Top 10 Best Handycams Under 500 in 2020

The camcorder has been around for years, but it is only in recent years that the Handycam camcorder has entered the market and offers consumers new and exciting possibilities to record events and special events. If you are a professional videographer or a grandparent who wants to have a Handycam camcorder on hand when grandchildren come to visit, there are some things you should observe while preparing to buy a new one. Finding a camcorder buying guide is not difficult when you have access to the Internet, but there are also warning signs you should know before investing your funds in a Handycam camcorder. Here is a Top 10 Best Handycam under 500 in 2020 & Buyer’s Guide that will help you make a sound decision.

Table of the Best Handycam under 500

#1. Focus HDRCX405 Camera

Focus HDRCX405 Camera

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It is a Sony HD video recorder with HDR CX405/B. This Handycam camcorder has a lot of features that come with it to make sure you get the maximum video capturing the experience. It is equipped with 64GB memory which is big enough for recording. Its ZEISS lens is 26.8mm wide to give you a steady optical shot.

#2. Sony HDR-CX440

Sony HDR-CX440

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One of the best Handycam in the market today is this 8GB 60pixel HD camcorder. It is equipped with a 26.8mm ZEISS lens that is capable of w/30x optical capturing and w/60x clear image zoom. Its 2.7in clear image photo screen gives you a clear view. It can provide excellent optical steady shot image stabilization.

#3. Focus Sony HDR-CX405/B

Focus Sony HDR-CX405/B

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Are you searching a camera that can offer you 30x clear image zoom? Then this is your match. The Handycam comes with a 26.8mm ZEISS lens with a wide capturing angle. You can record the videos in MP4 and AVCHD formats. It is also equipped with 1080p full HD Sony HDRCX405 bundle. Its storage size is 32GB giving the best storage to store your images and videos.

#4. Sony 4K FDRAX33 Camcorder

Sony 4K FDRAX33 Camcorder

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Wow, who wouldn’t love a camcorder that can record 4K, 24p and 30p videos and it is under $500? This magical Handycam utilizes the best steady shot image stabilization tech to give the best video. It has been marked as one of the best shoot tools anyone can use. It is easy to operate and handle.

#5. Sony HDR-CX455

Sony HDR-CX455

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Sony HDR-CX455 is one of the top best Handycam as you can record HD videos using this camcorder. It is equipped with a 32GB storage capacity. Also, the camera is accompanied by two premium pack NP-FV70 Batteries. The battery comes with their charging system kit. The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC can support 128GB.

#6. Sony HDR-CX455 Handycam

Sony HDR-CX455 Handycam

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Wow, you will undoubtedly love the performance of this camcorder and the accessories that accompany it. , and all are brand new items. The camcorder is Wi-Fi enabled and came with a storage capacity of 8GB. It comes together with batteries, casing, tripod, Microphone, Tele/ excellent lens kit and an LED light.

#7. Liquid Deals Song HDR-CX440

Liquid Deals Song HDR-CX440

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Liquid deals is another fantastic model of song that has standout to be one of a kind. It is a cheap camcorder that features a storage capacity of 8GB, and it supports Wi-Fi. You can recode 1080p video quality with this camcorder. The package of this camcorder comes together with a 32GB memory card, Tripod, Battery, cleaning solution bundle, LED light, and a camera case.

#8. Sony HDR-CX220/B

Sony HDR-CX220/B

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This camcorder is an HD handyman camcorder with a 2.7in LCD. It is equipped with an 8.9MP Exmor R CMOS sensor. It uses a 29.8mm wide-angle ZEISS Vario lens. With this cam, you don’t have to worry about recording a moving object as it comes with Steady Shot image stabilization which reduces blur.

#8. Sony HDRCX440B

Sony HDRCX440B

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This Sony camcorder comes with HDR-CX440B, HDR-CX440/B, CX440, and HDRCX440B bundles. It is an HD Handycam camcorder which comes with a deluxe bag. It is equipped with a 32GB microSDHC card. To charge it you will need its AC/DC charger packed in its shipping box. Also, the camcorder comes with a battery pack, HDMI cable and many more.

#10. Sony HDR-CX405 Handycam

Sony HDR-CX405 Handycam

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Many love this camcorder because of its exceptional video recording features. The camcorder comes with a 64GB memory card where you can store your 1080p recorded videos. The package comes with a hard case, an LED light, battery pack, a charger and tripod. The camcorder is also is also accompanied by eleven LCD screen protectors.

Top Best Handycam Buyer’s Guide

One of the most used devices in the modern world is the Handycam camcorder. Camcorders are gaining popularity, and now some models come regularly to the market, and all have a range of new features. Unfortunately, many people want to buy a new video camera, but with all the options available, they do not know where to start. Here are some tips to help you choose a new camcorder.


First, you must decide how much money you are willing to spend on the new camcorder. You must determine exactly how much money you should pay and how much money you want to spend on your original camcorder. Keep in mind that if you buy the cheapest camcorder, you will probably get bad results, you will not have to go to the top and spend all your money to get excellent results. Some of the best camcorders are classified in the middle.


You should carefully examine what you are going to use for the camcorder. If you do not plan to use the camcorder as often, or if you want to use it for simple projects, you do not need many functions. However, if you plan to use it intensively to create professional films, such as student films, or to document your trip to Europe, you probably want more feature-rich camcorders and more superior image quality. As a result, you do not want to spend money on features you will never use, nor spend money on a camcorder that does not meet all of your needs. It is essential to look for camcorders and determine precisely what your needs are before buying a camcorder.

Battery duration

One of the critical features of a camcorder is its long service life. Mainly if you use the camcorder to capture your travels, a particular show, a wedding, any event that takes a few hours because you do not want to film and the battery runs out. It’s smart to see how long the battery lasts and, even though it’s supposed to be a long one, buy an extra battery just in case. Worth it.


Another critical thing to keep in mind is the size of the camcorder since it is essential that you can hold it correctly so that it is stable when shooting. It is best to have a camcorder with buttons in a convenient location so that you can simultaneously press the camcorder and the images you want to capture.

Connect to computers

It is likely that after capturing the footage of your choice, you want to connect the camcorder to your computer and edit the footage. Therefore, it is essential to choose a camcorder capable of doing this. More and more camcorders offer the possibility of connecting to a computer through wireless connections. However, this type of camcorder will cost more because they use the latest technologies. If your available budget does not go that far, it is better to opt for a camcorder that offers HDMI, USB2 or USB3 connectivity. These types of connectivity will deliver files to the computer in the blink of an eye so that you can edit your masterpiece as quickly as possible.


There are many shops and online stores where you can get a fascinating collection of digital cameras. However, never succumb to the temptation to buy the model that serves almost nothing for its purpose. Even if you’re confused by the number of options available, buy camcorders that fit your budget and are designed to meet your specific needs.

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