Top 10 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020 Reviews

Whether you are planning on hiking, skiing, snowmobiling or any other type of winter sport, having the right boot is essential to your comfort and enjoyment. The slightest differences can affect whether you are paying more attention to winter’s splendor or wiggling your toes in distracted discontentment. Although all winter boots may appear to be the same at first glance, they are all designed with differences that are tailored to your outdoor needs.

It is important to be armed with information to choose the best boot for you and your activities. It is important to consider factors such as sizing and fit, insulation, water resistance, lacing and weight. This guide will not only show you the best boots of 2019, but also give you the information to choose the right boot for you.

Table of the Best Snowmobile Boots

01. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot

 Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot

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This excellent boot has much to offer. Masterfully designed, it keeps the cold out and the warmth in. Your foot will stay quite snug with its Velcro closure strap, which is positioned mid-foot and is adjustable with a hook-and-loop. This boot has excellent traction on any icy or slippery surface because of a treaded rubber outsole that is nice and thick. It’s RubberHe sole is very strong, and much lighter (50%. than ordinary rubber. It makes your winter boots feel very light. This boot features a moisture-wicking thermal guard liner that is also removable. It will keep you warm in any temperature down to -40 degrees. The upper is waterproof (600 denier), and is flexible while still retaining traction, with the added bonus of being waterproof.

02. ClimaTex Climate X Mens YC5 Snow Boot

 ClimaTex Climate X Mens YC5 Snow Boot

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ClimaTex’s snow boot is a well made easy pull on that has both a drawstring and a Velcro strap around the ankle. It is perfect for your outdoor adventures. The thermolite insulate liner is removable, durable and odorless. It’s outer sole is waterproof, and the upper nylon is water repellent.

03. Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot

 Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot

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This skillfully crafted boot has many awesome features, including an inner boot system that is insulated, removable, and made of seven layers. It will hold up in -40 F weather. The outside of the boot grips well on terrain. The EVA midsole is lightweight and flexible with a premium rubber compound that gives great arch support. Because this boot is more technical and lighter, you can use it for everyday activities as well, especially when the snow is deep. The boot is padded, and has buckle straps around the drawstring collar and shaft.

04. Klim Adrenaline GTX Boot

 Klim Adrenaline GTX Boot

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These waterproof boots have a removable insole that is moisture-wicking and perforated, with plush liner materials included. This footwear is technically sled-based and it’s high-grip outsole is incredibly durable. It has a cutout around the ankle that promotes forward flex. It has the best and latest in 3M Thinsulate insulation and Gore-Tex technology, featuring 600 grams of the thinsulate for the best amount of warmth on your most active days.

05. Northside Men’s Alberta II Combination Cold WeatherBoot

 Northside Men's Alberta II Combination Cold WeatherBoot

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This comfortable boot is quite fashionable and designed to keep you moving. It has an easy to use adjustable strap and collar to keep the elements at bay. It also features traction soles, to guards and quick-draw lacing.

06. Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

 Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot

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Rated at -40 F temperature, this leather cold weather boot has a leather and rubber upper with a moisture-wicking lining and 200B Thinsulate insulation. It also features a rustproof speed lacing system.

07. SOREL Men’s Conquest Boot

 SOREL Men's Conquest Boot

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This rugged boot is also rated at -40 F temperature, and it’s thinsulate is 400g Ultra Insulation with waterproof leather. Your feet will stay both warm and dry because of the seam-seal. The gaiter bootie has a drawstring and a barrel lock type snow collar closure. This is very useful to keep snow out when it is deep. You get extra ankle support for any uneven terrain with the Adrilles adjustment strap which can be easily tightened. It also features an EVA comfort footbed that is removable. It adds thermal protection, reduces weight, and makes those long, cold days easier.

08. Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot

 Kamik Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boot

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This boot is knee-high and offers 1000 denier waterproof nylon. It’s bungee cords are adjustable at both the ankle and the opening, and the foot has a rubber shell which is durable, flexible and waterproof. The collar has a drawstring to keep warmth in. With a slip-resistant heavy tread that provides lots of traction, it also utilizes a toggle closure. It is placed around the ankles to ensure a custom fit. It also features an 8mm Zylex liner that is removable.

09. MEADA WINBOOT Winter Snowboot

 MEADA WINBOOT Winter Snowboot

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This waterproof winter snowboot has thermolite insulation to guarantee that your feet stay warm. The Thinsulate liner is warm, lightweight and removable. It also features a hook and loop closure that is adjustable.

10. O’Neal Rider Boots

 O'Neal Rider Boots

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This impressive pair of boots has many features to praise. To protect against impacts it has plates that are made of injection molded plastic. It also has a metal shank insert which has the double use of adding support and helping the boots maintain their shape by reinforcing them. There is also a metal toe guard that acts as protection to ensure that the sole doesn’t delaminate. It has a moderate grip that works great for ATV riders as well as on the track and trails. The sole is made of durable Goodyear, and is balanced well to prevent any unstable rocking. It also has a four-buckle adjustable system that uses an easy-snap lock. You get extra leverage with a rear pull tab. It has a comfortable air mesh interior, along with a cushioned insole and generous heel support. There is a heat shield made of synthetic leather that prevents heat damage.

Features to Look for in Snowmobile Boots

Sizing, Fit and Weight

The most important thing to consider is what you will be using the boot for. Weight needs to be taken into consideration because the amount of time you wear the boot will be a factor of how much you notice it. Loose models offer a great deal of warmth and comfort, but that comfort will not last for long-distance walking. Boots that are too tight will give you circulation issues and cause cold toes. Make sure you size them with your socks and have enough wriggle room for your toes!


When you combine insulation and an exterior waterproofing material you will get high-quality footwear that will perform well in any cold and wet environment. Insulation is at its most effective when it comes to trapping heat when it is given the chance to expand and “loft.” This can lead to a somewhat looser fit, but the amount of insulation used and the technique utilized to sew it on the inside will also affect both the fit and warmth. This also causes it to feel softer and gives the boot more cushion. The average “g” insulation is measured by is 200, but the higher the number indicates an increasing amount of warmth.

Water Resistance

It is important to note that compared to air, water can conduct temperatures much more quickly. There are two ways to protect your boots from outside moisture. Companies either use materials that are already inherently waterproof (such as treated leather or rubber), or they can use a thin waterproof membrane that acts as a rain jacket when sewn into the interior lining of your boots. Materials that are completely waterproof (like rubber or neoprene. will keep moisture out, but at the cost of the breathability of the boot.

You may have to treat the outer shell periodically, especially if they are brand new or made out of materials such as animal leather. Boots that have a waterproof or breathable membrane automatically ensure that your feet are protected from water coming in. However, great care should be taken to the outer materials, because once you have waterlogged fabrics, it causes transference of perspiration to be inhibited from the inside of your boots. This will make you feel cold and damp. However, treating the outer leather with some type of waterproofing agent will make it perform like it is supposed to.


Out of everything, lacing impacts both how easy it is to put on your boots and how they fit. If you have many lacing eyelets they will help the boots feel more comfortable, but at the cost being able to easily lace them over the top of your foot tightly. They are more likely to have a looser overall fit and be able to easily pull once as well as tightening them all the way. Some boots such as winter hiking boots use speed lacing eyelets above the top. This allows a secure and quick fit, as well as the ability to customize the fit around your ankle. However, they are also the least easy and most labor intensive to use.

Hopefully, it will be much easier for you to select the right boot for you and your winter activities with this handy guide. It is easy to be overwhelmed by choices and get wooed into buying an inferior product that won’t work for you or your needs. Remember these pointers and you will be ready to set off on any winter adventures that your heart takes you.

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