Top 10 Best Kid Sewing Machines in 2020 Reviews

Every kid must have an interesting recreational activity so that they can find happiness in doing something that is actually productive rather than watching TV or playing video games. Kids have ample time to learn and do different creative things and sewing is something that will definitely occupy them with full fun and interest. It will increase their hand and eye coordination and in the long run, they can develop excellent motor and skills and an inclination towards arts and crafts. It will also improve their concentration and patience. There are kid sewing machines available that are safe and will make your kid creative and engaging. The following is the list of top 10 best sewing machines in 2020 that you can buy for yours.

Table of the Best Kid Sewing Machines:

#1. Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine
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This is a portable mini sewing machine which has got a large sewing area. It has got a lightning lamp which will work during the time of emergency. Additionally, it comes with a thread cutter for easily cutting off the threads. It is ideal for kids and beginners who have no experience in sewing. This is also very handy and is lightweight. There are four bobbins in the sewing machine and you will be able to work very easily on it.

#2. Mini Portable Sewing Machine,

Mini Portable Sewing Machine,
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This will serve as the best gift to anyone. This sewing machine for kids will boost your child’s imagination and works on electricity. It has got double speed and double thread and will also stitch jeans. This is very lightweight and you can easily carry it from one to another. You can speed adjust the speed on your own preference and is suitable for people of all ages. This can also operate with a battery and attached to it is a pedal.

#3. HAITRAL Portable Sewing Machine

HAITRAL Portable Sewing Machine
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This lightweight sewing machine comes with a hand switch and foot pedal. You can manage the speed on your own, and the low speed is best for beginners. This product works on battery too and is very lightweight. It is bright in color making it perfect to sew fabrics of dark color. You can perform hassle-free work with this from anywhere and anytime. By giving this kids sewing machine to your children you can even boost their creative imagination.

#4. SINGER Start Sewing Machine

SINGER Start Sewing Machine
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This is a free arm sewing machine which has sic built-in stitches. This is a very portable and easy to use a sewing machine for your kids and can also be used by adults. The bobbin winding system is automatic and it will automatically stop when it gets filled. It is one of the best sewing machines, which is very simple and has many functions. It comes with a limited warranty of five years and has a built-in reverse. It has an extra-high processor with easy threading.

#5. APlus+ Handheld Sewing Machine

APlus+ Handheld Sewing Machine
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This is a single stitched handled sewing machine for kids which works both with a power adapter and battery. It is portable, lightweight, and very compact. It is best for instant repairs as well as alterations. This is also very best for beginners as they will be able to learn as well as complete their task in a hassle-free way. You can use it anywhere and comes pre-threaded. It is ready to use sewing machine which can stitch any fabric.

#6. GentleShower Sewing and Quilting Machine

GentleShower Sewing and Quilting Machine
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If you are looking to manage the speed of your sewing machine then this is the one for you. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will be able to work smoothly on this. This has got a free arm, making it perfect to be used by children. It also has a foot pedal, light bulb, foot replacement holder, carry handle, tension adjuster, and dual-thread. You can stitch in any pattern and is a perfect machine for your home. It is lightweight and you can adjust the stitch length.

#7. Brother Full-Featured Sewing Machine

Brother Full-Featured Sewing Machine
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This is one of the most versatile sewing machines which is very easy to use. It is perfect for many stitching functions and has gone a jam-resistant bobbin. It comes with built-in stitches and you can sew anything you want. Included with it is an instructional DVD and has got many other features. This product has a limited warranty of 25 years and has got all user-friendly features. The bobbin winding system is automatic and you can perform varied tasks like a buttonhole, hemming, and much more.

#8. HaloVa Sewing Machine

HaloVa Sewing Machine
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This kids sewing machine is very portable and can perform many kinds of tasks. You can do double stitching in this and it is also very stylish. You can also do crafting in it and is very portable and easy to carry and work from anywhere. It will deliver you peace of mind and if unsatisfied there is 100% money back guarantee on the product. This weighs less than 2 pounds and works on the dual power supply, Either use 4 AA batteries or a power adapter.

#9. Janome Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine

Janome Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine
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When you are buying this sewing machine for kids, then you will be getting it in three different styles. The product is very durable which comes with a limited warranty of 25 years. The metal frame is very strong and the stitching can be adjusted in your own way. Included with this item comes tutorial videos on how to use the machine. There are also accessories for beginners and comes with a removable free arm. Stitch in the direction you want, with its retractable spool pins.

#10. SINGER Handy Sewing Machine

SINGER Handy Sewing Machine
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This comes from one of the most reputed sewing machine making brands. You can easily stitch anything in this and the bobbin winding system is also done in an automatic way. It has got a free arm, for you to easily reach difficult areas. It also has a presser foot lifter allowing you to position in any way. You can perform a variety of works like crafting, hemming among others. It also comes with many accessories and is very handy and elegant.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing the right sewing machine for your kid could be a tricky thing and that is why the following parameters are provided to help you decide effortlessly which sewing machine you should buy from the above list.

  • Presser Foot – When you are giving your kid a sewing machine, you need to ensure the safety first. Furthermore, it should be easy to use so that I can prick the interest of the kids and sustain it. The comfort is another factor that should never be overlooked. That is why it is better to have a presser foot that is screw-on or press-on rather than snap-on. It is true that a snap-on foot will be easier to switch but there are chances of your kids getting injured as it keeps on moving while working.
  • Push Buttons – Generally, a traditional sewing machine comes with a pedal system to control the speed of the stitching. But it is going to be really inconvenient for kids to pedal and control speed as kids have shorter legs and it might cause fatigue to the legs. Therefore, you should the sewing machine that comes with push buttons to control speed. Other than push-on buttons, there are some with come with the traditional pedal system but there are various accessories provided to control the speed effortlessly.
  • Size and Fast – Even though kids have little patience and they would want a high-speed sewing machine, but as a parent, you have to make sure the safety stays the first priority. The speed should be enough for the kids to work with it safely. Similarly, as per the age and height of your kid, you should buy a sewing machine of appropriate size. Too big a machine will be hard for them to handle and they will lose interest in it.
  • Feeding The Threading – For any sewing machine, feeding the thread is painful for many. As you are going to buy a beginner’s sewing machine, the feeding of the thread must be automatic so that it can save energy, time and help the kids keep their interest intact. There are some less expensive models that do not have this automatic option but the design is such that feeding the thread is almost effortless. Furthermore, you have to watch out for the number of stitching choices the machine is providing for a variety of works and making it interesting as kids can stitch any shape or character of their choice.
    Furthermore, the sewing machine should be an open feed arm one so that your child could have full control on its operation. You should also keep an eye on the accessories provided with the sewing machine so that you do not have to shed any furthermore money for buying various useful accessories.


Go ahead and buy any of the above-mentioned top 10 best kids sewing machines in 2020 and surprise your kids with a productive gift. This will keep them distracted from unproductivity works in their leisure time but keep the parameters in mind in choose the best machine for your kids.

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