Top 10 Best Kid Wagons in 2020

A kid wagon is a necessity when you go outdoors or on a trip for its various applications. You can make your kids sit in it and push the wagon like a baby stroller. Moreover, you can carry snacks, toys, sports equipment items and much more. A kid wagon comes with wheels, and bench seater and most of them are foldable. You can carry it in the trunk of your vehicle easily. You can see people using them in the garden, park, sea beach for various purposes. The following is the list of the top 10 best kid wagons in 2020.

Table of the Best Kid Wagons:

#1. Radio Flyer Folding Wagon

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon
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This is one of the bestselling kid wagons with very high ratings. This is an advanced wagon that comes with hauling, 2-rider seating, and 2 bench seating. You can fold it with one hand, and there is padded seat cushion for comfort. Besides, there are side panel safety straps and zippers. You can transform the wagon into bench seating comfortably. Moreover, the fabric is easy to clean, and you can wipe any stain with wet clothes.

#2. Hauck Eco Wagon

Hauck Eco Wagon
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It is one of the most effective kid wagons on the list. It is a multipurpose hand-pulled wagon. It comes with a foldable steel tube frame, and the fabric is hand-washable. The cushioned seats are comfortable and tailor-made for two persons. It is the canopy is it that provides protection against the sun and the rain. The long handle makes it easy to pull the wagon with the least effort, and the wheels are large and suitable for all terrains.

#3. Radio Flyer Classic Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Wagon
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In this kid wagon, there are removable side stakes made up of wood. This will bring confidence to beginners as it helps them to balance it as this has the feature of “resist push”. This has a solid wood body which gives it a classic look. There is also furniture friendly bumper which will protect your home. This is ideal for kids up to 1 to 4 years and can tolerate the weight of up to 35 pounds. This is a versatile product which is also very lightweight and will assist your little one to walk.

#4. Step2 Canopy Wagon

Step2 Canopy Wagon
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This is an amazing kid wagon which has got many features. This will give your kids a smooth and quiet ride, and there is also an easy pull handle. This is very durable and allows more than one kid to fit in it. This has an easy access door, and there are also six cup holders. Apart from being spacious, this has rear wagon storage which allows you to keep the diapers and snacks. This will get easily folded, and you can also easily transport it.

#5. Step2 Wagon for Two Plus

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus
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This is another great kid wagon where your kids will enjoy their ride. It comes with an easy-latch door which gets opened conveniently. There are also two contoured seats where the kids will be able to sit comfortably. It has a long handle which allows you to hold it and pull. This can also be transported very easily, and you can also store it conveniently. It has a deep leg well which has molded-in drain holes. It requires minimal assembling and comes in an attractive denim blue color. It is very lightweight and can be attached to a Tag-Along Trailer Plus.

#6. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon
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Made with all-steel, this kid wagon has a seamless body. It has no-scratch edges and also includes durable steel wheels of 10 inches. This has got rubber tires which will not make any noise. In this, you will be finding a long handle which gets folded very easily. You can store it conveniently without any problem. It can bear weights of up to 150 pounds and suitable for kids over 18 months. It will not tip as it comes with controlled turning radius. This is let your kids enjoy the ride and is also lightweight.

#7. Radio Flyer Classic ATW

Radio Flyer Classic ATW
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In this kid wagon, you will be finding an extra-long handle which gets folded under very easily. This has got a seamless body made up of steel, and there are also no-scratch edges. This has got 50% deeper sides, and you chose from the ‘All-Terrain’ or the ‘Big Red’. This has controlled turning radius which will eliminate tipping. This has rugged air tires which will not make any noise when riding. This will move on any terrain and is suitable for kids over 1 ½ year old.

#8. Radio Flyer Pathfinder WAGON

Radio Flyer Pathfinder WAGON
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With a sturdy plastic body, this is an award-winning kid wagon which has been rated by the Canadian Toy Testing Council. This has a front axle without any tip turning, and there is also an easy steering which will give your kids a real driving experience. This has durable tires which ride without any noise on any terrain. It is very comfortable and will provide your kids with a safe ride. This has a convertible feature, and the seat can be easily folded up and down. It is very safe for trips around the neighborhood and is very lightweight.

#9. Radio Flyer Cargo Wagon

Radio Flyer Cargo Wagon
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This is highly recommended for kids over 1 ½ year old, and it is also very safe. This kid wagon is very strong and has the weight capacity of 200 pounds. This has a large body which provides maximum capacity. This has wooden sides which are removable and will allow your kids for easy in and out. In this, there are real tires which have the capacity to move in any terrain. There is also an extra-long handle which gets folded for easy storage. It will keep your fingers safe as it has no-pinch balls.

#10. Little Tikes Deluxe Wagon

Little Tikes Deluxe Wagon
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Made in the United States, this kid wagon has got an attached umbrella which will protect your kids from the harmful rays of the sun. There is also an attached cooler which can be filled with ice. This has also got drink holders and seatbelts. This will make less noise when you ride it as it has got quiet wheels. You can store it conveniently as the handle will get flipped underneath it. There are also removable sides where you can keep your supplies.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind:

There are different varieties of kid wagons available based on the design, price, and features. If you are buying a kid wagon for the first time, the following guide will come extremely handy for you.


– There are three main parts that you have to pay attention to, and they are the undercarriage, the handle, and the body frame. The undercarriage is the most important part, and it should be metallic completely. The plastic ones should be avoided unless you have a very tight budget.
The body frame has the sides and the flatbed.
The body frame needs to be foldable if you want to carry it in the vehicle’s trunk. The handle should be metallic for durability, and the grip has to be superior. The length of the handle is significant as longer ones need less pulling force. The wheels are also significant as they should make the journey less bumpy and effortless. If the wheels are of low-quality, the person driving the wagon will be tired in a short time as more pressure needs to be applied.

Safety Features

– As kids are supposed to be inside the kid wagon, the safety should be the priority. There should be seatbelt with buckle for safe strapping. This will reduce the chance of tumbling. The wheels should be of premium quality for outdoor as well as indoor condition. It should not scratch the floor. The product should come fully assembled as assembling parts at home will make it accident prone. The edges should be smooth, and the handle should be comfortable. Moreover, a bumper is always appreciated for additional safety. There should be a proper axel to make the ride less bumpy. The cushioning of the seat should be there to make the journey smooth.


– A kid wagon is known for its versatility, and different models have different features. The design of the storage space is important as some of them have dedicated space for foods and drinks. Some of them have removable side panels so that you can carry large equipment items and gardening tools easily. Some of them also have a canopy for protection against the sun and the rain. Such canopy can also be removable.

Conclusion –

Whether it is for carrying gardening tools or carrying your kids or carrying items, a kid wagon is one of the most useful carriages to have. There are various types of kid wagons available based on the applications you are going to put them. Therefore, go through the description understand the features they have to offer. Then as per your budget, liking, and requirements, select eh best one keeping the buying guide in mind.

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