The 10 Best Drill Press For Metal in 2020 Reviews

That is if they want to get the job done right. Having the right tools makes the construction worker’s job a lot easier and more efficient. Using one of the 10 best drill press for metal in 2020 is using one of the right tools.

If you are not sure which drill press made the 10 best drill press for metal in 2020 just continue to read. Our review is designed to provide you with the information you need to make the right purchase.

Then our buyer’s guide will give you some helpful tips on what to look for. Your search for one of the 10 best drill press for metal in 2020 has gotten easier.

Table of the Best Drill Press For Metal:

1. Makita Chain Mortiser

Makita Chain Mortiser
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While not a true drill press, this 10 1/2 -amp 3,200RPM chain mortise will press down and cut wood efficiently. It can cut, notch and make lap joints up to 5 1/8” in size. It does all of this with razor sharp teeth.

Weighing only approx. 38 pounds, this chain mortise will cut wood from roughly 3 to 12 inches in diameter. The adjustable heavy-duty vise does all the hard work as it holds on tight to the wood. Then the rear clamp will slide where you need it to be.

The portable chain mortise stands 23 x 24 x 14 inches and is made of tough metal for long life.

2. Dremel Workstation Drill Press

Dremel Workstation Drill Press
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This handy drill press will make holes in 15-degree increments up to 90 degrees. It will also drill straight holes as well. The adjustable press can be moved to fit whatever project you are working on. It has a range between 16 and 29 inches.
Then, if you need stability, the pre-drilled holes will let you fasten the drill press to your workbench. Plus, it has a place to store your unused drill bits. You won’t need to waste time searching for the next bit.

The covered handle will protect your hand as you work and make pulling the press down a lot easier.

3. WEN Variable Speed Drill Press

WEN Variable Speed Drill Press
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This is a drill press for the more serious workman. It has variable speeds, from 580 to 3,200 RPM and uses a 5/8” chuck. The adjustable 9-1/2 x 9-1/2″ table uses rack and pinion technology to move up or down. Plus, it will bevel to a 45-degree angle.
Then its 2/3hp motor uses 120 volts of electricity to bring you all the power you need. The turning handle has a locking feature. This enables you to make consistent drill holes when you need more than one drilled.

An LED digital display lets you know the speed you are using at the time.

4. Craftsman Bench Drill

Craftsman Bench Drill
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Your boss will be amazed at your accuracy when you use this drill press. The machine comes with a laser guided targeting system. Then, the adjustable table will allow you to place your project on an angle for different types of drilling. It will also bevel to roughly 45 degrees as well.

Its motor powers the variable speed feature. Those speeds range between 680 and 3150 RPM. Measuring 31 x 19.5 x 11.5 inches, the drill press has an Led light to brighten your work area. You will be able to see exactly what you are doing.

5. Performance Tool Drill Press Vise

Performance Tool Drill Press Vise
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There are those times when you are going to need more than your hands to hold your drilling target. This 4” drill press vise has a 1 1/16” deep jaw to hold everything tight. The chrome plated handle and powder coat make the vice rust resistant.

Plus, the jaws are replaceable if anything goes wrong and made of hardened steel. The long die cast holes allow you to adjust the vise to a variety of positions before locking it down on the dress press.
Measuring 9.5 x 7.2 x 2.8 inches, it will handle those tough jobs when you need an extra hand.

6. SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press

SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press
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You get 10 inches to work with as you drill your next project. Plus, for safety, a bump off switch has been added to control the power of the unit. This drill press uses a ½” chuck and comes with 5 speeds. You can drill using speeds from approx. 550 to 3000 RPM.

Then the adjustable table also will bevel up to 45 degrees in either direction. A laser targeting system helps your accuracy. The locking system allows for consistent drilling when you need the same depth on more than one drill hole.
To adjust the work table all you do is turn the crank.

7. Wilton Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

Wilton Cross Slide Drill Press Vise
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You can work on projects up to 4 inches thick with this heavy-duty drill press vice. It uses its approx. 2-inch jaws to tightly hold any object that fits horizontally or vertically. Then the metal vice has an adjustable crank, so you can move it to exactly where it needs to be.

Plus, the pre-drilled holes will fasten to your workbench or drill press for stability and safety. Your material does not have to be square or rectangle for this vice t do its job, The grooved jaws will hold onto rounded pieces of metal as well.

8. HFS Cross Slide Vise Drill Press

HFS Cross Slide Vise Drill Press
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Holding your materials steady is important when you drill. This drill press vice gives you 5 inches of space to hold your thicker objects. Its adjustable jaws work on an adjustable base for better drilling. You can move the vice to be in the right position by turning the hand crank.

This metal drill press vice has two locations where you can lock it down for stability and extra holding power. Its versatility allows you to use it with a drill press, a lathe or other power machines.
Then when you are done positioning the vice, the hinged handle will drop down out of your way.

9. wolfcraft Multi-Angle Drill

wolfcraft Multi-Angle Drill
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This drill press drill guide will help guide you to those precision holes you need to make. Its flexibility allows you to drill vertically, horizontally as well as on angles. You will be able to make those tough holes when asked.

The springs on the guide bar returns your drill to the top position quickly. Its rubber pads provide an extra hold and won’t scratch what you are drilling. Then the 4 pre-drilled holes allow you to attach the guide to any object or workbench you are using.
This drill guide is compatible with ¼” or 3/8” drills

10. Rockwell ShopSeries 10″ Drill Press

Rockwell ShopSeries 10
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The approx. 6 ½ amp motor powers this 10-inch drill press and provides variable speeds from 620 to 3100 RPM. The adjustable cast iron work table uses a crank to move it into position. Plus, it will bevel in either direction up to 45 degrees.

The drill press works with a ½” chuck and is compatible with both metal and wood drill bits. Its 12 x 14 x 28-inch size and 48.3 pounds of weight keep this drill press portable and movable.
While it has no laser guiding system, you can attach this unit to your workbench for extra stability.

Our Buyer’s Guide

Finding one of the 10 best drill press for metal in 2020 is not going to be that difficult. That is if you have all the information you need. Having tips to guide you is an important part of your search. Here are some of those tips:

  • Purpose- who are you buying the drill press for? Are they professional, a casual handyman or hobbyist?
  • Motor size- the bigger and more amps the better. You get better drilling with more power.
  • Variable speeds- how many speeds does the drill press have? Again, the more RPM options the better.
  • Overall Size- size does matter when you are drilling. Is the drill press portable? Will it handle a wide range of metal objects?
  • Chuck size- this is very important. You do not want to get a 3/8” chuck when your handyman has ¼” drill bits.
  • Versatility- is the table able to adjust? Can it bevel? How far?
  • Stability- are there pre-drilled holes to attach the drill press to the workbench?
  • Warranty- what is covered and for how long? Is there a return policy? Check the details first before buying.
  • Price- has to be considered. Drill presses are not priced the same and they need to fit your budget.

Some Final Words

Having a good drill press makes working with metal a lot easier. You can get the job done right and faster when you have the right tools. Using one of the 10 best drill press for metal in 2020 is using one of the right tools.

These drill presses are designed to work with you and make you look good. They provide you with the specs you need to handle any drilling task.

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