Top 10 Best Hidden Cameras in 2020

Installing a hidden camera has become a necessity with the reports of stealing and burglary increasing every day. Instead of the CCTV cameras, the hidden cameras are more effective whether at home or at your shop. The robber will not be aware of the presence of the camera, and his/her face and act will be easily caught. With the hidden cameras, you can save the videos on the SD cards as well as view the live footage from your smart devices. Check out the top 10 best-hidden cameras in 2020 and buy the best one as per your requirement.

Table of the Best Hidden Cameras:

#1. PHYLINK HD Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera

PHYLINK HD Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera
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This is the smallest hidden camera you can buy and install anywhere you want. The camera is motion activated, and it is almost impossible to discover by a stranger. The product comes with one year warranty and lifetime support. The camera has the maximum flexibility, and it is easy to set up the sensor unit and the main unit. The sensitivity of the sensor is extremely high, and you can get alerts by email or push notification on iOS and Android devices. You can also insert 128GB SD card, and there is an app available for quick viewing.

#2. SCS Enterprises Wireless Camera with WiFi Digital IP Signal

SCS Enterprises Wireless Camera with WiFi Digital IP Signal
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This camera is hidden in the computer speakers. The lens has superior glass optics, and the viewing angle is wide. It can record video at the very low light, and the resolution is high. It connects to Wi-Fi, and the setup is easy. You can view the live video on your smart devices whether Android or iOS. It is also secured with user ID and password. There is a slot for a memory card of 8GB, and you can connect the central monitoring system to 32 such cameras.

#3. SCS Enterprises Spy Camera

SCS Enterprises Spy Camera
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This hidden camera comes with an internal 8GB memory card which will allow you to record for 36 hours. It has got the direct wiring and can easily be connected to your smoke detector. The camera resolution is 1.3 MP, and it has got P2P automatic set-up technology. This can be set up very quickly by anyone and can easily be connected with smartphones. You can connect it with up to 32 cameras as this comes with the software of Extensive Central Monitoring. There is also WPA encryption, and it can be secured with a password.

#4. DareTang WiFi Hidden Camera

DareTang WiFi Hidden Camera
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This is a mini hidden camera which has a convenient reading time. It comes with motion detection alarm where your notifications can be transferred to your smartphone. The camera will detect the motion and let you know on your smartphone. There is also loop recording, and you can insert an SD card and overwrite the files. This one allows you to record HD videos and is powered with a rechargeable battery of 2000 mAh. With this, you can also record in darkness as it has night vision.

#5. SCS Enterprises Spy Camera

SCS Enterprises Spy Camera
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With a super low-light vision, this hidden camera has got a high resolution with 1.3 MP. This has glass optics, and there is also a wide angle. You can set it up within minutes and easily connect it with your smartphone. You can secure the single with a password, and there is also WPA encryption. This will allow you to record for 36 hours as there is an internal SD card of 8 GB. You can also connect it with up to 32 cameras with its extensive central monitoring software.

#6. SpySee Hidden Spy Camera

SpySee Hidden Spy Camera
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This hidden camera will protect your family from any harm. It has got motion detection feature, and you can also speed up your search of the already recorded tape. This can sense any motion from up to 20 feet away, and you can connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi. The memory can be expanded up to 128 GB, and it will allow you to record for up to 24 hours. You will be getting HD videos, and there is also automatic loop recording. Once the memory is full, the camera automatically overwrites the old files.

#7. Fuvision Hidden Spy Camera

Fuvision Hidden Spy Camera
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With a fifteen degree upward viewing angle, this hidden camera has an optional SD card, and it can record HD videos. The battery life is of 15 days, and it comes with a mounting tape measuring 3 meters. If the video gets stopped, then it automatically gets saved in the memory card. There are also two faceplates which can be used in the right situation. This is ideal for business or home, and it gets started in less than 30 seconds. With this, you will be getting batteries and a charger.

#8. Conbrov Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

 Conbrov Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera
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This is an undetectable home security camera which has got night vision motion. It has also got a motion detection sensor which will not miss any movement. This will save the battery life, and there will be more space. You can also use it at night and his highly recommended for office and home. This is powered with a rechargeable battery of 10000 mAh, and the standby mode is up to 2 years. You will be getting all the accessories with this and will give you HD videos.

#9. RecorderGear Hidden Camera

RecorderGear Hidden Camera
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This hidden camera is very small that it can hardly be noticed by anyone. It is fixed in an AC adapter and allows loop recording. This is a covert security spy nanny cam which comes with motion activated. This has an image sensor of 5.0 MP and will give you perfect surveillance video footage. You can extend the memory card to up to 64 GB, and everything will get sored on the SD card. This is compatible with Windows and Mac and is ultra-lightweight. You will be getting an instruction manual, and it also has time and date stamp.

#10. Corprit Wireless Spy Hidden Camera

Corprit Wireless Spy Hidden Camera
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This is a real clock action hidden camera which can easily be connected to Android or iOS devices. The spy camera will allow you to have video feeds at any time and is perfect for home and office. In this, you can easily set up the network, and it supports HD videos of 1080P. This is powered by a battery, and you can also do various settings like brightness, loop recording, and motion detection. You can download the app on your smartphone and get information directly to your phone.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind:

Even though buying a hidden camera may seem to be an easy job, there are various parameters you have to check in order to buy the best one for your budget.

Wired or Wireless

– There are both the types available, and even though the wireless ones should be an automatic choice, the wired ones are also popular. For example, when a hidden camera comes in the form of a computer speaker, it is generally wired to give an impression that it is actually a speaker and not a camera. But if you are looking to buy a camera individually and install it in any regular object of display, the wireless ones are the automatic choice.


– The hidden camera is not like a regular CCTV camera. A CCTV camera records the footage all the time. However, most of the hidden cameras are motion activated which means the recording of the videos will start only when a movement is sensed. Therefore, it saves the battery as well as the space in the memory card. Moreover, checking the video will be less tiresome. However, you can always check the live footage with the app support.

Internet Accessibility

– It is almost useless to have a hidden camera that you cannot view live from anywhere you want. Therefore, the camera must have Wi-Fi support. Instead of a dedicated device, it should have app support for viewing. The app support can be iOS, Android, or both and you have to choose accordingly. Besides, the user must be alerted through email or push notification whenever it is motion activated.

Quality Of Footage

– Most of the hidden cameras will operate in the dark and therefore, the camera and the sensor must be of high-quality to record clean and high-definition footages easily. The battery must be long-lasting, and the storage space via SD card should be large so that you do not have to delete the recorded footages frequently.

Conclusion –

Since they are hidden spy cameras, there are different designs available to keep them away from detection. Some of them come individually, and you have to install them into another object. Others come in the form of speakers, photo frames, and stay hidden in various regular objects. All the above-listed hidden cameras have high-quality sensors, and the footage is clear even in low light conditions. They are a must for shops irrespective of what you are selling. If guests come to your home quite often, it is a must for your home too.

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