Top 10 Best Floors For Dogs In 2019

As much as we love to have pets like dogs and cats at home, there is always a headache to keep the home neat and clean. The pets always make a mess and taking utmost care of them is as good as caring for a baby. The first thing you need to get right is the flooring for the dogs. They have claws, and they love to scratch and dig things up. Therefore, the mats and flooring to opt for should be tailor-made for dogs and resistant to all the nuisances they are likely to create. Check out the top 10 best floors for dogs in 2019 below.

Table of the Best Floors For Dogs:

# Preview Product Price
Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat, Grey, Large
$31.96$44.95 (29% off)
iPrimio Dog Extra Thick Micro Fiber Pet and Dog Door Mat - Super Absorbent. Includes Water Proof Liner - Extra Floor Protection - Medium Size 32
Internet's Best Chenille Dog Doormat - 60 x 30
PetFusion Large WATERPROOF Pet Food Mat (24x16). FDA Grade Silicone [superior hygiene, non-toxic, multiple sizes] For dogs or cats
$17.95$19.95 (10% off)
Hubulk Dog Cat Food Feeding Mat Made from FDA Food-Grade Silicone Non Slip Waterproof No Mess Pet Food Mat Dog Bowl Placemat XL Large 24
$11.99$45.99 (74% off)
Hero Dog Large Dog Bed Mat 42 Inch Crate Pad Anti Slip Mattress Washable for Pets Sleeping (Blue L)
Cavalier Pets, Medium Dog Bowl Mat for Cat and Dog Bowls, Silicone Non-Slip Absorbent Waterproof Dog Food Mat, Easy to Clean, Unique Paw Design, 24 by 16 Inch, Beige
Bone Dry DII Non Slip XX-Large Stripe Pet Cage Mat, 30x45, Absorbent Non Scratch Under Cage Mat for Dogs and Cat, Perfect for Kennels or Crates-Gray
Mr. Peanut's Anti-Slip Multi-Purpose Boot Tray & Pet Feeding Mat for Boots, Shoes, Paint, Dog Bowls, Cat Litter Box, Gardening. Floor Protection with Anti-Slip Pads, 30
$18.99$34.24 (45% off)
My Doggy Place - Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Dog Door Mat, Durable, Quick Drying, Washable, Prevent Mud Dirt, Keep Your House Clean (Red, Medium) - 31 x 20 inch

01. Dog Gone Smart Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Dog Doormat
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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for dog doormat category, and it is also the bestselling and best-rated floor for dogs. There are various sizes and colors available, and the absorption rate is higher than the competing floors. The mat is also non-skid and prevents any movement. There are even stitching with double blasting that ensures long-lasting time. The microfiber strands help the floor to be dry faster than most other doormats.

02. iPrimio Dog Door Mat

iPrimio Dog Door Mat
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This floor for doors has extra-thick microfibers to soak up water and dirt quickly and easily. The waterproof liner helps during the watery situation. It prevents water from seeping through the mat which is very desirable. The mat also dries off faster, and the absorption rate is high. You can use it for various dog-related applications. The brand is reputed, and it offers a full refund in case you are not satisfied with the product after buying.

03. Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Mat

Internet's Best Chenille Dog Mat
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This microfiber doormat for your dogs is a highly absorbent product, as well as a good resting place for them. The breathable fiber of this product allows quick drying also. Your dog definitely feels comfortable to take a nap on the doormat. Moreover, this doormat with its microfiber bristle top helps to keep your room clean by trapping the dirt particles from your pet’s paws. The no skid bottom of this doormat supports a secure placing on the floor if you have an active puppy. You can put this doormat almost every corner of your room. It supports an easy machine wash.

04. Hubulk Dog Cat Food Feeding Mat

Hubulk Dog Cat Food Feeding Mat
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Made with the highest quality and lightweight silicone, this doormat has the raised outer frames to prevent the pet food and water spilling out from it. This doormat is durable enough with anti-microbial formula added. This is a hypoallergenic product from you and your pet. The anti-slip lumps on the top prevent slipping. This water-resistant doormat allows easy drying with repeated usage. The non-slippery bottom of this doormat helps to keep it from displacing. Your pet likes the tenderness of this doormat. It is a dishwasher safe product.

05. Hubulk Dog Food Feeding Mat

Hubulk Dog Food Feeding Mat
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This non-toxic, BPA-free and hypoallergenic doormat have a silicone body. The raised outer lips of the product deny water, food or any dirt particles from going out. This is resistant to water and easily cleanable with dishwasher. You can place this doormat under your sink to stop water from dripping on the floor. You can use this mat as a good resting place for your dog. The silicone material is very much gentle and flexible for your pets. As well as, it is a durable product with satisfactory repeated usage.

06. HeroDog Dog Bed Mat

HeroDog Dog Bed Mat
Buy now from Amazon

This fleece crate padded doormat is a perfect dog bed for your pet. The soft texture of this 42-inch doormat with 3cm thick cotton padding does not support pilling, scratching or biting damages and perfect for the old and disabled dogs. This doormat is resistant to water and not easily breakable. It requires very low maintenance. The crate pad is good for traveling. This doormat has anti-skid top and bottom to avoid misplacing and suits the hard floor perfectly. It traps all the dirt, food particles and furs easily and keeps your surface clean.

07. Cavalier Pets Dog Bowl Mat

Cavalier Pets Dog Bowl Mat
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The pet bowl-mat is made of high-quality silicone. This hypoallergenic and anti-skid doormat comes with beautiful paw design. The woven design easily traps the excess water, food, and drools by preventing the surfaces from damage. The 24”X16” diameter of this doormat is a cozy and soft resting place for your pets. On this doormat, you can allow your pet for feeding, playing and resting even you can clean your shoes and pet’s dirty paws. It is an easily cleanable item to provide durability. The water-resistant and flexible product allows stress-free storage.

08. Bone Dry Stripe Pet Cage Mat

Bone Dry Stripe Pet Cage Mat
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The 30”X45” doormat is an ideal resting place for your crate and kennel. This is a water-proof, scratch-proof and spill-proof doormat for your pet. It easily absorbs the excess water, food and dirt particles from your pet’s paws and keeps your hard floor surface clean. The anti-slip bottom of the doormat helps you to keep your surface scratch-free. The light weight of the product allows easy transportability. The durable doormat permits the cold water machine wash without the bleach. It comes in six different size and color options.

09. Mr. Peanut’s Boot Tray and Pet Feeding Mat

Mr. Peanut's Boot Tray and Pet Feeding Mat
Buy now from Amazon

The tough material with light weight makes this doormat a perfect resting place for your dog, as well as a boot tray for your rainy day boots. This durable doormat with anti-slip designs absorbs all the water, food and dirt particles, while soaks all the water from a leaking sink. It saves your floor or any other surfaces from getting messed or scratched by your dog’s paws. The robust and spill-proof polyester material is easily washable with the machine in cold water. The flexibility of the product allows a trouble-free outdoor and indoor usage.

10. My Doggy Place Dog Door Mat

My Doggy Place Dog Door Mat
Buy now from Amazon

The chenille microfiber doormat is five times more absorbent than other doormats. It is very much absorbent to dirt and water. The anti-skid bottom enables no easy misplacing. Even you have the active puppies in your home. This microfiber is a durable material with sturdy construction to tolerate your dog’s scratching and biting. The 31”X20” diameter of this doormat is a perfect resting place for your medium to big size dogs. It allows easy machine wash in cold water. This doormat also permits quick dry. It is available in various color and size to match your need.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing the doormat or floor items for dogs is difficult because there are a lot of factors to consider to purchase the perfect piece. The following guide will simplify things for you.


– The material of the flooring item is the first consideration. It must be resistant to scratches and it should absorb the items the dogs under their claws. Therefore, a thick microfiber layer is a must to keep the home clean. Moreover, the material used also determines how fast the item will clean and dry off. If you buy all-rubber mats, they are likely to crack in the winter season. Therefore, a combination of rubber and other materials or simply polyester is a better choice. Some of them are also of nylon which is good as well.

Absorption Power

– This is a technical parameter that most of the buyers ignore. The abruption rate determines how fast the mat can absorb the dirt and prevent it from spreading. It is probably the most important factor to watch out for and the optimal absorption rate should be 1500 GSM.


– The bottom part of the mat needs to be extra stable and non-slip in property. The dogs will try to move them from one place to another by dragging. The non-slip bottom also ensures the dirt will stay on the mat. Moreover, the mat should be washable in the machine as well as with a vacuum cleaner. The structure should be such that it should be able to sustain against daily wear and tear. Moreover, you should check whether the mat is for indoor or outdoor use.

Color and Pattern

– You should keep in mind that you need to buy a dark colored mat so that the dogs are attracted to them and go over them all the time. This is what will clean the house clean. If they are not appealing, dogs are likely to avoid them and go by the side of them. The pattern of the doormat plays the most important role as of how much of the dirt will be absorbed in one go. The highly patterned ones are the best.

Conclusion –

There are different sizes and designs of floors for dogs available on the list. You may want to cover only the entrances to the rooms with mats that can absorb the dirt from the dogs’ feet. Some people also opt to cover the entire floor with a suitable mat. Having them along with your pets is a must to prevent unintentional littering in the home and living in unhygienic conditions. You should wash them by a vacuum cleaner or washing machine weekly.

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