Top 10 Best Off Road Remote Control Car in 2021 Reviews

The best off road remote control car is equipped with large rubber tires that enable it to conquer any terrain. This car drives through grassland, rocky places, and mountainous regions smoothly. It also has impressive climb ability that allows it to roll over 45-degree slopes without any issues.

Plus the build quality of this off-road RC car is outstanding and allows it to withstand impacts, collisions, and scratch. Whether you are looking to buy one for your kid or for yourself, the following reviews are worth your attention.

List of Best Off Road Remote Control Car in 2021

01. BEZGAR 17 Toy Grade 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car

Unlike most remote-controlled cars, which are in the scale of 1:18, the BEZGAR RC Car has its scale increased to 1:The result is a more realistic RC car with better cross-country racing experience. The car also has amazing styling as well as a vivid color design. Moreover it is equipped with powerful built-in motors.

These motors enable the car to hit speeds of up to 20 – 25 kilometers-per-hour. In short, this RC car is one of fastest racing cars on the market. It has a wireless control system that runs in a 2.4GHz frequency. The signal is stable plus there is a non-jamming function that allows several users to play simultaneously. The USB charging line is another excellent feature of this RC car.


  • Wonderful for the price
  • Controls and steers work well
  • Goes through long grass quite easily
  • Comes with 2 battery packs
  • Makes a wonderful gift for kids


  • Wheels could be bigger than they are to give the car more power

02. BEZGAR 18 Toy Grade 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car

The USB charger of the BEZGAR 18 Toy Grade RC Car has numerous functions that include short circle protection and overcharge protection. These safety features prevent the battery from catching a fire. What’s more, BEZGAR 18 Toy Grade RC Car comes with a couple of original battery packs to let you enjoy game time uninterrupted.

It is made of alloy material that gives it strong resistance to collisions. It also has a durable shockproof body that will not break even if it falls from a high altitude. Both the rear and front of the body have a strong bumper, which is crash-proof. Needless to say, the bumper effectively protects the frame and body. This means you can speed in a wide field or crash/roll over in a narrow terrain.


  • The seller stands behind the product
  • The body is heavy-duty and feels very strong
  • Batteries that come with the car last longer
  • Picks up speed fast


  • The remote might take time to get used to

03. BEZGAR 1 Hobbyist Grade 1:10 Scale Remote Control Truck

The front light of the BEZGAR 1 Hobbyist Grade RC Truck makes it more realistic. The headlight automatically turns on when the truck is switched on. This is amazing because, apart from making the remote truck more realistic it also makes it very easy to locate in the event that it is misplaced.

Moreover, the truck is made with a reinforced body frame. The entire chassis is made of nylon, which has several properties such as being resistant to chemicals and abrasion. It goes without saying that the truck is long lasting and performs as expected. Furthermore, this RC truck is equipped with a 490L brushed motor that can perform 21000 revolutions-per-minute and generate incredible horsepower.


  • Fairly large and looks really cool
  • Goes over most terrains
  • Waterproofing allows you to ride over small puddles
  • Remote comes with batteries
  • The steering is proportional


  • Can be difficult to control at high speed

04. DOUBLE E RC 1:12 Scale Remote Control Car

The strong climb ability makes the DOUBLE E 1:12 Scale RC Car better than a 2WD vehicle. It has incredibly strong power that allows it to climb 45-degree slopes with ease. Gear and front dual motors also play a huge role in making sure this RC car has the power needed to pull off amazing stunts. It drives like a real racing car and easily passes over the grass, rock, sand, and mountainous regions.

The car has a unique style that will no doubt make you love it even more. It includes shock absorbers, cockpit, and simulated front lights. It also includes a large anti-slip wheel that makes it more impressive and realistic. Additionally, this RC truck is shipped in exquisite gift packaging that eliminates the need to use wrapping paper in case you are buying it as a gift for a loved one.


  • The backup battery is a nice addition
  • Arrives fast in a nice package just as promised
  • Does not scratch very easily
  • Makes a nice gift for both boys and girls


  • The battery seems to run fast

05. BEZGAR 16 Toy Grade 1:14 Scale Remote Control Crawler

The remote control of the BEZGAR 16 Toy Grade Crawler features a wireless control system that, in turn, has a frequency of 2.4GHz. The signal of the wireless control system is stable and helps make the RC crawler very easy to control. There is also an anti-jamming function that further makes the crawler smooth to operate.

The car comes equipped with a rechargeable high-capacity 4.8V 800mAh battery pack. The battery takes 150 minutes to charge fully and after that, it can power the car for 20 – 30 minutes non-stop. The USB charger comes with this crawler too. It has short circle protection and overcharge protection to increase safety and extend the lifespan of batteries. The car can reach speeds of up to 15 – 20km/h.


  • The conversion feature is wonderful
  • Battery life is wonderful
  • Simple enough to little kids to drive it
  • Rides nicely in the grass in either mode


  • Taking out the battery to charge it is quite a process

06. INGQU Remote Control Truck 1:14 Off Road Monster

INGQU RC Truck is a nice purchase for any level monster truck enthusiast. It has real headlights that make it fun to drive. It also has dual motors that give it awesome power and allow it to climb at tight angles effortlessly. The RC truck is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with 2 rechargeable 4.8V 800mAh batteries that, on a full charge, provide you with the fun to drive for around 40 – 60 minutes.

It also comes with a USB cable that works with many different devices, including PC, laptop, adapter, and power bank. The 2.4GHz remote control system has a non-jamming function and stable signal. Having said that, expect zero confusion when several vehicles are placed to run together.


  • Comes with 2 batteries and a screwdriver
  • Appears to be well built
  • Wonderful for the price
  • The remote is very responsive
  • Rubber tread wheels have a wonderful grip


  • The battery life is not so great

07. FREE TO FLY Remote Control Car Off Road Stunt Truck

FREE TO FLY RC Car features a 4-wheel drive system and 2 powerful motors that combine to provide it with high power. Needless to say, this off-road stunt RC truck can run fast and easily pass through sand, grass, and road. It can also climb rocky places without a problem. It comes with a total of 4 batteries. Two of these are AA batteries and the other two are rechargeable 3.7V 500mAh batteries.

It also comes with a screwdriver that comes in handy for opening the battery case. On a full charge, the batteries last up to 15 minutes each. What’s more, the remote control that comes with this RC car has 2 joysticks only. It is so easy to operate a 4-year old can drive the stunt truck.


  • Tires are incredibly soft
  • The connection between the car and remote is pretty stable
  • Speed is not so high that it can easily damage the car
  • Handles rough terrains nicely


  • Battery life could last longer

08. FUNTECH RC Car High Speed Off Road Trucks for Adults Kids

FUNTECH RC Car is a powerful and very fast truck that can hit speeds of up to 30 miles-per-hour. Although the driving time is just 15 minutes, it is still long enough to let you enjoy the amazing driving experience this car offers. The remote control works perfectly, and it is very sensitive. It ensures that the car drives smoothly even on a rough surface.

Well, combine the responsiveness of the remote control and the high speed of the car and you have an RC vehicle that will not get stuck easily. Another good thing about this car is that the speed can be adjusted. This means kids can quickly understand how to operate it and have lots of fun with it.


  • The company’s commitment to the RC car is amazing
  • Has plenty of power and speed
  • The build quality is quite good
  • Easy to control and has springs


  • Would be better if an extra battery was included

09. BEZGAR 6 Hobbyist Grade 1:16 Scale Remote Control Truck

The headlight of the BEZGAR Remote Control Truck is automatically turned on when the truck is switched on. It makes this truck more realistic and fun to play with. The headlights have been repositioned to the sides of the bumper so they can illuminate a wide area. Furthermore, this RC truck is made of nylon, which is resistant to chemicals and abrasions.

This car is also equipped with a 390 brushed motor that is powerful enough to perform 21000 revolutions-per-minute. This, in turn, generates a greater HP. Compared to larger scale remote control trucks, the BEZGAR 6 Hobbyist RC Truck has a better acceleration. Plus it can reach a top speed of 42 kilometers-per-hour. The IPX5 level waterproof allows the truck to take water splashes from many different directions.


  • Feels solid and hefty
  • Battery bag is included
  • The speed limiter is a wonderful addition
  • The truck comes fully assembled


  • The included charger only charges one battery at a time

10. BEZGAR 12 Toy Grade Remote Control Crawler (1:12 Scale)

The body of the BEZGAR 1:12 Scale RC Crawler is made of ABS material. Well, this material is resistant to high heat plus it boasts high tensile strength. It also has strong resistance to impacts. This means even when the vehicle drops from a high place, the body will not be damaged easily. The rear and front of the body have solid bumpers, which are collision-proof.

Furthermore, this RC crawler has a powerful motor that generates high torque to enable it to climb with ease. Plus the car comes with two rechargeable 6V 800mAh battery packs that fully charge in 120 minutes and work continuously for around 20 minutes. With that said, expect to experience long hours of game time with no interruption in between.


  • Moves smoothly in the grass
  • The manufacturer is responsive and helpful
  • The suspensions is very realistic
  • The headlight is fully functional
  • Has a lot of climbing power


  • There is no variable speed control

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Off Road RC Car

In this section, we have highlighted a number of crucial factors to have at your fingertips before buying an RC truck.

The Motor

The motor system is virtually everything when it comes to an off-road rc car. With that said, you should consider buying a car with a powerful motor. Such a car will not get stuck easily. It also has plenty of torque that enables it to move smoothly regardless of the terrain it is being driven on.

Battery Life

The battery life of most RC trucks is not long-lasting. However, this does not mean you settle on something that can barely last 10 minutes. Batteries that go for 15 to 30 minutes are highly recommended. Ideally, it is advisable that you pick a car with at least 2 packs of batteries.

Remote Control

If the remote control system of your RC car is not as effective as it should be, expect nothing but total frustration. Well, a remote control function is equipped with 2.4GHz frequency. Such a remote control delivers stable signal plus it is very responsive.


In a world filled with tablets, smartphones, and laptops, it is so easy for kids to stay indoors throughout the day. Well, an off road remote control car is different from what kids are used to. With it, your kids will easily step out and become more imaginative than ever before.

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