The 10 Best Football Receiver Gloves in 2020 Reviews

Football receiver gloves are designed especially for receivers and running backs. These positions require the player snatch, grab and hold onto the ball while being able to run through a human obstacle course during game play. Receivers gloves have certain qualities that are unique to them. These qualities include a tacky palm grip which radiates from the palm to the 4 fingers and thumb. They are lightweight, flexible and often have reinforced stitching to prevent seams from splitting. As for padding, some have padding on the top of the hand, but some brands do not. Those who select receiver gloves with no padding, do so to get a lighter glove.

The 10 Best Football Receiver Gloves

Today, football gloves are very much a part of a players gear, whether they are worn by professional ball players, school sports players, or everyday weekend warriors. The purpose of these gloves is to ensure that you get a get a good grasp and hold on the ball. While football gloves are made for a different player positions, such as linemen, running backs and line backers, the gloves we are offering today are made for receivers.

When you set out to purchase your own pair of football receiver gloves, it can be a little confusing due to the vast variety of makes and models out on the market. While they seem similar, each glove or pair of gloves has their own combination of features, which make them suitable for some players more than others. So, help you out, we’ve created this basic review and buyers guide for the best football receiver gloves on the market today.

Table of The Best Football Receiver Gloves:

#1. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Glove

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Glove
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Whether you need to catch a ball on the fly, or help keep your fingers on a metal surface without slipping, these Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Gloves by Seibertron, are an excellent choice. This glove is durable, long-wearing and made to stretch, so you have a bit of give while you’re reaching for the ball. The Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite glove also works well with individual who suffer from arthritis, and need help gripping a baseball bat, golf club or frying pan. This machine washable sports receiver glove is easy to size, simply use their convenient sizing chart, and comes in a variety of colors to suit most sports team affiliations.

#2. EliteTek RG-14 Football Gloves

EliteTek RG-14 Football Gloves
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The EliteTek RG-14 Football Gloves are a superior football glove, offering you comfort, flexibility, fit, adequate ventilation, and superb grip. These durable, tough football gloves with Grip Tech Palm Technology, are an affordable solution for those looking for a high performance football glove within their budget. Once on, the flexible fabric ensures the glove will stay put while on the field, and the tiny perforations located in the palm area allow for air to pass through to lessen any perspiration. These gloves come in both youth and adult sizes, are easy to maintain, as you can wash them by hand, machine and even toss them in the dishwasher.

#3. Battle Ultra Stick Youth Football Receiver Gloves

Battle Ultra Stick Youth Football Receiver Gloves
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The Battle Ultra Stick Youth Football Receiver Gloves come to you meeting NFHS, NOCSAE, and NCAA standards. These well ventilated receiver gloves are constructed with PerfectFit material which ensures proper airflow, as well as being flexible during play. The playing field can be quite an active place, so these gloves come with velcro wristraps to keep them in place, while the UltraTack palm makes sure you’ll snag that ball on the fly, all withing the legal limits of stickiness. If you are concerned about seam tears, know that Battle’s Ultra Stick’s stiching is reinforced at all stress points to reduce ripping.

#4. Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves

Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves
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When that ball is coming down hard, you need a solid receiver glove to make sure it stays put when you make that reach and grab. That’s just what you’ll get when you choose the Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves. These gloves come with embossed, rubber palms full of stick and tack. Constructed from flexible, jersey material and secured at the wrist with an elastic band, means that this glove is designed to for plenty of give, without concern about it slipping off during play.

#5. Under Armour Men’s F5 Football Gloves

Under Armour Men's F5 Football Gloves
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Under Armour Men’s F5 Football Gloves are NOCSAE, NFHS, NCAA compliant, and come with GrabTack Technology, so you get maximum stickiness when you need it most. These F5 receiver gloves are designed without seams, which gives you a one piece, flexible, ventilated receiver glove. Constructed from HeatGear fabric over the top of your hand, means that your hands will be kept as dry as possible during game play. If these SFIA certified gloves feel a bit lose, simply tighten their wrist strap. Some users state that these gloves do not work well in damp or wet conditions.

#6. Grip Boost Stealth Football Gloves Pro Elite

Grip Boost Stealth Football Gloves Pro Elite
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So, you’re searching for the perfect gloves which will ensure that the next time you go out to play flag football, you’ll actually snag the ball and keep hold of it. If that’s the case, then the Pro Elite are for you. Grip Boost Stealth Football Gloves Pro Elites are well made, tough football receiver gloves which you’ll come to rely on game after game, to make those spectacular catches you and your team mates will be talking about weeks to come. These NFHS, NCAA, SFIA compliant gloves are constructed from light weight, flexible fabric with the palm area made with Grip Boost Grip Tack Technology. These gloves are comfortable, have a good fit and just the right amount of tack, so you can’t go wrong here.

#7. Nike Men’s Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves

Nike Men's Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves
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Nike Men’s Vapor Jet Lightspeed Football Gloves are designed and constructed with the high performance, high quality standards you’ve come to expect from Nike. These football receiver gloves are built to be lightweight, fit snuggly, while being flexible enough to catch a ball in the run. These gloves have an ultra tacky, Magnigrip to help you keep hold of the ball, are well ventilated to allow in good airflow, not to mention have a fabulous overall, sporty design. To ensure the perfect fit, these gloves come with fingertip caps, synthetic leather, knit knuckles and an adjustable closure.

#8. Adidas adiZERO 4.0 Adult Football Receiver’s Gloves

Adidas adiZERO 4.0 Adult Football Receiver's Gloves
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Adidas adiZERO 4.0 Adult Football Receiver’s Gloves give you the elite style of performance you’ve been searching for. The 4.0 Adult Football Receivers Gloves by Adidas is NOCSAE compliant, and are constructed to have a 4-way stretch for that all important bit of flexibility you’ll need at the last moment before the catch. Comfortable and snug fit is created by using back-of-hand expansion, lightweight material, along with an injection molded rubber tab, and hook/loop system. The palm is where it’s at regarding tackiness, and right here is where you’ll find Seamless GripTack construction, which will provide you with a superior grip no matter the weather.

#9. Battle Youth DoubleThreat Football Gloves

Battle Youth DoubleThreat Football Gloves
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Battle Youth DoubleThreat Football Gloves can handle whatever you toss at them, these football receiver gloves come with reinforced stitching. These gloves are well ventilated to prevent excessive perspiration using PerfectFit fabric. The tackiness is due to the UltraTack which is fused directly into the palm area to ensure that your ball stays with you after the initial grab. These comfortable receiver gloves come with a a velcro closure strap on the write to make certain the glove stays put. This well-constructed receiver glove is NFHS, NOCSAE, and NCAA compliant, and the Ultra-Stick offers you the most ‘stick’ in the industry, right up to the legal stick limit.

#10. Adidas Youth Filthy Quick Football Gloves

Adidas Youth Filthy Quick Football Gloves
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Adidas Youth Filthy Quick Football Gloves are made to be ultra light, so as not to drag down your game, as you reach for that ball. These gloves are constructed with 4-way stretch mesh fabric across the top of your hand, giving you the added stretch and flexibility needed to use your entire hand and fingers to make the catch. Well-ventilated, these gloves come with air perforations in the finger area to keep your hand cool and dry. As for the palm, it is infused with GripTack, which means no matter, rain or shine, you’ll have superior stickiness for fabulous catches. A Neoprene band goes around the wrist, to help create a nice, snug fit.

How to Choose the Best Football Receiver

  • Gloves For You

When looking for the perfect football receiver glove, you’re searching not only for comfort and grip, but also quality and high performance. If you are purchasing these gloves as a gift, please be certain that you are aware of the position the individual plays, as linemen, running backs, and receivers may all require different types of gloves.

  • Breathability

Properly ventilated receiver gloves are an absolute must on the playing field. Players are active, and perspiration can cause undue itching, so look for receiver gloves that are well ventilated. This means they are usually made with almost invisible perforations either on the back of the glove, or the palm. Some also have mesh inserted between the fingers.

  • Glove Palm Material

The material on the palm is what is infused with the tack. Today, many manufacturers of these gloves develop their own special form of ‘tack’. Most of these gloves have a latex palm which offers players a good amount of flexibility while keeping the glove affordable. For instance many Adidas football gloves use a seamless, silicone palm to give a solid grip for receivers. Check to see if the grip extends to all fingers and thumb.

  • Padding

This is personal, as not all of the gloves will be padded. Some players feel that the extra padding makes the glove too heavy, as they need to rise up and catch the ball in mid air. Those who choose padding opt for a lightweight foam padding in the palm and top of the hand.

  • Quality Construction and Materials

The best receiver gloves will be able to perform no matter what the weather, wet or dry. Before you purchase, read the reviews carefully, to make certain that your glove will still remain tacky even when wet. With regards for the fabric, ideally, it should be able to stretch, yet be snug. Check to see if the seams are double stitched or reinforced as well.

  • Style

To give that extra, bit of extra edge, think of choosing a receiver glove that has a tenacious, aggressive style. After all, when you are out on that field, you’re playing for keeps, this is not tea party out there, so think about choosing an aggressive design and color combination.

  • Additional Uses

Due to the nature of their lightweight, durable construction, along with the tacky palms, these football receiver gloves can be used for much more than just football. For instance, if you or a loved one are suffering from arthritis in your hands, then perhaps one of these gloves will help you grip household items such as eating utensils, brooms or even the remote for your television. They can also help you get a solid grip on a baseball bat, or golf club. Consider a pair of these gloves for anyone who has issues grasping, gripping or holding items.


There you have it, ourThe 10 Best Football Receiver Gloves in 2020 and Buyer’s Guide. When football players are kitting themselves out, a good pair of gloves is essential for their overall performance. With this in mind, it is important to go over each glove offered, read the reviews and see if that pair is the right one for you. Factors such as ventilation, tackiness, comfort and fit play a big role in determining whether one of these gloves will work for you or one of your team mates. Also remember, that these tacky gloves can be used for other applications, such as assisting someone who has arthritis or other physical issues to grasp and hold objects steady. Indeed, in any situation where you require a steady hand, these gloves can prove useful.

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