the kit is ideal for repairing appliances, electrical, and electronics. It is also perfect for home DIY soldering, soldering projects, hobby crafts, circuit board welding, and other fixing jobs, among others.

The kit also includes a soldering iron tool and a soldering iron stand, which, in turn, comes with a sponge. The soldering iron, on the other hand, is adjustable and comes with a heat-resistant grip and cap for maximum safety. It also comes with 5 pieces of soldering iron tips to help you tackle many different soldering jobs.

Other tools included in this kit are mini PCB, tweezers, insulating tapes, pen-shaped screwdriver, heat-shrink tubing, and solder paste. There is also a downloadable ebook as well as a convenient and durable carry bag. What’s more, this soldering iron kit is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for worry-free buying.


  • Comes with everything you need
  • The temperature control is useful
  • The soldering iron heats up quickly
  • The solder sucker is very easy to use


  •  Would be better if there was an indicator to show the temperature

07. SREMTCH Soldering Iron Kit [Upgraded]

The soldering iron in the SREMTCH Kit is rated 60 watts. It is a powerful tool that will quickly become indispensable in your tool kit. The soldering iron is easy to use, and that’s because it features an ON/OFF switch. It also has an inner-heated ceramic technology that enables it to heat up very fast.

To be more precise, the soldering iron takes just 2 – 5 minutes to heat up. Furthermore, it has 4 ventilation holes that enable it to cool down fast. Plus, it features a temperature range from 200 degrees Celsius to 450 degrees Celsius. The kit also includes 5 pieces of iron tips.

These tips are of different sizes and allow the soldering iron to fit watches, guitar, wiring, computer hardware, TV capacitors, mobile devices, and small electronics. No soldering station is needed when it comes to this kit. And that’s because the soldering iron is plug-and-play.


  • The temperature control works as promised
  • The price is inexpensive
  • The kit has everything needed to solder
  • Tips are very straightforward and good quality


  •  The power knob is extremely small

08. MINGQ 4-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit

MINGQ 4-in-1 Kit will meet each of your soldering needs. It includes a soldering iron that operates at 60 watts and 110 volts. The soldering iron also features an adjustable temperature. Well, the temperature can be adjusted to 6 different levels, which are 450 deg C, 200 deg C, 400 deg C, 350 deg C, 250 deg C, and 300 deg C.

The soldering iron is pencil-shaped, and, therefore, very easy to use. The kit also includes a conventional wet sponge to help keep the soldering iron tip clean. The wet sponge does the cleaning by getting rid of the oxidation, which forms during soldering.

Other tools included in this kit are solder and a soldering paste. Well, the kit is suitable for repairing watches, guitar, computer hardware, TV capacitors, mobile devices, etc. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for a hassle-free purchase.


  • The soldering iron has a variable temperature control
  • The iron solder stand works as advertised
  • The tip is easy to change


  •  The holder base is pretty small, making it a little tricky to wipe off the tip on the sponge

09. LDK 5-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit

LDK Kit includes a soldering iron, a solder wire, rosin, a cleaning sponge, and a soldering iron stand. The soldering iron operates on 60W and 110V. Well, this is great, considering the surprisingly low price point of this kit. The soldering iron also heats up quickly, thereby, sparing you the hassle of having to solder for long hours.

Moreover, the kit comes with a replaceable tip to further promote convenience. The replaceable tip allows you to tackle various soldering jobs with utmost precision.

If you are a hobby enthusiast and do not want to spend more on a soldering kit, the LDK Kit is for you. It comes with all essentials so you can begin soldering. It also comes with a 100-percent money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind during purchase.


  • The iron produces a lot of heat
  • Tools in the kit are good for the money
  • The kit is perfect for beginners
  • Everything works as advertised
  • It is delivered promptly


  •  Comes with one tip only

10. Ambberdr Safer Soldering Iron Kit Welding Tool

The soldering iron of the Ambberdr Kit features an ON/OFF switch. This switch helps make the iron safe and easy to use. It ensures you do not get burnt when soldering. The soldering iron also features a ceramic tube that helps it heat up fast.

Plus its temperature can be adjusted with only one finger from 200 deg C – 450 deg C (392 deg F – 842 deg F). The kit is ideal for costume jewelry, welding electronic circuit boards, repairing small appliances, and other DIY home projects. In total, this kit has 11 tools.

And these are 5 pieces replaceable soldering tips, 2 electronic wires, a desoldering pump, a wire cutter, a wire stripper, 2 tweezers, a tin wire solder tube, and a bonus heat-shrink kit. The desoldering pump is extremely easy to use; thanks to the one-hand-use design.


  • Has a power light for convenience
  • Makes a nice gift for a hobbyist
  • The soldering iron has a nice balance
  • The kit is complete
  • Works beautifully for small projects


  •  The soldering tips could do with more improvement

Buying Guide: The Best Soldering Iron Kit for Beginners

These buying guide ideas will help you settle on a nice soldering iron kit that meets all your soldering needs.

Number of Pieces

As a beginner, we do not expect you to go for a kit with numerous pieces or accessories. After all, you may not use a good number of these accessories just yet. Kits with numerous accessories also tend to be expensive. However, when choosing a soldering iron kit with a few accessories, make sure it has all the essential tools. It should not miss a soldering iron, a solder sucker, and a soldering stand.

Soldering Iron Quality

If a soldering iron is poor quality then that kit is as good as useless. So, before you pick a kit, check whether its soldering iron is top-notch. Well, a top-notch soldering iron has an adjustable temperature so you can use it for different soldering jobs. It is also built with safety in mind. That being said, it normally has a heat-resistant cap and grip.


The soldering iron of the kit you are about to buy should have a wattage of at least If you can, go for a kit with a 60W soldering iron. This is because the higher the wattage, the more effective a soldering iron is. 60W soldering irons heat up pretty fast. And this means, if you own one, you will not solder for long.


Owning a soldering iron kit is preferred to owning a single soldering iron because you get all the necessary tools. If you are a beginner or hobbyist, a soldering iron kit is highly recommended. It is cost-effective and very convenient since it eliminates the need to buy other tools.

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