Top 10 Best Headphones Under 500 in 2020

In the present day, technology has reached another level. A man has not thought the level of its advancement. With every passing day, the technological progress has led to the invention of new things along with the creativity that it has produced with astonishments. In the recent day, the technological development has let the mobile phone to reach at such a level that it should feel the presence of wonder and honor. The invention is becoming a crucial part of everyone’s life. Today it is not possible to move a step forward without the use of mobile phones.

In the mobile industry, everyone is making a competition. New gadgets with new features are news that everyone likes to hear. But there are some mobile phone companies whose innovative invention is astonishment for every people in the world. The apple earphone with a mic is the latest installation by this company. The gadget is made in such a way that it helps in listening to music and also podcasts. The invention is also one of the path-breaking designs of conversations without using the hand. One can use this gadget for an interview without taking the mobile in hands.

Table of the Best Headphones Under 500

01. Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35

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I love this type of earphone because it has good sound and also it has a sound blocking.I am one of the people who doesn’t like noise, and this headphone is best suitable because you can cancel the noise at any time. Therefore, I prefer them because they are best-canceling style. This is more comfortable over long stretches, and I prefer this for traveling because they keep me comfortable and makes my journey more enjoyable. They are also used in airplanes

2 .Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise

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This is best for the airplane travel, and they make the journey more enjoyable. The sound is quite fantastic. Children prefer using these headphones when watching movies and they say that they work very well for them. Another good reason why I prefer these type of headphones is that they are long lasting and they do not keep spoiling. These headphone base made my music varied because I can listen at my desk at home, workstation and travel without causing any disturbance to people around.

03. Comfortable Protein Earpads

Comfortable Protein Earpads

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It has noise canceling therefore if you do not need the high volume you can easily minimize. The benefit with it is that it is of high quality and if you purchase it you will never regret.They are also more durable and comfortable to use, and they are made lightweight which fits well in your ears, and you can wear them the whole day without complaining. They can play 30hrs per charge at Bluetooth mode.

04. Foldable Travel Headphones

Foldable Travel Headphones

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When it comes to traveling by airplane it is suitable, and it is not an age factor, and therefore anybody can use this headphone whether you are too old or young. You can connect these headphones to your laptop, smartphone or tablet and enjoy the music of your choice as you travel. As the technology keeps improving these headphones keep going as per the technology.



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I prefer this type of headphone because it is foldable and therefore when traveling I do not need a big bag to carry it I use the small bag because I fold them and put them in a bag.They have the best noise cancelling, and there you can regulate the volume of your music. This headphone also helps yours from noise disruption from people around you. The other advantage of this headphone is that it is rechargeable and has a battery that lasts for long hours and makes you enjoy music for so long

06. Tangerine Grey

Tangerine Grey

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These headphones are so gorgeous, and they are lightweight. Therefore you can wear them for a long period without you getting tired. For me, I would advise the customer to buy this type of headphone, and they will thank me later because they will enjoy the music with this type of headphone. When I went with my wife to buy one, I was impressed with the way it looks so attractive, and I was willing to pay any price that seller would quote.

07. Transparency mode and Microphone

Transparency mode and Microphone

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It has a battery which enables it to play longer. They also have clear quality voice, therefore, can get what the other person is saying from the other end. This headphone is made in a unique way that it has even a sensor that is an auto stops and playback when you take off the headphones, and it resumes when put back on. These can be suitable for those people with hearing problems as compared to earbuds

08. B&O PLAY by Bang

B&O PLAY by Bang

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They look so beautiful at the display, and this attracts the customers to buy. I have interacted with so many people, and I have them talk good about, and now I have decided to open an electronic shop which I will start selling these types of headphone because I know very made prefer them more. They are of good quality, and their batteries can last for about 18hrs.

09. Panasonic Premium.

Panasonic Premium.

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I have bought for my children this type of headphone because one can regulate the volume quickly. I also prefer these when at work when I am a bit tired, and I want to at least listen to some music I use them this is because they are a bit lightweight and you can wear them for long. They have good quality, and they look modern and comfortable.

10. Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling

Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling

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I love this because it has a noise canceling and therefore when you do not want disturbance you can cancel. Due to the battery which lasts for about 20hrs allows me to enjoy music for so long. You can answer, or end a call because it is wireless.just with controlling knob. The passive noise reduction microphones allow recording the voice memories through your device. They are wireless and excellent headphones I have ever used. They are great and less expensive, and you can easily afford them. I love the sound quality of these headphones


The gadget also comes with a remote. These remote is one of the pivotal things. Without taking the phone many times, it helps in changing the music just by clicking it two times. The remote comes with the facility of skip option. The remote is not very weighty. It is thin in size. The mic that has been installed in the earphone is placed at the back of the remote. The headset that has been making waves in the electronic market is compatible with every apple sets. The headsets can also be used by one in the Macbooks.

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