Top 10 Best Electric RC Trucks in 2020 Reviews

If your kids have a fascination with car toys, then it is time to take it to the next level with a remote-controlled truck. RC trucks are very similar to RC cars in operation except the fact that they are more powerful and more fun to drive. RC trucks are designed to go through all the possible conditions of the roads starting from rocky and bumpy to wet and muddy. You can have better control and the steering is unparalleled. The suspensions and wheels are tailor-made for absorbing shocks and bumps. As a matter fact, some adults also love to play with RC trucks that come with stunning designs and color combinations. The following is the list of top 10 best electric RC trucks in 2020 that you should buy for you or your kids if they have a need for speed.

Table of the Best Electric RC Trucks:

#1. Distianert 2WD RC Car

Distianert 2WD RC Car
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This is a very powerful RC truck that gives consistent performance even at the highest speed. The maximum speed achievable is 15 km/hr. You can keep a total control over it with the remote control provided which is accessible from a distance of 50 meters. The coil springhes are top-notch and they have independent suspensions for all wheels that absorb all the shocks and bumps completely. All the components are designed for a great durability such as elastic coating, front bumper, sturdy tires and the main body is shock resistant. It is powered by 4AA batteries.

#2. QUN FENG Electric RC Car

QUN FENG Electric RC Car
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This is an attractively designed RC truck that needs 3 AA batteries to run and 2 AA batteries for the controller. The tires are made up of high-quality rubber and it mocks the design of a Lamborghini. The batteries are rechargeable. The maximum speed limit is 10 km/hr. The remote control is accessible from a maximum distance of 40 meters. The headlights glow when the car moves forward and the red tail lights glow when the car backs up. You can move it in any direction required.

#3. Cheerwing RC Off-Road Monster Truck

Cheerwing RC Off-Road Monster Truck
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This is an extremely powerful RC truck with the highest speed limit is between 30 to 40 km/hr. The design is highly durable and all the components are extremely sturdy for rough usage. The motor used is of great quality and the body design is shock-proof. The springs and suspensions absorb the bumps and you can run it over uneven surfaces comfortably. The tires are soft and elastic and they are wear and water resistant. Most importantly, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery that runs for 25 minutes for 2 hours of full charge.

#4. Crenova 4W RC Car

Crenova 4W RC Car
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This is an extremely high-speed RC truck with maximum speed achievable is 35-45 km/hr. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and on a full charge, it can be run for 20 minutes. The motor used in very powerful and the movements are completely flexible. It is capable of running on all surfaces thanks to its big tires with a strong grip and anti-skid nature. Metallic suspensions are used for a better shock handling. Whether it is sand, rock, mid, or grass, you can run it anywhere with the same high speed.

#5. Redcat Racing Electric Truck

Redcat Racing Electric Truck
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The motor provided has high torque servo and the wheels are of extremely good quality so that you can run the car over any surface without any hindrance. The body is made up of polycarbonate and there are oil filled shock absorbers. It requires 8 AA batteries to operate and you can move it in any direction. All the components are waterproof and hence, you can run it on wet surfaces as well. All the parts are replaceable.

#6. Traxxas Short Course Racing Truck

Traxxas Short Course Racing Truck
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The product features under Amazon’s choice for its quality and good reviews. The design and color combination is mind-blowing. As a matter of fact, it is a replica of the ProGraphix truck body. The battery comes with a fast charger and you do not have to wait for many hours to get it charge fully again. The motor is powerful and durable and all the components are waterproof. You can control the speed and direction completely and the tires are shock-proof. The control box is uniquely designed for easy controlling. There are oil-filled ultra-shock absorbers.

#7. HOSIM All Terrain RC Car

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car
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The RC truck is capable of achieving speed limit up to 38 km/hr. The motor is extremely powerful and you can have superior control over the car. The range of the remote control is 260 feet and it is highly responsive. The truck comes with a great suspension that helps it to provide equal performance in off-road conditions. There are some special functions like drift and flip that are extremely entertaining. The car is semi-waterproof which means it can take water splashes and you can run it on wet surfaces as well. The company provides one year of warranty.


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It is a multidirectional RC truck which means you can turn it in any direction possible. The product is highly durable as all the components used are of high-quality and the coating makes it sustainable under any weather or road condition. It is semi-waterproof and hence, it can drive through wet surfaces and take water splashes. You can also add light and camera if required. The maximum speed is 26 MPH and the batteries are included for it to operate out of the box. You will get lifetime technical support.

#9. SZJJX 6WD RC Cars

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This is a 6-wheel RC car with the extremely high-speed maneuver. It is designed for driving on all types of roads. You will get superior performance and better control when it comes to sharp turns, bumpy and rocky roads. The remote control has the anti-interference technology and the tires are also of high-quality. The suspension is shockproof and it comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that runs for 20 minutes continuous on the full charge. The remote control has the range of over 50 meters.

#10. Traxxas 4WD Short Course Truck

Traxxas 4WD Short Course Truck
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The design of the RC truck is absolutely stunning. It has one of the best motors which is why you can achieve a speed of 60+ mph. All the electronics are waterproof and you can run it on all the surfaces smoothly. There is extra stability management and the design of the chassis has been done accordingly. The remote control is quite advanced and you can do more fun and maneuvers with the product.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Buying an electric RC truck is not just selecting the design and color that you like. There are a few factors that you have to watch out for so that the money you spend on buying one is worth every penny.

  • Type – There are various types of RC trucks available in the market. The first one is the monster trucks which have huge tires and they are designed for all types of roads due to their excellent ground clearance. They can run over anything but they generally do not have a great speed.The second one is stadium trucks which are basically a modified version of the buggy cars with better body and suspensions. They are also referred to as all-rounders. They are good for all types of dry roads either even or uneven. They can achieve great speed and capable of sharp turns and even flips.The third one is called short course trucks which are designed for off-road power drive. They have a compact body and they are popular for their maneuvers such as flying, jumps, flips and all the tricks possible. They can hit extremely high speed.

Parameters To Check –

  • Maneuvers – What you can do with an RC truck is more important as a user. You must buy RC truck that is capable of running over all surfaces whether it is rocky or muddy. Not only that, the trick must be able to take sharp turns without skidding and if there are features like flipping and jumping, it will be more fun. A throttling effect will also be a great addition if it fits your budget.
  • Components – The components of the RC trucks differentiate it from RC cars. The tires must be durable and suitable for all surfaces. The coating on the chassis has to be sustainable and it is the motor that needs to be powerful to generate the needed high-speed comfortably. The suspensions have to be great to take the bumps and use of oil-filled sock absorbents are a bonus.
  • Range of Remote and Battery – The range of the remote is extremely important as it determines the responsiveness of the trucks. An RC truck is no fun if you cannot drive it over a long area. Similarly, it is better to buy an electric RC truck that comes with rechargeable battery. Furthermore, a fast charging facility is more welcoming.


All the top 10 best electric RC trucks listed above are of popular brand and hence, you can trust their quality and durability completely. Go through their features and specifications to select the best one within your budget so that you or your kids can have ultimate fun like never before.

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