The 5 Best Outdoor TVs in 2020 Reviews

In 2019, one of the greatest luxuries for home technology fanatics is undoubtedly an outdoor TV. While some may believe that outdoor TVs are simply glorified indoor TVs, there are a few distinct differences. Outdoor TVs are designed specifically to withstand the elements, something their indoor counterparts will never be built to do. Additionally, outdoor TVs are able to withstand a significantly higher ambient light than indoor televisions, making them perfect to watch the game at a Sunday afternoon barbeque or even a movie night in the summer.

While they can be highly sought after, they can often be difficult to purchase. To the average consumer, it’s hard to know what to look for when buying a standard television, let alone one that is built for the great outdoors. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top five models on the market today, along with some tips for future shopping.

Table of the Top 5 Outdoor TV Reviews:

#1. SunBriteTV Outdoor TV – 55-inch 4K Veranda

SunBriteTV Outdoor TV - 55-inch 4K Veranda
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In terms of outdoor televisions, SunBrite has been an industry leader; with the addition of their 4K Ultra HDTV, they continue to remain ahead of the pack. SunBrite offers this 55-inch model with an LED backlight, something you’ll be thankful for when watching on sunny days. Unlike other models, this SunBrite is designed to be a permanent fixture on your patio. The Veranda model has been completely weatherproofed, built with an aluminum case to help protect against the elements, and also includes a built-in speaker with a media bay for a variety of streaming devices; although, this model will operate best in a covered patio.

As an added bonus, the Veranda model also has extreme temperature functionality. This television will operate in temperatures ranging from -24°F up to 104°F.

#2. SunBrite Outdoor TV – 43-Inch 4K Veranda

SunBrite Outdoor TV - 43-Inch 4K Veranda
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Similar to its 55-inch counterpart, this powerhouse by SunBrite comes with a smaller price tag than our first choice. The 43-inch Veranda model is another fantastic ultra HDTV. This model is best suited for areas of complete shade. The 43-inch Veranda model also includes a metal case to protect against the elements, as well as built-in speakers and a powerful backlight. The model comes complete with HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB inputs, allowing for multiple connectivity options.

#3. Sealoc Outdoor Smart TV – 43-inch

Sealoc Outdoor Smart TV - 43-inch
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Making its name as an emerging company, Sealoc touts a superior weatherizing method. While their counterparts use a short-term spray to keep the interior of their televisions weatherproofed, Sealoc is the first to submerge their parts in a patented nano-coating. If a superior coating wasn’t enough, the case of this outdoor television has also been sealed shut, protecting even the connection ports with a totally weatherproofed material. The largest benefit of this TV is that it can easily be used in direct sunlight, something that will be a massive advantage for those without a covered patio.

This outdoor TV by Sealoc also includes two 10W internal speakers, eliminating the need to supply your own, and is available in an impressive 1080p. This smart TV will be able to do everything your indoor smart TV can do, while still looking amazing on your deck.

#4. Mirage Vision The Gold Series – 55-inch 4k

Mirage Vision The Gold Series - 55-inch 4k
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The Gold Series, a line produced by Mirage Vision, has an impressive claim to fame as being the thinnest outdoor television on the market today. It also happens to be the brightest TV offered. While this TV won’t have the weatherproofing capabilities of the Sealoc brand, the superior backlight technology will be a draw for those who live in bright areas.

In addition, this TV runs on about 40% less energy than the competition, an important factor for those worried about their electric bill. For those looking for connectivity options, this TV lacks built-in wifi, something competitors will offer at this price point.

#5. Mirage Vision The Diamond Pro Series – 50-inch 4K

Mirage Vision The Diamond Pro Series - 50-inch 4K
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This ultra HD TV is another amazing find by Mirage Vision. Similar to the Gold Series, this TV offers a thin profile and superior backlight capabilities; however, it does come with a lower price tag. This Mirage Vision addition still uses 40% less energy. Being smaller than the 55-inch Gold model, the Diamond TV weighs in at 27 pounds, although is slightly larger in depth.

Choosing Your Outdoor TV

While our reviews offer some basic information, it’s always important to shop around to find a television that fits your specific needs. It’s best to test any TV before you buy it, something that is just as applicable for outdoor TVs. When you’re viewing TVs in the store, there are a few other questions you’ll have to ask so you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

– What features do you need? It’s important to know exactly what features you need before ever going into a store. What will the television be primarily used for? What type of connectors will you need? In some cases, it’s best to look for a smart outdoor TV if you’re looking to connect with streaming services.

– Will you need speakers? If you don’t have speakers available for outdoor use, you’ll be depending on the built-in speakers. If you can, try to preview the sound from the built-in speakers on every model you’re considering. You’ll need powerful speakers for outdoor use, especially if you live in an area where you expect a lot of noise outdoors.

– What is the backlight strength? You’ll need to pay special attention to the backlight strength of different models depending on where you plan on installing your television. Most models will work fine if they’re in covered patios, but if you plan on keeping your television in full or partial light, you’ll need a powerful backlight in order to get a clear picture.

– What is the case made of? Most outdoor televisions will be built with a plastic case. While the plastic case might be appealing for those who are looking for a cheaper price tag, an aluminum case will help ensure that your outdoor TV will have a long life.

– Does it include a warranty? Be careful of what types of warranties are included. It’s best to review exactly what your manufacturer’s warranty will cover and for how long the term is.

Overall, outdoor TVs can be an amazing addition to your patio. While shopping for them can be difficult, when you know what to ask, the process is significantly smoother. As with all large purchases, do your research beforehand and try out a few televisions before you find the perfect one for your home.

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