Top 10 Best Dollhouse For Toddlers in 2020

All the toddles are fond of dollhouses. It is basically a home with all the essentials for a doll to live happily. Starting from bedroom and bathroom to daily life items and gadgets, all are available for kids to play with and design the way they like. A dollhouse is the most appropriate gift to give any kid whether boy or girl. After getting such a gift, they will not ask for anything else as everything is present in it. Check out the top 10 best dollhouses for toddlers in 2020 and purchase the one the fits your budget.

Table of the Best Dollhouse For Toddlers:

#1. KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the dollhouse category. It is also the bestselling dollhouse on the list. The product is made in the USA and all the items your kid would want in a dollhouse. There are as many as 34 furniture pieces available, and there are 8 rooms provides with open space for decoration as per your kid’s liking. There is also an elevator between the second and third floor. Besides, a garage is available with doors for quick opening and closing. The side windows allow your kid to watch the dolls from different angles.

#2. Fisher-Price Little People Home

Fisher-Price Little People Home
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This is a unique dollhouse for toddlers, and it comes with sounds and songs that your kids are going to love a lot. There is an alarm clock, and it flips the doll right out of the bed, and one can hear funny sounds. The refrigerator and oven doors are decorated with lights, and there are various phrase-based sounds available. Besides, all the sounds are relatable and like in real life whether it is toilet flushing, alarm clocks, and various other components available. It is the best-rated dollhouse on the list.

#3. Calico Critters Luxury Townhome

Calico Critters Luxury Townhome
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This dollhouse consists of a pair of critter and five room town style home in total. Every corner of this dollhouse is illuminated with lights. The structure of the dollhouse includes a triangular balcony with railings, removable stairs, outdoor patio floors, working doors, piano and bench, dining set, stove, pan, kitchen, desk, cart with appliances and many more playing items. The critters are 3” and 2.5” tall. It has a round table with two pairs of chairs. You need two AA batteries for the lights. It is a perfect gift item for your little angels.

#4. Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse
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The three-storied dollhouse is perfect for your babies to showcase their Barbie collection. The dream-house has seven bedrooms and a simple pull mechanized working elevator. All the furniture and other appliances like the aquarium have interactive light, sound and motion options. You can additionally put your smartphones in the dollhouse to play videos for your Barbie. The entryway and kitchen on the first floor have a classic and modern design. On the second floor, the dollhouse includes a pet-room, bathroom and dining room. The third floor has a bedroom, a living room, and a walk-in closet. It has a separate garage.

#5. KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse

KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse
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Made of hardwood, this dollhouse can hold the dolls up to 12”. This dollhouse consists of almost thirteen pieces of vibrant furniture. The dollhouse has three floors. With the help of a push button, you can illuminate this dollhouse by a lamp. It is big enough that more than one kid can easily play with this. The total four levels have six rooms, which includes one dining room, bathroom, hall room, and bedroom and kitchen room. You can get the multi-angle views of the dollhouse from the wide-open windows. A plastic molded staircase connects all the floors.

#6. Hape Kids Wooden Dollhouse

Hape Kids Wooden Dollhouse
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With a sturdy wooden surface, this dollhouse comes with a child safe paint coating. It has a total number of three stories. This dollhouse has six rooms, like the media room, family toilet room, master bedroom, study room, and a kitchen room. The fully furnished dollhouse includes easily moveable and arranging household appliances that you can decorate according to your preference. This is a perfect gift for your imaginative kids. The wooden construction of this product assures durability. You can get the eco-friendly miniature wooden toys with the dollhouse.

#7. Fisher-Price Family Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Family Dollhouse
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Made with durable plastic and wooden base, this dollhouse enables compact folding for a good storage option. You can really expand the dollhouse to a spacious one. This dollhouse includes four floors with six big rooms. You can get a family of mother, father, baby, and dog with this dollhouse. It includes a calling bell, two swings, seat for babies and a separate door for the dog. The dollhouse consists of the two flip-out swing set. More than one kid can play with this dollhouse at the same time with ease.

#8. Melissa & Doug Classic Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Classic Dollhouse
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The classic Victorian construction can easily grab anyone’s attention. The robust wooden construction with the scroll-cut accents and hand-painted shingles, elegant staircase and ornate window frames make this dollhouse one of its kind. The dollhouse consists of three stories. Each and every room of this dollhouse has the individual full colored interior graphics. You can effortlessly assemble the dollhouse. This dollhouse is suitable for the 1:12 scale dolls. You can move the furniture to six different rooms in this house of dolls. The hand-made dollhouse has friezes and gable exterior designs.

#9. Teamson Kids – Foldable Wooden Doll House

Teamson Kids - Foldable Wooden Doll House
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Your three years old child can easily play with this wooden dollhouse. This eco-friendly dollhouse comes with the lead-free color coating. You can effortlessly install this dollhouse within 30 minutes with the help of a step by step manual guide. The dollhouse enables trouble-free folding for an easy storage option. The three-story dollhouse consists of total eight numbers of beautiful wooden furniture with pink clothes. Multiple children can play with this dollhouse. The 12-inch dolls can easily fit in the dollhouse. It has the wide-open windows.

#10. KidKraft Pirates Play Set Toy

KidKraft Pirates Play Set Toy
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This pirate theme based dollhouse can definitely grab your child’s mind as a birthday gift. With this dollhouse, you can get the two pairs of molded pirate dolls. The two cannons light up and make sound with the help of a push button. To move the cargo, you can get a moving crane with this dollhouse. This dollhouse is large enough that many kids can play with this. A prisoners’ room with this dollhouse prevents prisoners from escaping. You can get a pirate ship, a large pirate hideout and scout tower with the package.

Table of the Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind:

There are a few points you have to consider before you buy a dollhouse and they will help you make the right decision.

Age of toddlers

– The dollhouses are available in different dimensions. Most of them are going to be as long as the height of your kid. Each dollhouse is suitable for all ages in general. However, most of them specifically mention the age bracket within which the dollhouse is perfect for the toddlers. Check that before buying so that your toddler can play with it smoothly. Apart from that, you can consider the gender of the toddler so choose the color accordingly. Girls like pinkish dollhouse while boys many prefer bluish or greenish.


– The material of the dollhouse is instrumental in the decision making. The material should non-toxic as it can affect the kids adversely. Even though most of the dollhouses are made of plastic, the plastic must be totally harmless for the kids. We have taken proper care of that while listing the products. Moreover, the strength of the material determines the durability of the product. The dollhouses are quite expensive, and you would at least expect them to sustain a few years. Apart from plastic, some of them are also wooden. But plastic ones are easy to clean, and they do not get infected. Wooden ones need proper maintenance to prevent bug buildup.

Items Available

– The price of the dollhouses is determined by the size and the furniture items available. The more the furniture items, the higher is the price. It is true that you should buy according to your budget. But you should ensure that you get all the essential items within your budget. There are must be separate rooms like bedroom, playing room, bathroom, dining room and likewise. All the associated furniture items and gadgets must be available for the toddlers to play with.

Conclusion –

Even when you have multiple toddlers at your home, one bid dollhouse will be enough for them to play with. If your kid is quite small, instead of buying a make your own dollhouse, it is better to buy an assembled dollhouse. The former dollhouse is for slightly grown-up kids who like to break things up and assemble themselves. However, even in as assembled dollhouse, there must be options for customization for fun. A dollhouse is important for the development of toddlers as they learn role play, social skills and enhance their imagination better.

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