Top 10 Best Electric Chainsaws in 2020 Reviews

Electric chainsaws are equipped in standard, and moderately pruned fashion cuts and they are designed to replace gasoline chainsaw standards and offer more performance. We must draw attention to the fact that they are not as powerful as gasoline chainsaws, but that they compensate for the mobility that needs quality. For example, electric chainsaws are considerably lighter and easier to use for extended periods. Here are Top 10 Best Electric Chainsaws in 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide.

Table of the Best Electric Chainsaws

01. Worx Auto-Tension Chainsaw

Worx Auto-Tension Chainsaw

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Worx Auto-Tension is a small 14.5 Amp 16-Inch electric chainsaw, a moderate model that offers more incentives than its cost. The machine operates at Chain Speed of 12m/s using a rated Voltage of 120V~60Hz. It offers reliability and convenience to those who need wireless maneuverability with the guarantee of superior quality to cut dry wood and live trunks at the same time. A 3-year manufacturer’s warranty covers the item.

02. BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Chainsaw

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The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 is a sizeable 18-inch chainsaw, one of the best decisions in the industry. It operates using Powerful 15 Amp motor. Users of all experience levels can use this chainsaw, due to the way it does not require any gas and requires little or no maintenance. Its wireless design gives it great ease of use, a plan that makes it reasonable for projects at home or to put in order after any natural disaster.



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Many people have appreciated the tremendous performance of the BLACK+DECKER LPP120 chainsaw. That is a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery-powered model that gives more power than expected, in any case, compared to the comparative chainsaws in this price range. As a result, it offers an impressive 6 inches diameter 100 cuts when it is fully charged.

04. Poulan PL1416 Chainsaw

Poulan PL1416 Chainsaw

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The Poulan PL1416 Chainsaw is, without a doubt, another better performance and a more economical chainsaw model. Automatic oiler keeps its chain and bars consistently lubricated to reduce wear. Electric, it is convenient, especially for cutting fallen branches, pruning tree branches and cutting into pieces of reasonable size.

05. Sun Joe SWJ599E

Sun Joe SWJ599E

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Operating on two 18V lithium-ion batteries, Sun Joe SWJ599E is a small electric chainsaw that provides 14 amp performance and an operating life corresponding to that of power gasoline or cable. This quality wireless chainsaw ensures that the user has less downtime with higher productivity. , and it is ETL approved.

06. DURHAND Tension Electric Chainsaw

DURHAND Tension Electric Chainsaw

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In case you need a small electric chainsaw, this DURHAND model electric chainsaw. Its G-MAX is a 16 -inch wireless selection with less half vibration for more acceptable performance. It is moreover lightweight and aimed to be easy to handle. DURHAND gives up to 75 breaks with a full and solitary charge.

07. Ivation Electric Chainsaw

Ivation Electric Chainsaw

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Ivation Electric Chainsaw is a 15.0 Amp Motor Output 16-inch chainsaw model that gives you the opportunity to experience higher gas performance with the convenience of wireless. It is an extremely robust chainsaw that slides easily through a variety of cutting diameters at an impressive speed thanks to its powerful battery. It also comes with a bonus oil bottle.

08. Poulan Pro PRCS16i

Poulan Pro PRCS16i

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From the well-known Black and Decker, the Poulan Pro PRCS16i is another quality chainsaw model you can rely on. It comes with incredible features such as a powerful 58-Volt motor, 4600 SPM, and practical design. It additionally operates using battery power meter to help you in monitoring power usage. Also, it comes with a lengthy 2-year (limited) warranty to guarantee its long-term use.

09. Oregon 570995 CS1500

Oregon 570995 CS1500

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Whether it’s a deck or an excellent shape, you’ll never stop understanding the situation when using Oregon 570995 which is a self-sharpening electric chainsaw. Oregon CS1500 is an 18-inch wireless model with a chainsaw that motivates for DIY to be happy, both concerning reliability and comfort. We say this because this chainsaw contains exciting features like a smaller chain tensioner and an automatic lubricator.



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In case you are looking for the ideal chainsaw for your budget, at this moment the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 can be your optimal solution. It is a 10-Inch electric model that offers an impressive cut with ingeniously minimal construction. Besides, the 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw is designed to be very easy to use and requires minimal or no long-term maintenance.

Best Electric Chainsaws Buyer’s Guide

Electric chainsaws are today the best choice for anyone who wants to do some work in the backyard, as in the lumber industry from time to time. They have entirely replaced the traditional techniques of cutting wood and pruning hedges.

Power Options

If you go through chainsaw power options, most electric chainsaws are classified according to general power levels, whether light, medium or professional. The light and functional chainsaws are not very powerful and are ideal for gardening jobs. You need to select mid-range electric chainsaws, you get a very balanced machine capable of handling a wide variety of functions.

Soft start

A soft start guard electric chainsaws from vibrating at full power when they are turned on. To improve its maneuverability further, some chainsaw manufacturers have integrated these systems as integrated features to gradually increase the ability to allow the user time to adapt. Though not all electric chainsaws have progressive starting capabilities, the ones that come out are the best part.

Automatic greasing of the bar

Given the way the chainsaws are designed, the persistent friction between the metal parts will undoubtedly cause long-term problems unless all the pieces are permanently lubricated. In that sense, the electric chainsaw you buy should have an automatic bar lubrication systems to facilitate the general operation of the saw and avoid chain breakage.

Slip clutches and current limiters

The electric chainsaws you select need to be designed to automatically shut off engine power if the chainsaw is stuck or overloaded. That is to prevent the motor from burning while decreasing the risk of injury to the user. When disconnecting the power of the chain in case of a sudden snag, the chainsaws should maintain a strategic distance from a return accident.

Chain tensioners

Electric chainsaws work in a way that makes the ultimate breakage of the chain challenging to maintain at a strategic distance. The point of a designated chain tensor function is to allow users to convert a dial to the first signal that the channel wraps freely with a specific end goal to secure it to the desired voltage. Ensure you buy a chainsaw with a chain tensioners.


As an approach to eliminate the degree of vibration to which a user must submit, some electric chainsaws will have anti-vibration systems. The objective here is to reduce vibration and avoid user fatigue, one of the leading causes of many chainsaw accidents and even fatal disasters. It is crucial to operating the machine, and you must resolutely turn to a chainsaw with a vibration function such as investing in your particular safety.


It is likely that choosing the best chainsaw is no longer a simple task. That is because you need to filter through many chainsaw models primarily by looking at the characteristics and performance of each before finally researching the information to determine the best chainsaw.

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