Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Touring in 2020 Reviews

The best motorcycle helmets for touring are DOT approved. This means they are good quality and have been tested for safety. Moreover, these helmets feature an ABS shell, which is known for its exceptional durability. These helmets also feature quick-release buckles to make sure you have an easy time taking them off and putting them on.

Plus they are equipped with a dual visor system for convenience. A proper venting system is another feature of these helmets. It keeps you cool and comfortable. In these reviews, we use features, pros, and cons to explain why these are the helmets you should spend your hard-earned cash on.

List of The Best Motorcycle Helmets for Touring in 2020

01. AHR Run-M Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

AHR Run-M exceeds/meets DOT safety standards. This means it is not just safe to use but also will keep you safe. It also features an advanced flip-up design that lets you breathe easily or eat/drink without taking the entire helmet off. What’s more, the helmet boasts an upgraded ABS shell that, in turn, has a thick and high-density 100-percent vented EPS liner.

There is also a ventilation opening system for air exhaust and intake. Well, all these features provide better protection as well as making sure the helmet is comfortable to wear. So, in a nutshell, you will focus more on the road and less on the comfort of the helmet.

The inner sun visor and the wide visual field clear visor combine to create built-in double visors. The inner dark visor creates extra eye protection from the sunlight. Moreover, it can be effortlessly controlled using a switch.


  • Does not crack easily during a crash
  • Looks good and fits beautifully
  • Makes a nice present to a motorcycle rider


  •  The sun visor has to be pushed by hand to go up fully

02. Westt Torque X Motorcycle Helmet

Westt Torque X is equipped with a dual visor system. This includes an integrated sunshield visor and an anti-scratch outer visor. This dual visor system allows you to ride without any issues whether it is during the day or at night. Besides, this helmet is legally certified for use across the US. It meets DOT FMVSS No.218 safety standards.

Given its design, this helmet is ideal for many different uses. In other words, the helmet is perfect for all kinds of bikes. So, whether you have a dirt bike, Harley, motocross, or cruiser, this helmet is for you. It is also suitable for scooter motorcycle, moped, snowmobile, four wheeler, and ATV.

The washable padding in the helmet is a thoughtful feature that helps improve hygiene. It also creates a comfortable interior so you can wear the helmet for a long time. There is also a quick-release safety buckle that makes the helmet easy and safe to use.


  • Vents of airflow are conveniently placed
  • Padding is adequate and does not itch
  • The price point is very reasonable


  •  Sizing could be more accurate

03. ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Modular Flip-up Helmet is one of the best because it is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The technology allows for rider-to-rider intercom communication. It is worth noting that communication between riders is only possible when both parties are using ILM brand BT helmets.

In other words, this BT modular flip up helmet is not compatible with other brands but ILM. The crown and surface mounted chin vents enhance airflow, thereby, making the helmet comfortable to wear. And, if you want to lift the chin guard, simply press the release button. This allows you to use the full face helmet as a flip up helmet.

Besides, there is a chin curtain, which is removable and can be replaced. Its role is to protect from the wind and cold while riding. The ear liners and top liner are removable as well. Plus they are washable to help you maintain proper hygiene.


  • Speakers are clear even at high speeds
  • Bluetooth is easy to use and works well
  • The helmet has good airflow


  •  The charging port for the BT battery cover could be sturdier

04. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GLX Full Face Motorcycle Helmet features a compact and aerodynamic DOT shell design. Needless to say, the well-thought-out design plays a huge role in improving the performance of this helmet. It is DOT-approved, and this means it offers excellent impact protection. It also has sharp and aggressive styling that makes the helmet look like those in movies.

Because of the high-performance design, this motorcycle helmet is ideal both for long-distance touring and short-distance street performance. Ventilation panels are multiple, and they help speed up the cooling process. This helmet also features trendsetting springs, which ensure an unparalleled water and wind sealant layer.

Plus it has a unique 3D molded shield engineered to give you a distortion-free view. Another feature that makes this helmet a worthy purchase is a breath guard. It reduces shield fogging by rerouting your breath. Moreover, the breath guard is removable for convenience.


  • Lightweight and provides full coverage
  • Ventilation works as advertised
  • The price is inexpensive
  • The helmet looks good
  • It is shipped fast


  •  Sizing could be more accurate

05. YEMA YM-627 Open Face DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA YM-627 has an open face three-quarter design shell. The shell provides unrivaled protection as well as ensuring a wide field of visibility. By so doing, this shell gets rid of a claustrophobic feeling. It is one of the features that make the helmet worth owning. Another feature is a dual visor design.

It includes an outer clear field and an inner retractable smoked visor. Additionally, this helmet features inner lining pads that are removable and washable. Needless to say, keeping the helmet fresh and looking as good as new is a breeze.

The flow-through ventilation is fully adjustable and will give you complete control over the elements. Furthermore, the helmet is suitable for both men and women plus it is DOT FMVSS 218 approved for United States safety standard. The helmet is also multipurpose and suitable for a chopper, street bike, scooter, and cruiser.


  • The helmet is nicely finished
  • The manufacturer is responsive
  • It is packed with excellent features
  • The chin strap has a release buckle that lets it attach quickly


  •  Runs small, but this is stated in the description

06. Westt Cross Dirt Bike Helmet for adults – Matt Black

With the Westt Cross Dirt Bike Helmet, you can program your smartphone to activate your app of choice automatically. This means whether you want to activate an SOS call, crash detection, or maps, you can easily do it with this innovative helmet. It is clear that the helmet is made for cutting-edge riders looking for helmets that do more than just providing protection.

Another feature is the manufacturer’s patented Westt Connect buckle. It is a high-performance buckle that allows you to store your personal and medical information in case of an accident. Furthermore, the helmet is DOT FMVSS No.218 certified for the US.

The helmet also has an integrated sunshield visor as well as an anti-scratch outer visor. You can remove the outer visor if you prefer to wear your helmet with goggles or sunglasses. What’s more, this helmet is perfect for off-road bikes, four wheelers, MTB, ATV, dirt bikes, and motocross motorcycles.


  • The padding comes out easily for cleaning
  • The price is cheap
  • Fits well and looks nice
  • It is equipped with several great features


  •  The chin strap could be a bit thicker

07. AHR Run-F DOT Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Man Woman

AHR Run-F Helmet meets/exceeds DOT safety standards. This means it undergoes rigorous tests to prove that it is quality and safe to use. That being said, the helmet is perfect for touring as well as great for use with street motorcycles such as cruisers. That’s not all; this motorcycle helmet boasts a streamlined aerodynamic design that reduces drag and wind noise.

By so doing, the design of this helmet allows you to enjoy every moment of your riding experience. The liner and cheek pads are removable for easy cleaning. This will give you peace of mind knowing that keeping the helmet clean and free of dirt is a no-brainer.

The helmet also features a quick-release buckle that allows you to easily put it on and take it off. The quick-release buckle also ensures the helmet stays securely on your head.


  • Easy to strap on
  • Available in many different colors
  • The price is inexpensive
  • The fit is perfect
  • Suitable for women and men


  •  Fogs up pretty easily

08. YEMA YM-831 Full Face DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet

It is safe to say that the YEMA YM-831 is a professional-grade helmet. This is because it is DOT FMVSS 218 certified. Well, this shows that, before it reaches the consumer, the helmet undergoes strict tests for quality and safety. This helmet also features an exciting fashionable design that no doubt improves its look.

It is safe, good-looking, and, therefore, perfect for touring. It is also suitable for use with motocross, Quad, ATV, MX, dirt bike, racing, and street bike, among others. The outstanding materials this helmet is made of improve performance. One of them is an aerodynamic ABS shell, which is known for unrivaled durability.

The helmet also features a quick-release buckle for easy on and off; a reinforced chin strap to provide you with a secure fit, and multi-density EPS. Furthermore, the helmet is equipped with a sun visor system to let you ride in sunny weather without any issues.


  • Jam-packed with nice features
  • The design is simple yet looks nice
  • Comfort is fairly is good
  • The clear shield is nice
  • It is worth every penny


  •  A bit noisy

09. YEMA YM-829 DOT Approved Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA YM-829 comes with removable and washable pads and liner. This means keeping this helmet clean and fresh all the time is a walk in the park. Washable pads and liner will also give you peace of mind knowing that even when you share your helmet with a friend, bad things will not happen.

Moreover, pads and liner are comfortable so you can wear the helmet for a long time. YEMA advises that to enjoy a perfect fit, you should go for one size larger. Away from that; the helmet also has a sun visor system. It is easy to use, and no tools are needed to install or remove the clear visor.

The aerodynamic ABS shell reduces drag, and, at the same time, it is strong enough to let the helmet serve its primary purpose. There is also a quick-release buckle that makes the helmet easy to take off and put on.


  • The design is very cool looking
  • The sun visor is a nice touch
  • The helmet is fairly quiet


  •  Vents do not work so well, but again, this is for safety and quietness

10. ILM Off Road Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Off-road Helmet is a multipurpose safety gear that works great with mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. It is perfect for dual sports, off-road riding, and other outdoor activities. What’s more, this motorcycle helmet for touring meets/exceeds DOT and FMVSS-218 safety standards.

Plus it is built with high-strength impact-resistant materials that offer maximum protection. The helmet also features an aerodynamic air intake system that introduces fresh air and replaces the hot one inside it. This excellent venting system will keep you comfortable and cool. By so doing, the venting system allows you to fully focus on the road.

The sun visor is slightly rotatable to account for the sun’s direction. There is also an HD-enhanced wide-angle clear lens that increases peripheral vision, thereby, improving your safety. The tinted inner visor will protect you from the sunlight. Ideally, the vents of this helmet can easily be opened or closed using the corresponding one-touch control sets.


  • The manufacturer is very responsive
  • The quick-connect strap is better than traditional D-rings
  • The price point is excellent
  • Quality and finish is wonderful
  • The size is as advertised


  •  Quite bulky

Buying Guide: The Best Motorcycle Helmets for Touring


If a motorcycle helmet does not fit you properly, everything stops there. In other words, you cannot use the helmet no matter how good it looks. So, before buying a helmet, make sure its size fits perfectly. Well, motorcycle helmets come in all sizes, including S, XS, M, XL, L, and even XXL.


If possible, only focus on motorcycle helmets that are DOT approved. You see; you are buying a helmet to keep you safe while on the road. It, therefore, makes sense to buy something that has been tested and proven. Needless to say, make sure your helmet is DOT FMVSS 218 approved.


A comfortable helmet allows you to fully focus on the road. And when you are fully focused, your chances of getting involved in an accident are almost down to zero. As such, when buying a helmet, make sure it is adequately padded. Also, make sure it has a proper venting system that keeps you cool.


Buying a universal motorcycle helmet is highly recommended. Such a helmet basically works with everything, including dirt bikes, snowmobiles, moped, ATV, four wheelers, scooter motorcycle, and more. It promotes convenience plus it is cost-effective since it eliminates the need to buy new helmets every time you have a new model of motorcycle.


Finding a motorcycle helmet that fits your budget and needs is not as easy as the majority thinks. That’s why we recommend that before you purchase one, you conduct proper research. And one of the places you can do that is right here. In this piece, we do not just bring you reviews of top-notch motorcycle helmets for touring but also we guide you on how to find a suitable one.

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