Top 10 Best Light Bmx Bikes in 2020 Reviews

When cycling especially at night is vital to have quality bike lights to be visible by motorists. Studies have shown that a lot of bike accidents happens during the day. That is one of the reasons you need a smart bright light for your bike. Also it a legal requirement that you ride a bike that has white front lights and red rear lights. However, the market is full of BMX bike lights and you need some tips when buying. This article looks at the top 10 best light BMX Bikes in 2020 reviews and buyer’s guide.

Table of the Best Light BMX Bikes

01. BLITZU CYBORG 168T Tail Light


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In case you are a BMX bike lover, and you’re searching for the best bike light then this is the first item you should consider. It comes with a noticeable daytime technology to keep the biker during the and during the night. You can charge it using a USB charging cable saving time and money replacing the batteries. Features an ultra-bright with a 260-degree visual design angle to offer more visibility.

02. Cycle Torch Bolt Combo light

Cycle Torch Bolt Combo light

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This cycle combo light has two pieces CNC aluminum light set. There are a white headlight and a red rear tail light for maximum visibility, especially during foggy days. You can charge the Cycle light using a USB cable. Mounting for anybody is easy. Additionally, the Combo lights are universally guaranteed. Preserved a ONE YEAR warranty and a MONEY-BACK guarantee.

03. TeamObsidian Super Bright Light Set

TeamObsidian Super Bright Light Set

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TeamObsidian comes with solid aluminum and a reflector that is rugged with ABS plastic preventing it from corroding and rusting. It features Cree LED with 200 high-efficiency lumen and long-lasting bulbs that work with 5A batteries. Three are in the headlight while the other two in the backlight. The set fits comfortably on the stand and stays fir on the beam. A lifetime warranty covers it.

04. AD Super Bright Bike Light

AD Super Bright Bike Light

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AD LED light is a front and back light set. It is suitable for headlights and taillights that fit in the hybrid MTB BMX bikes. It is rechargeable using a USB cable. Uses a six-mode rear light and four mode headlight that are adjusted to meet your needs. The light comes with a waterproof guard to ensure there is no effect to the light even during heavy rains. It is easy to install to offer you a 360-degree swivel smoothly. The lights come with 18-months warranty cover.

05. Urban Ethix Helmet LED Lights

Urban Ethix Helmet LED Lights

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Urban Ethix Lights has an Aerospace aluminum construction to offer durability. It features a USA Cree LED design to provide full illumination on the road ahead. When mounting the lights, there are no tools needed. Also, the lights have a quick release and are waterproof. The set is covered with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

06. Zacro Universal LED Bike Seat Taillight

Zacro Universal LED Bike Seat Taillight

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Zacro bike led taillight is a universal gel saddle featuring spring and breathable design. It comes with a mounting wrench and one screwdriver to assist you while mounting. The spring has a double carbon steel suspension for smooth protrusion. It is a universal set which means it can be installed on any seat.

07. Cycle 300 lumens Torch

Cycle 300 lumens Torch

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Cycle Shark Torch 300 lumens is a super bright and durable bike headlight. It has rechargeable batteries with a long run time to help you stop wasting money. All you need is a USB cable. It is a universal light set. It also features a flat beam technology. Thus it does not blind drivers or pedestrians. It has a quick release black flashlight set.

08. Meilan Smart Tail Light

Meilan Smart Tail Light

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Meilan bright bike light uses a hybrid 85 lumens, and it is a five times USB rechargeable functioning with a wireless remote to control its laser beams. The lights work with a 2200mAh battery allowing it to work for 8 hours in flashing mode. Meilan 5x operates with 29 LEDs of 85lm.

09. DAWAY C99 Comfortable Seat light

DAWAY C99 Comfortable Seat light

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DAWAY C99 is a taillight attached to a soft, breathable, memory foam padded leather seat with a dual spring design. Ergonomic double spring design to offer a happy and enjoying a bike ride. It waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if it rains while riding. It works with a 5 pcs super bright LEDs which are powered by one CR2032 battery with 36 working hours.

10. AVO LIVING LED Helmet Tail Light

AVO LIVING LED Helmet Tail Light

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AVO led tail light is a USB chargeable ultra bright six mode headlight. It is a waterproof red high-intensity cycling light s that fits well in a mountain BMX helmet. It is lightweight and easy to install; you don’t need tools to mount it. If you want a light that will indicate you are cycling clearly, this is your light set. The manufacturer offers 100 percent full money-back guarantee.

Bikes Buyer’s Guide


When buying your lights, you need to ensure that the lights you buy have a good brightness that will be visible both the day and night. Also, the beam of the lights needs to be flat to avoid blinding drivers and pedestrians.


The construction materials of the light need to be durable and corrode/ rust resistant. Many BMX lights today have an aluminum construction that to ensure that it lasts for long. Also, it is good that you pick a waterproof light to ensure that you ride freely on a rainy day.


Today the world has changed a lot when it comes to technology, and that is why light production has come up with LED lights that use less power. It is good if you pick lights that use a rechargeable battery to save you money.


Some LED lights stop functioning after a period. Also, you might a defect on the materials of the lights. That is why you need to ensure that the lights you buy have a money back guarantee or a warranty of more than one year to be on safer side.


Now that you know what to look for when buying a BMX light set, all you need is to select the best light that fits your need and preferences from the list above. Remember that it is okay to keep an eye on the shop you will be buying from. Buy from a reputable shop.

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