Top 10 Best Quiet Desk Fans in 2020 Reviews

There is nothing more challenging than working on a hot day. It is at these moments that we always yearn for a cooling breeze to take the heat away. Are you, therefore, thinking of purchasing a quiet desk fan? Well, not to worry, for you are on the right track. Fans have become an essential part of our lives. They are very popular in homes. Besides, getting a quiet desk fan will provide you with a refreshing stream of air with zero noise interruption. Thus allowing you to carry on your duties swiftly. But, which is the best desk fan in the market? Fortunately, below are the top ten quiet desk fans and a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Table of the Best Quiet Desk Fans

#1. The OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan Desk

The OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan Desk

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The 5200mAh capacity battery will give you a sensation of cooling air for an extended period. The desk fan features seven blades which are super quiet and has three speeds with a timer. The batteries are rechargeable, and you can alternatively power it using a USB cable by connecting it on your PC. It’s, therefore, the best work companion during hot seasons. However, it is small in size but very powerful.

#2. The OPOLAR 8 Inch Desk Fan

The OPOLAR 8 Inch Desk Fan

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OPOLAR is a leading brand in the manufacture of fans. Unlike the one above, the OPOLAR 8 inch features four speeds and natural wind. It also has a timer and performs quietly. It features seven blades, and you can quickly adjust it as per your wish. Moreover, it comes with an adapter and a cord.

#3. The Qoosea

The Qoosea

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The Qoosea entails a unique design that will make your summer cooler than ever before. The best thing about this fan is the touch control. All you have to do is tap it and enjoy the warm breeze. Additionally, the two motors work quietly. You won’t even know it’s there. Above all, its design also portrays uniqueness, and your co-workers will be amazed.

#4. The Aikoper

The Aikoper

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The Aikoper has a stylish and innovative design. You won’t only enjoy the fresh air that it will provide you, but it will improve the general appeal of your desk. It has a twin turbo that drives the two blades quietly. Also, the USB fan is universally compatible with both PCs and portable chargers. The best part, however, is it significantly saves on energy.

#5. The OPOLAR Super Quiet Desk USB Fan

The OPOLAR Super Quiet Desk USB Fan

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Featuring high-quality pure copper brushless motors, this particular fan quite durable. You will, therefore, enjoy the cool air at your desk for the longest time possible. The stand has four cushions, thus quiet sturdy. It’s also quiet and is of a mini size, enabling it to fit perfectly in your desk.

#6. The OPOLAR Large Capacity Fan

The OPOLAR Large Capacity Fan

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With this type of quiet desk fan, be assured of 15 hours of cool breeze once it’s fully charged. It produces a strong but soothing breeze. It’s quite portable, and you can, therefore, go with it anywhere. Besides, it comes with two power supplies; thus one can either use the 3350mAh battery or the USB cable.

#7. The White OPOLAR Desk Fan with Timer

The White OPOLAR Desk Fan with Timer

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A desk fan with a timer allows you to program it to give you cool air whenever you deem fit. It’s 8 inches in size, and therefore, bigger and better than the regular-sized desk fans. It has seven blades that ensure production of strong wind.

#8. The CAMTO


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The CAMTOP is an ultra-quiet design desk fan. It has a control switch that allows you to choose a high or low speed. The unique structure makes it portable, elegant and stable. Since it is powered by a 3.9 feet cord, you can charge from your laptop, computer or even power bank with ease.

#9. The BONTIME Desk Fan

The BONTIME Desk Fan

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The BONTIME is a lifesaver during summer. You can tilt it to any position that you want. It has a handle that enables portability. It’s USB powered and has a 30-day return policy in case you don’t like it. It has a compact size and will save up space on your desk.



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The GLAMOURIC features a powerful alloy silent motor. It’s built to reduce noise and save energy. It’s very light and compatible with chargers, laptops and other USB output devices. It has a strong safety shell that minimizes the chance of injury. You can, therefore, choose your ideal type of breeze by pressing the on/off button at the back.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Quiet Desk Fan

The Design

Just because it’s a desk fan, that doesn’t mean you should pick any that you come across. You should choose a quiet desk fan that has a spectacular design, one that will match and fuse with your office desk décor. Additionally, there are some popular fan designs on the market that you can consider. One is the axial flow design, which is the most common. The other design is the tower fan, and the most recent is bladeless. You can choose one of these depending on your taste and preference.

The Quietness

The best fan desk should be “quiet.” In that, as it functions, it should produce little noise. You don’t want a fan that will interrupt your concentration at work. It should provide you with fresh air and at the same time allow you to focus on your duties.


An ideal type of fan should be able to oscillate smoothly. That is the fan should be able to move from side to side. As a result, it will be able to produce a high volume of fresh air and distribute it equally all over the place.

A Convenient Power Source

Thanks to technology, nowadays there are different power sources. Choose a fan with a power source that is convenient to your workspace. You can choose one powered by batteries, USB cable or the old-fashioned power cable.


The above are the top ten quiet desk fans in the market. Get one for yourself today and forget about hot work days. The fresh breeze will allow you to focus more on your job and thus improve productivity. Don’t forget about the quietness feature. Having a fan that sounds like a paper shredder when powered on can be very annoying.

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