Top 10 Best Inline Skates in 2020 Reviews

As much as Inline skating looks like a recreational activity, in essence, it is also healthy practice with a lot of benefits to your body. For instance, it can;

  • Improve your dynamic balance, Coordination, and agility.
  • Give you a full-body work out encompassing the postural, abdominal, and back extensor muscles.
  • Help you indulge in aerobic exercise that increases the heart rate and gets your lungs working.
  • Build up to anaerobic exercise benefits such as muscle strengthening and toning.
  • Lead to weight loss and maintenance as Inline skating at 10mph on regular basis burns about six calories a minute.
  • Help you have low impact exercise. The smooth push and glide motion have minimal impact on the joints.
  • Increase your self-confidence as much as it is fun. It gives you a sense of accomplishment since you can challenge yourself to tackle new fitness tricks every day.

On that note, it is crucial you have the best inline skate to enjoy these perquisites to the fullest. The following are 10 best inline skates you should consider;

Table of the Best Inline Skates

01. Rollerblade Zetrablade

Rollerblade Zetrablade

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This inline skate is suitable for any user. Its exceptional feature is stability and comfort which is ideal for beginners. It is less costly hence you benefit from the secure closure system at an affordable budget. The closure system helps you lock in the heels and ankles for a perfect fit. Its frame is integrated with a low levelled shell.Note: The lower the shell, the lower the centre of gravity which is significant for beginners.It is also easy especially when its buckle, strap and closure system secures your feet by pulling the heels into the rear of the boot. The skate can go up to 80mm/82A (moderate skate pace), and its wheels have SG5 bearings that will give you a smooth, comfortable ride.

02. K2 Skate women inline skates

K2 Skate women inline skates

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These inline skates are made explicitly for women. They are the best regarding comfortability and the supportive features. The built-in arch support and lateral reinforcement will make your riding experience more fun and comfortable since its lacing is designed to help you get in and out of the boot quickly. The well-designed hook and loop ankle strap helps keep foot secure for better power transfer. What’s more, its Fitness-oriented Die Cast DC Aluminum Frame is made of lightweight material that gives you exceptional power transfer at any given speed. You don’t have to worry about the speed because the skate has an inbuilt brake mechanism. Soft-boot characteristic eliminates pressure points; thus you can breathe at ease even at high speed.

03. K2 Skate Midtown Inline Skates

K2 Skate Midtown Inline Skates

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As the name suggests, this skate is perfect for commuting, running errands or moving around in the neighborhood. Its outstanding feature is the Aggressive Cuff that gives you extra support for better control and comfort. Also, its 80mm wheel size is made to roll over obstacles, and the free 247 frame will help you maintain control while putting you in a more relaxed position. Its traditional lacing and sneaker-like design will give you a fashionable look when you are skating around your hood.

04. VNLA


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Engineered with high rebound wheels this inline skate is suitable for all kinds of terrain (indoors and outdoors). It is a speed monster as the combination of ABEC-9 racing bearings and 110mm / 85A high rebound wheels allows you to nail high-end speeds effortlessly. More, the Series 7000 aluminum frame modification provides strong stability and handling at top speeds. It is made of carbon fiberglass material that protects your skates and feet from weather and also making the skates last longer under rigorous use. The lightweight nature of the carbon fiber adds you comfort with a stylish design.

05. Roller derby

Roller derby

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This is another speedster inline skate you got to have in your collection or at least consider. It has 125mm 85a race wheels and lightweight aluminium frame. The is super protective shell will make sure you are comfortable on the boot, and the padding is incredibly relaxing at your ankles. It has two buckles and lacing for a perfect fit. One challenge you may experience with this skate is lack of a braking system, which makes suitable for experienced skaters. Even so, experts overlook this demerit because of the thrill of reaching high speeds with ease.

06. K2 Skate Women’s Alexis Boa

K2 Skate Women's Alexis Boa

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This soft boot inline skating is well known for its comfortability with its lacing system: The boa closure. The boa system is perfect if you don’t have the strength to pull the laces. The wheels and bearing are nice and smooth right out of the box, and will only get better with use. The skate is a good intro/intermediate skate. If you’re serious about skating, or play a sport, you’ll probably outperform it after a while, and you will need something better. But if this is just for recreational (indoor/outdoor), and you’re not a vigorous skater, these are a great pair to have.

07. Epic Skates

Epic Skates

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The Epic Engage is incorporated with features to improve your speed and agility in a cool swag when you are cruising down the street. It’s modified glass-filled plastic core wheels, and bearings make it ideal for all kind of surfaces which turn smoothly and stops nicely. The hard-shell design, paired with Epic’s aircraft-grade aluminium frame, offers a seamless combination of comfort and support, without outdoing your need for speed. The laces tie tightly, and the straps add good extra support. Your ankles and feet will barely move at all when skating. The package comes with a toolkit for repairs (mostly to remove and replace the wheels).

08. K2 Skate Women’s Alexis 84 Boa Inline Skate

K2 Skate Women's Alexis 84 Boa Inline Skate

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It is made with a speed lacing system designed for easy usability and also give you the maximum comfort possible. It is equipped with stability plus cuff that eliminates overall skate weight hence you can skate all day without getting fatigued. What’s more, its DC aluminium frames provide power transfer and stability at any speed. By designing the Alexis skate’s upper and cuff around the boa closure system, the manufacturers of this inline skate made sure it’s extremely comfortable and performs excellently.

09. Ferrari Inline Skate

Ferrari Inline Skate

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The stylish look should not only attract you, but the genius in is performance is something will blow your mind. It is designed to help you execute top speeds and at the same time offer agility that will improve your control in extreme maneuvers. Apart from that, it is incorporated with a blend of comfort that ensures your feet and ankles are protected. You will never experience any moments of discomfort when skating in this Ferrari skate. In fact, your feet will feel like you are wearing a quality sneaker shoe.

10. High Bounce

High Bounce

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It is made of a soft comfort shoe and super smooth gel wheels, making it also favorable kids. It has no laces, but instead, it has a simple buckle mechanism that serves the purpose even better. The frame is made of reinforced nylon that protects your feet and ankles as you skate. They glide perfectly on surfaces and with high comfort.

Things to consider when purchasing inline skates

Comfort is paramount when it comes to skating.

Engaging in breaks now and then when you aren’t even tired but you feel uncomfortable is a bummer for most skaters. Make sure your feet are comfy, and you can do that by considering skates with inner soft lining material.

Safety is also very vital.

Consider a skate with a braking system to avoid risks of imminent danger especially if you are a beginner. Also, a skate without a braking system will prompt you to be continually replacing the wheels often.

Maneuverability is essential if you want to get the best skating experience.

Consider a skate made of lightweight frame material (preferably carbon fibre) to facilitate excellent handling and ease of use.


It has taken a team of inline skate experts to come up with this well-detailed buyer’s guide. This guide will help you choose the best inline skates that best suit you. Looks may deceive you; therefore, you need to get extensive information about the skate before you buy. This article offers you that and even the emotions you experience when skating.

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