The 10 Best Flea Collar for Dogs in 2020 Reviews

Nothing can make the day to day life or your precious dog as miserable as a flea infestation. Fleas can jump onto your dog when it’s in the backyard, out for walks, visiting clinics or even from coming in contact friendly neighborhood dogs. Once these pests infest your dog, they will move to your home, furniture, and bedding, until it gets to the point where they start biting you as well. This is a horrid scenario, and one that no one wishes to experience. How do you avoid it? Simply purchase a high-quality flea collar for your dog.

The 10 Best Flea Collars for Dogs

These flea and tick collars not only kill fleas on your dog, but also help to repel them from even jumping onto your pet in the first place. If you live in an area which has a high rate of heart worm incidents, then it’s also useful to look for a flea and tick collar that can repel mosquitoes as well. With so many brands of dog collars on the market today, finding the right brand for you might seem confusing at first. This is why we’ve assembled this convenient flea and tick collar buyers guide, complete with reviews for some of the best flea and tick collars on the market.

Table of the Best Flea Collar For Dogs:

#1. Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar
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An adventurous dog, that loves to explore the world can be the perfect vehicle for fleas and ticks to hitch a ride into your home. To help avert this from happening, purchase the weatherproof, Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar. Once you put the polymer matrix, Seresto collar on your pet, it will give you long term flea and tick protection for up to 8 months using their exclusive, Sustained Release Technology.

This collar is easy to use, carries no smell, treats common fleas, ticks, lice and sarcoptic mange. Your dog will appreciate the Seresto collar as the fleas die without even having to bite into your dogs skin.

#2. LexasPro Flea and Tick Collar

LexasPro Flea and Tick Collar
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LexasPro Flea and Tick Collar is a good choice for those who enjoy taking your dogs for long walks in the park, woods or even your own back yard. This plant-based collar is absolutely guaranteed to protect your dog for up to 8 months from over 500 types of ecto-parasites. Safe for your pets and family, the LexasPro Flea and Tick Collar has been formulated with all natural ingredients, emitting no toxic chemicals.

Hypoallergenic, each collar is designed to be a one size fits all product, just remember to chop off the excess after you fit it to your dogs neck.

#3. Lanalux Flea Collar – Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

Lanalux Flea Collar - Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs
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One of the best, natural, plant-based collars on the market is Lanalux. Made entirely from natural ingredients, the hypoallergenic Lanalux Flea Collar will keep your fun-loving, active dog protected from fleas and ticks for up to 240 days. This environmentally friendly, water resistant flea collar is a convenient ‘one-size-fits-all’ design.

Simply place the collar on the dog so it’s nice and comfortable, then cut off the extra length. Remember, you don’t need to toss the extra bit away, as you can use it to place in your dogs bed or anywhere else you feel you need additional protection.

#4. Rolf club 3D FLEA Collar for Dogs

Rolf club 3D FLEA Collar for Dogs
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If you just came back from a walk, and noticed your beloved pooch is beginning to scratch quite a bit, you’ll need a quick acting flea collar. If this is the case, then odorless, Rolf 3D Dog Flea Collar is for you, as it quickly begins to kill fleas on the very first day. Rolf states that this collar is formulated with a New German Flea Collar Technology, which ensures that your dog will be protected for up to 6 months, even from mosquitoes.

This eco-friendly, non toxic collar will not harm your pet, nor your family. What’s nice about this collar, is that your dog does not have to be bitten by the parasite first, which means much less itching and scratching while the parasites are eliminated.

#5. PROhund Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

PROhund Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs
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PROhund Flea and Tick Collar for dogs is formulated with Imadacloprid, and Flumethrin, 2 non toxic ingredients which ensures your dog will be protected from fleas and ticks for months. One size fits all, this collar is 25 inches in length, simply fit the collar to your dogs neck, and remove the rest. Normally, you cannot interchange dog and cat flea collars.

However, the PROhund is safe for both cats and dogs, so no need to worry about your cats health around this collar. An added perk of this waterproof collar, is the break-away features. This makes certain that if your pet gets tangled in brush, tree limbs or fencing, the collar will ‘break away’ to prevent your pet from choking. Long lasting, it is recommended that you change these collars once every 10 months to ensure fleas don’t return.

#6. Vienapoli Adjustable Flea and Tick Collar

Vienapoli Adjustable Flea and Tick Collar
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The adjustable Vienapoli Flea and Tick Collar is designed to eliminate and repel these external parasites within the first day of application. This is also a fabulous collar to use if you live in an area high in heartworm infections, as it is formulated to help keep mosquitoes away as well, and do it for up to 8 months. The Veinapoli collar is hypoallergenic, with no harmful chemicals. As a result, it is absolutely safe to use around other pets and people.

What’s really nice about this purchase, is that this collar also comes with specialized ‘tick’ tweezers. These tweezers ensure that you’ll be able to pick these pests off your dog without harming them in the process. As an added perk, you also get access to their Pet Care Guide, which includes information on helping your dog live its best life possible.

#7. Ultimate Repel Pets Flea and Tick Collar

Ultimate Repel Pets Flea and Tick Collar
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The water resistant, 25 inch, Ultimate Repel Pets Flea and Tick Collar has a sweet citronella scent, and protects your dog for up to 6 months, killing fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, along with their larvae and eggs. Eliminate worries of infestation as you take your dog for walks in the woods, park and even while swimming, as this collar remains active even when wet.

Ultimate Repel Pets has even included a container to keep your flea collar in when not in use. Simply apply the collar, and cut off the excess and place it in your dogs bed or even inside the vacuum for that extra bit of flea and tick protection.

#8. Beloved Pets Flea and tick Collar

Beloved Pets Flea and tick Collar
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If you are looking for a good, basic flea collar which is environmentally friendly, with a solid guarantee, then take a look at this offering from Beloved Pet. Eliminate nasty, biting pests, while at the same time repelling them from jumping on your pet during walks, or time spent in the yard.

This ‘green’ Flea and Tick Collar by Beloved Pets, gets rid of harmful pests from your dogs coat without the use of smelly chemicals. This fast-acting flea and tick collar begins to rid your dog of external parasites within the first day, lasting 4 months. This collar comes in different sizes, so measure accordingly.

#9. Sentas Flea and tick prevention for dogs

Sentas Flea and tick prevention for dogs
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Anemia and lyme disease are just two of the many illnesses your dog can contract from fleas. This is why you need solid, long lasting flea protection, the kind you get from Sentas. The waterproof, adjustable Sentas Flea and Tick Collar works for dog sizes small, medium and large. Each collar is 25 inches in length, just apply the collar and remove the excess.

The Sentas collar is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and has no unpleasant odor. This waterproof collar means that your dog can be out in the rain or even enjoy a swim without affecting the flea and tick fighting power of this collar. While it is water resistant, if you frequently bathe your dog during the 8 month duration, the overall effect of the collar will be reduced.

#10. The Frankie Bee Company Flea and Tick Collar For Cats,Kittens, Dogs; Pets

The Frankie Bee Company Flea and Tick Collar For Cats,
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Most pet owners are aware of the dangers a dog flea collar for cats. With their different physiologies, cats can actually die from having extended contact with your dog’s flea collar. That was until the adjustable, odor free, Frankie Bee Flea and Tick Collar came along. With the Frankie Bee Flea and Tick Collar, you can use it on both cats and dogs with no harmful effects, and treat your beloved pet with non-toxic, eco-friendly pest relief for up to 8 months. This collar works for dogs and cats with all ages, from kittens and puppies to adult size.

Tips for Choosing the Best Flea Collar for Dogs

How Long is the Flea Protection

This is very important when it comes to eradicating your pet and home of fleas. Many people wonder why they cannot get rid of fleas, even though they do everything right. The answer is that no one probably told them about the fleas life cycle. In other words, just because fleas disappear from your pet and home after you put on the collar, does not mean they are gone.

Fleas lay eggs throughout your home, so if you take the collar off too soon, the next generation of fleas will proceed to hatch out of eggs which were laid in your carpeting, furniture, drapery, and populate your home again.

This is why you need to choose a collar that will give you at least 6 to 8 months of solid protection against these parasites. When the collar nears it’s last month, then please replace it as soon as possible. You are not only repelling fleas, you are also ensuring that the eggs they left behind do not hatch and re-infest your home.

Will it Repel Mosquitoes?

Fleas and ticks are not the only external parasite that harms your dog. Enter the Mosquito. If you live in areas which experience high mosquito infestation, then you risk your dog contracting heartworm disease. Heartworm is a deadly disease where parasitic roundworms known as Dirofilaria immitis, infect the heart of your pet. These roundworms are spread via the bite of a mosquito. If you are concerned about preventative treatments regarding heartworm, consult your veterinarian. Until then, it is wise to look for a collar that also repels mosquitoes.

Natural Ingredients

In the past, these collars were made with chemicals which were toxic to the environment, and sometimes caused severe irritation to both pet and human. As a result, companies began to search for ‘greener’ alternatives. These are natural ingredients which are generally hypoallergenic for both human and pet. Read your labels carefully before making a choice, as old fashioned, cheap collars made with harmful chemicals can cause more damage than good to both you and your pet.

Dog and Cat Flea Collars

Dogs and cats are built differently, and the flea killing chemicals which eliminate fleas, and in turn, kill cats. If you have a home with both cats and dogs, it is advisable to look for a flea collar for your dog which will not harm your cat. Due to the advancement of natural ingredients used as repellents, you’ll find that many dog collars are safe to use around cats. However, please read the label carefully before you purchase a flea collar for your dog, just to be sure.

Additional Considerations

It is highly recommended that before you purchase a flea collar, that you speak with your veterinarian in case your dog has any health issues which would be aggravated by using a flea collar. For many brands of collars, age of the dog also makes a difference. While some can be used on puppies, others cannot, so read the labels carefully. Look for additional features, such as collars with a break-away attachment, or those that glow in the dark.


Once you are aware of the negative health issues flea and tick infestation cause your dog, purchasing the proper collar to both kill and repel parasites becomes the next step in preventing flea infestation. Remember to choose a dependable name brand, one that supplies you with a guarantee, and not a knock-off brand. Cheap collars may look good for the pocket-book, but are a waste of money, as they won’t solve the problem.

Finally, please read the instructions and warnings for the collar before applying the collar, and make sure it has a nice snug fit which is not too tight or too loose. We hope you’ve enjoyed our review for the best flea collars for dogs, and are confident both the reviews and buyers guide provided enough information for you to make a strong, educated choice.

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