The 10 Best Dry Erase Markers In 2019 Reviews

We started writing and drawing long ago when our ancestors drew on caves down used hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt. Back then; this was done through many means until we invented the quill. Today, we have reinvented a pen to suit many of our numerous needs. One of the pens variants is the dry erase marker. It is used in our classrooms, offices and even homes as writing, drawing or coloring tool by the kids.There numerous brands of the dry erase available in the market and below are 10 of the famous markers.

Table of the Best Dry Erase Markers:

#1. EXPO 80653 Low-Odor Dry Erase Set

EXPO 80653 Low-Odor Dry Erase Set
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It comes in with four different colors, black, blue, green and red. It has a chisel tip that allows writing in wither bold or fine writings. It has a non-toxic ink that is odorless and dries quickly upon exposure to the open air. It also clears off well with no smears on erasing. It has a smooth consistent writing that is visible for a distance and can write on either a whiteboard or glass. It also comes with an erase and a cleaning fluid to remove stains.

#2. EXPO 86674K Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers

EXPO 86674K Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers
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The package comes with four dry erase markers with fine point tips. It also comes with one eraser. The four colors, green, black, blue and red produce bright and vivid writings on glass or the whiteboards. The ink is non-toxic and quick drying in exposure to air. It is also resistance to smear due to quick drying and erases off easy with an eraser or a cloth. Can write on whiteboards or glass.


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The package comes with ten black markers and a bold tip. The ink has low odor and draws smooth and consistent lines with no skipping. The ink is also visible to those a little far from the board. It also has a visible ink level that shows the ink level and tells you when to refill. They can write on both whiteboards and glass.

#4. June Gold

June Gold
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Comes in three packs of each 13 unique colors to make 39 markers. They are chisel tipped and have an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold while writing or coloring for the kids. It produces solid lines and the colors are vivid for people at a distance to see clearly. The ink dries off fast and is smear proof. It has conformed to the ASTM D-4236 and EN 71-9 standards regulations thus are safe for use. They can be used to write on glass and whiteboards.

#5. Best Dry Erase Markers (BULK SET OF 36)

Best Dry Erase Markers (BULK SET OF 36)
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This value pack comes with 36 different colored dry erase markers. They are 12 sets of three markers with a variant of each colors giving more options for color use. It is a great value pack that costs about 505 less compared to the other markers. It also comes in a package case for proper storage. The ink is low odor and it non-toxic, approved by the ASTM D-4236. It also features an innovative chisel tip that writes smoothly giving both bold and thin lines that are visible. The markers can write on paper, glass and whiteboards.

#6. YAZE MAGNET; Dry Erase White Board

YAZE MAGNET; Dry Erase White Board
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The product comes in five colored dry markers, an eraser and a small whiteboard. Ideal for office, home and school use. All the markers and eraser have magnets that help the stick on the whiteboard. This gives a break from holding all the makers in your hands while you using them. The ink is non-toxic with no odour. They can write on glass and whiteboard.

#7. Black Acrylic- MyGift

Black Acrylic- MyGift
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Comes with a wall mountable bracket that has six slots for holding the markets. It also has an eraser. The ink is non-toxic and odorless. It is quick drying and cleans off easily. Ideal for class, office or home. The rack comes in handy in organize and holding pens in a horizontal position. Can be used on both glass and whiteboard.

#8. Loddie Doddie 10ct Chalk Markers

Loddie Doddie 10ct Chalk Markers
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The package contains 10 chalk markers with finest tips from Japan. It uses liquid ink that is ideal for use on chalkboards, metal and glass. It is easy to erase using a damp cloth. They come in a variant of colors that gives visible writings from a distance. The ink is non-toxic and children above three years can use them. They also come with interchangeable chisel and bullets tips.

#9. ZenZoi: Dry Erase Markers for Kids

ZenZoi: Dry Erase Markers for Kids
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These are markers ideal for kids. They come packaged in a round colorful container. The come in a variant of 13 colors with an upgraded tip that guarantees durability, quality and smooth writings. It is an economical pack because you save quite some money in comparison with buying single markers. It can be used on paper, whiteboard and mirrors. It also has an innovative no dry cap lock that allows ventilation and prevents tip drying.

#10. Rabbitgoo Dry Erase Markers for Whiteboard

Rabbitgoo Dry Erase Markers for Whiteboard
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The package contains 12 black colored water-based bullet tip markers that write fluently with no skipping. It has low odor ink that is non-toxic. It is quick drying, easy to erase and provides intense color on writings. It also has a childproofing system there are safe to use around the children. They can write on both glass and the whiteboard.

Best Dry Erase Markers in 2019 Reviews & Guide

It is quite evident that all the dry erase markers can write on either glass or whiteboards. However important to be careful before just choosing one randomly. You should ask few basic questions yourself before making a purchase.

Intended user

If they are for office use, any marker will almost do, but if they are for home and school use, u should get the colored variants that are quite sizeable and ergonomic for kids use.

Writing surface

For office use, markers should be able to write on glass or whiteboards. For schools and home, they should be able to write on paper to allow kids play with paper too.


A good marker should be able to write with no gaps and should be given dense and vivid writing that people at a distance will not have to strain to read.


Whenever you making a purchase, always ensure you get the best value for your money. Therefore, it is better to go for a value pack than buy single markers that will be expensive.

Quick to dry and easy to clean ink

The markers writing should dry up almost immediately to avoid smears. The marker’s ink should be easy to clean from the surfaces.


Whenever you making a stopover at the bookshop or ordering markers online, it is always good to have information about your needs and about the products, you intend to buy. More caution should be taken for those with young ones, always read the manufacturer’s instructions first. I hope the information above will be helpful in narrowing down your search for the most appropriate dry marker for you.

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