The 10 Best Cooling Tower Fans in 2020 Reviews

That is what a lot of people say when you start to overheat. The problem is that it is not always easy to keep your cool. Normal cooling fans just do not have the power or technology to help you stay cool. There is an alternative. You can use one of the 10 best cooling tower fans in 2020.

Not sure which cooling towers made the 10 best cooling tower fans in 2020 list. Just continue to read. Our review is designed to provide you with the information you need. Then our buyer’s guide will give you some helpful tips on what to look for when you shop.

Finding one of the 10 best cooling tower fans in 2020 won’t be that difficult.

Table of The best Cooling Tower Fan:

1. Lasko Wind Curve Fan

Lasko Wind Curve Fan
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This 42-inch woodgrain decorated cooling tower fan is made of both metal and plastic. Its ionizer technology provides the fresh air, then its oscillation function spreads that pure air around the room.

Once you plug it in, you get a quiet motor that uses3 speeds to keep you cool. You will be cool day or night with this cooling tower fan. 2 AAA batteries, not included, power the convenient remote control. You can get the air you want and the speed you want by a mere push of a button.

Or you can use the control panel at the top of the cooling fan.

2. Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan
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An automatic shut-off feature means the fan will turn itself off even if you have forgotten to do so. The motorized oscillation spreads the cooling air throughout your room, while the 3 speeds provide force for that air.

You can use either the control panel at the top of the cooling fan. Or you can be a little lazy and use the remote control. Either way, you will be able to keep your cool day or night.

This 32-inch cooling tower fan is designed to be energy efficient. You will be environmentally friendly while saving a little money.

3. Ozeri Tower Fan

Ozeri Tower Fan
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You get 3 different fans in one cooling tower. Each fan is independently controlled and can move in different directions at the same time. You can control what your fans do or use the pre-programmed functions to keep your cool.
Also, each fan is equipped with 3 speeds. That is 9-speed options to cool your room. To operate, all you have to do is touch the right spots on the LED control panel. Or you can use the convenient remote control.
A 7 ½ hour timer lets you turn the cooling tower fans off when you want it off. It goes up in 30-minute increments.

4. Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan

Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan
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These cooling tower fans are designed to fit in small out of the way places. You can put them in a corner or wherever you have a space and still keep your cool. The fan will give you 90 degrees of oscillation to cover the room completely.

Then you can use the 3 pre-programmed settings or choose your own. Or you can make your own settings to fit your schedule. The advanced control panel or remote control provides all the buttons you need to get the settings you want.

Measuring 42 inches, this cooling tower fan comes with 3 speeds and a very quiet motor. Plus, it has a 12-hour timer which you can set in one-hour increments

5. Kaz Honeywell Whole Room Tower Fan

Kaz Honeywell Whole Room Tower Fan
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Not only do you get to choose between 8 speeds, you can adjust the temperature as well. You also get oscillation options. Everything is controlled by the conveniently located control panel or the handy remote control.

You just push a button or two and your room will cool down. The digital display will keep you informed as to what is going on with your cooling fan. Also, you can select how many hours you want the fan to run. The automatic shutoff feature comes with several pre-set deadlines.

6. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan
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This stylish cooling tower fan will enhance any room’s décor. The black and chrome design will not clash with your current look. The LCD display lets you know where your settings are at and you get easy touch control. The control panel is located at the top of the fan.

You can set the temperature, control the 3 speeds and program the 12-hour timer with a simple touch of a button. A remote control has a flashlight to let you work the controls in the dark as well.

No matter what, you are in control of keeping you and your room cool.

7. Lasko Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

Lasko Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan
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If you do not want buttons and features, then this cooling tower fan is for you. It has one-touch power and one-touch oscillating functions. Your fingertip controls it all. The fan may only be 14” tall but it has 2 speeds to keep your cool as you work.

There is no assembly required and the cooling tower fan has a safety fuse for your protection. Because of its small size, you won’t use a lot of energy. Also, you can put it anywhere where there is an electrical plug.

Oscillation is about 60 degrees.

8. Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Fan

Lasko Oscillating High Velocity Fan
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Its sure-grip handle allows you to move this fan from room to room with ease. The 35” size also lets you hide it in a corner or some other small space. Then you can manually adjust the louvers to get the proper direction you want.

The control panel or remote control has all the buttons you need to access all of this fan’s features. You can choose between 3 speeds and when you want the auto-shutoff to turn the unit off.

2 AAA batteries, not included, power the remote control and the cooling fan plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

9. Vornado Whole Room Tower Fan

Vornado Whole Room Tower Fan
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The V technology pushes air up to 100 feet away from the fan and at speeds up to 500 cfm. The motor uses 4 speeds to achieve these feats. Then the LCD timer lets you control when the fan turns off. You can set it for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours ahead.

The V technology is designed to cover the whole room not just one part of it. No oscillation is required as the air vents are designed to spray the air in every direction. A remote control or the control panel gives you the access you need to all of this 42”cooling fan’s features.

10. Lasko Tower Fan

Lasko Tower Fan
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This woodgrain 42” cooling tower fan brings 3 speeds of air action when you take it home. Those 3 speeds work with the oscillating feature to cover your whole room. Its feet are designed not to slip but keep the fan where you put it.

You can control all of its features through the top located control panel. Or from across the room with the convenient remote control. Then you can shut the fan off in ½ hour increments up to 7 ½ hours.

The fan works best if the windows and doors are closed tight.

Our Buyer’s Guide

With so many tower cooling fans on the market, it pays to get a few helpful tips. Knowing what to look for is half the battle. Here are some tips to help you select one of the 10 best cooling tower fans in 2020:

  • Purpose- where are you going to put the cooling tower fan?
  • Size- will it be large enough to handle the task of cooling your room? The larger the better.
  • Features- how many speeds does it have? Does it oscillate or not? Is there temperature control and a timer?
  • Accessories- what is the control panel like? Is it LCD or LED display? Does a remote control come with the unit?
  • Design- will it fit in a corner with ease? Is it decorative and stylish? Are the feet non-slip and will not scratch your floors?
  • Warranty- what is covered? How long is that coverage? Then what is the return policy? Make sure you get all the details before you buy.
  • Price- the cost is always important, even on inexpensive items. Make sure the cooling tower fan fits your budget.

Some Final Words

Keeping your cool has never been easier. Especially when you are using one of the 10 best cooling tower fans in 2020. These cooling tower fans are designed to make sure you and your room are kept from the heat.

The 10 best cooling tower fans in 2020 work day or night keep you protected from the heat of the day. Also, these fans are made to be environmentally friendly. They will keep your energy bill down and not hurt the environment.

Using one of the 10 best cooling tower fans in 2020 is a smart way to keep your cool.

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