Top 10 Best Hiking Watches in 2020 Reviews

For many, a watch is just a gadget to keep track of time. Some even think people who wear watches are show-offs. However, this is counterfactual! For you would be surprised how much such a small gadget can offer, other than just showing time. A watch can be a compass, read altitude, calculate the area’s atmospheric pressure, act as a guide and be your all-time friend if you’re alone. A good hiking watch generally has to follow the ABC rule, that is, it should act as an Altimeter, Barometer, as well as a Compass. Fortunately, we know just how much people love adventure, and for this reason, we have picked and ranked only the best-hiking watches you could find in 2020 for you to choose well.

Table of the Best Hiking Watches

01. Reabeam GPS Hiking Bluetooth Smart Watch

Reabeam GPS Hiking Bluetooth Smart Watch

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At the top of the list is the Rebeam watch which is 100% waterproof and quite durable. You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and it will track movements from APP, monitor your heartbeat, as well as display your workout’s data. Also, you can use its sports mode info like mileage, height, pace, calories and heart rate to monitor your progress. Made out of steel breeze, the smartwatch is anti-abrase, shatter-resistant and anti-impact. It is precisely durable and anti-scratch.

02. Smartwatch, Sports Watch with Altimeter

Smartwatch, Sports Watch with Altimeter

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A watch that acts as a phone, that is what it is, an all-time friend. With it, you can view your messages and calls, even though you can’t answer the calls. Also, you can read your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, calendar, SNS and LinkedIn notifications. It tracks your everyday activities such as calories burned, distance and steps. You can also easily monitor your health progress through its heart pace detector. Besides, it follows the ABC rule, has a long-lasting battery, and above all, is waterproof.

03. Portable Digital Wrist Watch

Portable Digital Wrist Watch

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Every hiker will love this Portable watch as it is simple and you can use it for outdoor activities, besides hiking. The watches have a one year warranty, and your money can be refunded if you are not satiated with the product. The fantastic design and excellent quality make it an exceptional choice. It is Walkie-Talkie based with clear sound, and therefore, ideal in case of emergencies. Gift it to any hiker, and they will feel special.

04. POSMA W2 GPS Navigation Running Cycling Hiking Multisport Watch

POSMA W2 GPS Navigation Running Cycling Hiking Multisport Watch

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It is highly compatible with a 2.4GHz ANT+ sports protocol. By this, it implies that it is a speed sensor, supports cadence, a combo sensor, as well as a heart rate monitor. It also acts as a hiking guide should you lose track, especially if you are alone. Moreover, it analyses software programs as well as supports file upload onto popular platforms. As such, it is best suited for outdoor activities.

05. POSMA W3 GPS Running Cycling Hiking Multisport Watch

POSMA W3 GPS Running Cycling Hiking Multisport Watch

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The watch is a speed combo and cadence sensor. It also is a power meter. With it, you can review the route you have been using via Google map to prevent veering far. It acts as a compass and a barometer too. The watch is lightweight and quite classy. For the many features it possesses, the price is just outstanding.

06. Suunto Traverse GPS Outdoor Hiking Watch

Suunto Traverse GPS Outdoor Hiking Watch

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The Suunto is a favorite amongst many due to its beautiful design and durability. Featuring a sturdy casing, fast GPS system, pure wireless syncing and flashlight mode, the watch is amazingly superb. Crafted from stainless steel, the screen hardly gets damaged. Its price is friendly and also follows the ABC rule. Like none other, it will tell you how many daylight hours are remaining, not to forget that it is water resistant.

07. Spovan Silver Digital Pocket Watches

Spovan Silver Digital Pocket Watches

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Another perfect hiking watch is the Spovan. Besides, what is a hiker without a professional watch? Highly water-resistant, you cannot afford to overlook this watch, especially if hiking is your hobby. With its simple fashion design and ABC rule abider, the watch is suitable for outdoor and casual wear purposes. The watch is also a pedometer, a perpetual calendar, shockproof, weather forecast, a countdown as well as a stopwatch. Precisely, it is the kind of a watch every hiker fancies!

08. PowMax WW-231 2pcs Watch

PowMax WW-231 2pcs Watch

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The powermax is unique and is inclusive of a microphone and earbud. Its battery is made of lithium ion, thus once charged, it can last for long. It also has an inbuilt speaker. In this generation of watches, it is just a newbie, but it outdoes every other watch when it comes to a duo way communication scheme. With the watch, you don’t even have to worry if your phone signals fall short.

09. Portable Digital Wrist Watch

Portable Digital Wrist Watch

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The Portable watch is based on VOX mode possessing a volume control as well as PTT. Its signal is clearer and stronger compared to that of a phone. Get the freedom you want with the Portable watch due to its durability and cadence sensor exceptional qualities. Besides, it is also a heartbeat sensor and acts as a compass.

10. EZON H001 Climbing Hiking Watch

EZON H001 Climbing Hiking Watch

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Last but not least is the EZON watch which has five alarm sets plus a chime function that’s hourly based. These alarms are weather forecasts, time tellers, air pressure and cadence detectors and much more. Its altimeter tracks vertical movements. It displays sunset and sunrise time for forty cities and contains local time for forty-eight cities in the twenty-four hour time zone. Above all, it has an automatic calendar for fifty years from 2010-2059.

Buyer’s guide

Other than abiding by the ABC rule, there are some other features that a good hiking watch must have, including:

GPS TrackersIt does not matter if you are a newbie or a professional, you will hate getting lost while hiking. A GPS watch, therefore, comes in handy. As such, let your watch acts as a guide and traveling buddy. Besides, GPS receivers mark entry points as well as locate it through a tracking system.

Battery Life

Your watch’s battery life is very vital for the GPS to function well. Therefore, choose a durable and longer-lasting one. Otherwise, you will be stranded when all the remarkable features die due to low battery life.


A reliable trekking watch has to be optionally durable. It should, therefore, be water-proof and withstand scratches, dust impact, and cold.


Just like other devices, you must learn to use it appropriately. What’s a hiking watch if you don’t know how to use it? Therefore, understand the elements of a watch before you purchase it. Above all, remember that if it is not a multi-purpose watch, then it’s not a hiking watch. Choose carefully, and get the best of it.

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