Top 10 Best Laser Cutters in 2020 Reviews

Laser cutters work by focusing a beam of light, or laser, on a site focused on a piece of material to cut it instead of using a solid object, such as a blade, to cut the object. You also need an activated computer system with a vector graphics software. It takes a lot of knowledge and skills to use a laser cutter. Having the means to operate the laser cutter properly in a suitable environment will keep the machine running optimally on many projects for a long time. That increases the need for knowledge before visiting the laser cutting market. The list of top 10 best laser cutters in 2020 reviews & buyer’s guide below will help you choose the best one.

Table of the Best Laser Cutters

01. Orion Motor Tech

Orion Motor Tech

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Orion Motor Tech has two connectivity options. It can either be done using a USB cable for a wired connection to your computer or through a Bluetooth connection as a wireless option. It works with Power supply: AC 110V. Its laser is CO2 Glass 40W. The Orion resolution of the laser is Up to 1000 dpi. It is made of high-quality CNC machined parts to offer durability.

02. Glowforge Plus 3D Machine

Glowforge Plus 3D Machine

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Glowforge Plus is perfect with iOS and MS Windows and has an application dedicated to mobile devices. Besides, it has USB connectivity and additional Bluetooth connectivity- completely automatic. Its laser can handle delicate surfaces such as wood and plastics and prints at more than 1,300 lines per inch. The Glowforge resolution is also on the lower side, at 350 DPI.



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With a CO2 laser tube of 40W, this SUNCOO is a much powerful laser than these 1000 or 1500mW laser starters. You can remove all surfaces and all materials except for metal. Therefore, it is an excellent option if you need to experiment with wood, leather, glass or plastic. As for the metal, you can take a picture of the surfaces that cover them.

04. SHUOGOU Machine Engraver

SHUOGOU Machine Engraver

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This SHUOGOU Machine Engraver is a reasonable and compact laser burner with an impotent 15W Laser Power. It can merely run on softer surfaces and doesn’t have advanced compatibility or connectivity options. It is easy to use: it is a Plug and plays machine. The gadget software is packaged as a primary aspect of the set. The device is very compact and doesn’t consume much space.

05. Yosoo NEJE DK-8-KZ M2U8

Yosoo NEJE DK-8-KZ M2U8

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The Yosoo NEJE is another modest laser cutting machine which can be used for home projects, such as laser cutting small trinkets, mobile covers, key rings, craft projects, and the like. It is good with a PC and more iOS / Android, so if you need a recorder which works with your mobile phone, this can be justified regardless of the aspect. Again, it is a starter laser with a power of 1000mW, unacceptable for glass or metal parts.

06. Iglobalbuy CO2 laser engraver

Iglobalbuy CO2 laser engraver

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Iglobalbuy machine is considerably larger and significantly more potent than the DIY laser start recorders sold online. It’s a commercial laser and faultless for a business or workshop establishment. The Iglobalbuy laser cutter also has a 40W smaller version which you can consider for your private workshop. That is an exceptionally reasonable commercial quality recorder for organizations and crafts worker who need a robust and easy-to-use laser cutting machine.

07. TEN-HIGH CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

TEN-HIGH CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

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Ten High laser cutting machine is an excellent option for advanced DIY enthusiasts and small manufacturers that need to draw designs and logos on their items. The 40W laser has enough power to shoot all the materials out of the metal. The TEN-HIGH is good with the Windows PC and utilizes a USB for connectivity.

08. VEVOR Co2 40W Laser Machine

VEVOR Co2 40W Laser Machine

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The VEVOR is very powerful 40W laser cutter, making it one of the most developed DIY options on the market. It is a low quality option for professionals who work in the furniture, leather, trade, clothing and other comparable companies. Although the instructions do not exceptionally point by point, this burner is not difficult to work with.

09. SHUOGOU High-Speed Laser Machine

SHUOGOU High-Speed Laser Machine

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With a same black-white body and comparable details, the SHUOGOU is a high speed portable DIY laser machine. It has a similar working area of 14*20cm, a water-cooled 40W laser and a 1000 DPI resolution of. The execution is relatively indistinguishable from the next machine, and SHUOGOU also uses the CorelDraw software.

10. Tuopuke Mini

Tuopuke Mini

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With a 1500mw CO2 laser, Tuopuke is a gross of a laser cutting machine, with a large work area. He records, as well as works as a laser modeler. It is powerful as it prints metals and stones but is more suitable for ivory, leather, mahogany, bamboo, paper, PCBA, flammable plastic, etc. It supports professional English design software.

Best Laser Cutters Buyer’s Guide

Laser cutting is among the critical steps in the metal fabrication process. For the manufacture of industrial metal, you need materials that efficient and robust to do your job with maximum perfection. Here are some things you should check when buying a laser cutter.

Align it with your needs

As we say, each machine is a respectable machine. However, it depends on how much is used. If you have engraving jobs included in your projects, opt for specially designed devices to do so. It additionally depends on the metal or the piece with which you are will be cutting.

Judge its Speed

Speed matters most especially for heavy metal industries based on the fabrication of metal. In fact, the main reasons why many individuals prefer using laser cutting machines is because of the speed. Therefore, be sure to get that from the device. When making a laser cutter purchase, try to assess how long it will take to complete a specific job by observing the machine specifications.

Workspace compatibility

You need to check if the laser cutter you are buying is compatible with the store with regard to size and weight. Do not opt for a vast machine that occupies most of your workspace and interfere with movement and other work in progress.

Calculate the energy consumption

You must observe the energy consumption of the machine, not only to verify the electricity bills but also for a higher purpose. The efficiency of the device depends on its energy consumption.

Check if it is easy to maintain

Each lase cutter needs maintenance and services to make the most of it. Therefore, when buying a laser cutter, you need to check if you can get routine maintenance and spare parts.


The tips above are meant to offer help to those seeking to buy a laser cutting machine. The market is full of laser machine, and you need to know the right devices to buy. So, if you have gone through the above info, then you’re good to go. You can pick one product from the list and settle with it.

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