Top 10 Best Motorcycle GPS in 2020 Reviews

You got to love motorcycles, right? They are fast, easy to pack, have a low maintenance cost and most significantly, their prices are not obscenely exaggerated like car prices. However, you may encounter a few mishaps in your riding experience that have led you to weird places, and you have no sense of direction of your current location. This is a scary feeling especially when you are not accustomed to that region.If you have recently grown enthusiasm on motorcycles or you are looking into upgrading to a better version, then this buyers’ guide will help you find the best GPs navigator for your bike. The following is a list of Top 10 Best Motorcycle GPs in 2020, their details on operational features you should consider when buying one.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Gps

#1. Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPs Navigator

Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPs Navigator

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This is one of the best highly praised GPs navigator, and most users are happy with the driver alerts that warn you of sharp curves, drastic speed changes, speed cameras and any nearby red lights in the area. The interface of this navigator is very simple to read since it shows all the crucial details with color distinctions on the high resolution (480 x 272 pixels) display. Also, rather than pulling out your phone to check for nearby restaurants or popular stores while on a bike, the Foursquare is preloaded with enough data to take you to any joint.

#2. Garmin Zumo 395 LM

Garmin Zumo 395 LM

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If you are an adventurous and your bike is usually your partner in such expeditions, you got to have this navigator. The Garmin is ideally for bad terrain, and severe weather is no nuisance to its capabilities. You can operate it using gloves, and you can still get readings even when it is very sunny. You automatically become George of the Jungle on a motorbike with this GPs reader since it can anticipate sharp curves by giving you alerts before you get to the turn. Additional features like Bluetooth allows you to receive calls while riding and its smart display notifications make sure you don’t miss any crucial text in your adventure. This is a must-have tool if you want to get the best experiences in off-roads when you are out exploring.

#3. Koolertron 4.3 inch All Terrain Waterproof

Koolertron 4.3 inch All Terrain Waterproof

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If you are looking for a Gps navigator with a user-friendly interface, then you should consider buying this system. It has a touchscreen of about 4.3 inches, and every detail is visible clearly. You will also be lucky to have a GPs navigator that is compatible with your car. The navigator system gives you the best experience in any terrain since it has a waterproof rating of IPX. So you won’t have to worry about riding in the rain or even when it’s snowing. The navigator has an inbuilt memory of up to 4 Gb thus you can store much data to enhance your riding experience. Additionally, you can have an added memory of about 16 GB with the use of an SD card support.

#4. TomTom IGF.047.00 Rider 550 Gps Navigation Device

TomTom IGF.047.00 Rider 550 Gps Navigation Device

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The navigator system provides you with the most exciting experience of accessing curvy and winding roads. The Gps system has an inbuilt Wi-Fi system which requires no computer. The Wi-Fi gives you access to map updates and also syncronises the new routes to the system. The GPs is also compatible with Google apps you can enjoy perks like music, messaging and calling via voice using your smartphone. You will enjoy hands-free access to your smartphone messages as they read aloud in your headsets thus preventing you from making any mess along the way.

#5. Koolertron 4.3 Inch All Terrain Waterproof Gps System

Koolertron 4.3 Inch All Terrain Waterproof Gps System

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If you own a motorcycle and a car at the same time, you should consider buying this Gps Navigator system since it is compatible with both. It has a user-friendly touchscreen which is about 4.3”. With its water-proof rating of IPX 7, you will be able to access any form of terrain. The Gps Navigator system can survive a fall in a shallow river, making it the best choice for such environments. You will not need accessory data storage when you have the system as it has an inbuilt memory and an additional memory through an SD card support port.

#6. Garmin Zumo 595LM Motorcycle Gps Navigator Bundle

Garmin Zumo 595LM Motorcycle Gps Navigator Bundle

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The Gps system can give you alerts of any obstructions you may encounter along the way. You will also have a chance of having a pocketPro case. Your data will be safe and protected given the fact that the Gps has a micro SD adapter which offers an additional memory of about 16 GB. The system also comes with a universal screen cleaner making it easy for you to maintain the screen.



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This Gps system can capture the traffic in real-time without delay. You can access this through a 9.88” touch-screen which offers clear images and enjoyable to control by just the touch of your fingers. You will be able to fix the system comfortably over the existing rear mirror, and you will have a good view of the back images especially the small cars. The system gives you an easy time during parking as the rear view camera switches on automatically during reverse movements. When you put the camera on packing mode during parking, it starts recording anything that comes up in the process.

#8. BlueFire Waterproof 5v/2.1

BlueFire Waterproof 5v/2.1

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The Gps Navigator has a different USB charger socket which has an ABS material for environmental protection. The socket is not prone to damage from high temperatures and any other corrosive substances. If you enjoy lighting your cigar along the way, then this GPs suits you since it comes with a cigar-lighting socket. The sockets and the USB charger covers have a water-proof cover which makes the Gps system suitable for most outdoor environments.

#9. Garmin 010- NOC Drive 50 LM 50

Garmin 010- NOC Drive 50 LM 50

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You should consider purchasing this system if you are looking for a straightforward Gps that is easy to use. The system will guide you to avoid any obstacles on the way with its alert warning feature. You will also have access to maps for reference which comes preloaded in the Gps. With Foursquare, you will be able to locate favourite restaurants and shops, and therefore, this Gps is the best tool to have when you are planning to go out.

#10. Garmin Zumo 390 LM 4.3-Inch Motorcycle Gps

Garmin Zumo 390 LM 4.3-Inch Motorcycle Gps

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It has a 4.3” touchscreen which is glove-friendly with an outstanding display of 480×272 pixels. The system employs Bluetooth technology which allows you to receive calls without necessarily involving your hands. The GPs is also continuously fed with map updates which gives you the best experience with lots of option routes to access.

Guide to purchase of Gps Navigators

There are specific factors that you need to consider while looking for a quality Gps for your motorcycle. These include;


You should ensure that your Gps offers accurate directions. Some routes may be closed after some time. An excellent GPs should be preloaded with map updates frequently.


You should keep in mind that you will not always use smooth roads. Therefore, you should use a system that will allow you to access any place without breaking down.

Screen size

You should choose a Gps system that has a high-resolution display visible even when you are speeding or under severe weather conditions. Therefore, always ensure that you check on the screen clarity and size before purchasing.


Some people have sensitive eyes. In this case, you should choose a Gps system which has anti-glare properties to make it easy for you to view the screen even in bright sunlight.

Waterproof system

A waterproof GPs system is essential because you can navigate any area without worrying that it might break down during rainfall. Therefore, you can ride comfortably without fear of rain or humid conditions.


Please consider the GPs systems mentioned above to get the best motorcycle experience. We came up with this list after thorough research of the products and a series of tests to ascertain they are actually the best in the market.

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