Top 10 Best Single Speed Bikes in 2020 Reviews

All cyclists deserve a comfortable and swift ride. And for that purpose, only the single speed bikes come in handy and are the most preferred for their great speed, simplicity, and lightness. They are suitable for both casual and sporting purposes, and some can even be used by messengers. With a single speed bike, you can efficiently run your errands, work out, and even commute. And while other bikes may need some experience to use on hilly areas, a single speed bike doesn’t. It is therefore quite easy to use. Well, below are some excellent choices that I compiled, with a buyer’s guide to help you secure a reliable one. Have a look!

Table of the Best Single Speed Bikes

01. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

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The first bike on the list has to be the Pure Fix Original Speed Bike which has a removable front radius brake for optimum safety. It consists of a fifty-millimeter dish wheel and one-speed fix to allow for different speeds. It is highly durable having been made from steel Tig welded frame. With a flip-flop wheel on its back, you can shift to a fixed speed from a single-speed without pressure.

02. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

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Its flip-flop wheel hub makes it easy to change to a fixed gear from a single-speed gear. Its high-tensile steel frame lasts for long with the nylon pedals making it easy to ride. It is also easy to use, not to forget the exceptional riding experience. It commences with a gallant geometry frame which is designed from tensile steel that’s durable. Moreover, it also eases the way for you to choose how you will ride it.

03. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear

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Another perfect single speed bike is this excellent ride. It is made of a duo butted alloy smooth frame that guarantees its longevity. It also has a 32H F/R flip-flop hub to help you ride freely. The wheels are made from quality rubber materials that have a great grip. Precisely, the bike gives you maximum comfort while riding. Besides, even young kids can comfortably ride on it.

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05. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

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Designed from a 6061 duo butted alloy, this bike is quite durable. It has a 32H F/R flip-flop hub to fix or free ride on comfortably. The bike also gives you maximum comfort while riding allowing you to get the best of it. It is easy to use, and quite enjoyable while ride. If you wanted a great riding experience, then this should be your choice.

06. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed

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For those who fancy a smooth riding, then this bike is yours. Precisely, its features exceed all your expectations. The hand-built and tig welded steel frame absorbs road bumps offering you ultimate comfort while riding. With a durable and long-lasting frame, this bike is worth every penny. Besides, it comes with standard 30mm deep-v rims, coaster brake, KMC chain, freestyle pedals as well as Kenda commuter tires making riding more enjoyable.

07. Royce Union Mens’ RTT 21-Speed Mountain Bike

Royce Union Mens' RTT 21-Speed Mountain Bike

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It is easy to adjust the padded saddle with premium side stitching to perfect on the angle and height. A whole Shimano drivetrain provides efficient and precise performance. The bike also features a twenty-one ultra-smooth shifting speed from the Shimano drivetrain. Its front suspension fork significantly absorbs dips and bumps from uneven terrains. You can’t just afford to overlook this one.

08. Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

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The bike is highly stylish designed to best suit you and your likes. The wheels offer a firm grip, and they are stable thus you are assured of a safer riding. What’s more, you will go head over heels due to its quality. Comfort with this is unquestionable. Do not worry about safety as the bike has got you covered. Also, it possesses unique handlebars that no other bike has. Rest assured of an exceptional experience that you will never forget.

09. Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

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With a durable high-tensile steel frame, this bike is worth a try. It has a deep V double wall alloy wheel with a flip-flop hub that offers a firm grip to provide you with optimum safety. With easily removable front and rear brakes, you won’t have to worry about your speed. Precisely, the bike has forged high quality aluminum components that no other bike possesses. Getting this one will be an excellent decision.

10. Nashbar Single-Speed Road Bike

Nashbar Single-Speed Road Bike

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Finally, we have the Nashbar Single Speed Bike that has a steel fork and frame for comfort, durability, and strength. The 44x16T single-speed wheel drivetrain works to minimize maintenance and for simplicity. The bike is inclusive of two handlebars to help you set up the bike how you love it. If you want, you can easily swap out.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting a fixed-geared bike may be cumbersome, more so with the many brands out there in the market. You should, therefore, choose wisely. Otherwise, you might end up choosing a sub-standard bike. That said, here are some tips to help you choose.

First and foremost, consider the bike’s components. Do you want a heavier frame for durability, like the lightweight steel frame, or a more comfortable one like aluminum? You must, therefore, consider a components’ durability and comfort such as the handlebars and the saddles before settling for it.

What will you be doing with the single speed bike? Are your intentions just to have fun riding, or work on it on paved trail or road? There are many options that you will have to look at, here. Nonetheless, if you need it for a racing purpose, or for trail riding, then you will need beefier and sturdy tires; for example, a hybrid bike.

Make sure that the bike’s size is well suited to your size. Majority of the riders choose to be comfortable on a road bike that’s regular.

Finally, consider the price. It should fit into your budget.


The bike is perfect for recreational purposes as well as outdoor recreation. It is highly recommended to use these bikes in areas with little gradient although it works perfectly well on other gradients too. Well, choose wisely and go wild with these.

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