Top 9 Best Christmas Tree Stands in 2020

Christmas is that period of the year where we love to decorate the outdoor area of our home with Christmas trees. We want the outdoor look the best and different from others. To make the Christmas tree stand stable and do various maneuvers, you need a special Christmas tree stand. There are various types of tree stands available that are specially designed for Christmas trees and their functionalities well surprise you. Instead of just standing still, some of them can rotate slowly and steadily with the heavy Christmas tree on it. The following list contains such top 10 best Christmas tree stands in 2020.

Table of the Best Christmas Tree Stands:

#1. Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand
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This is a rotating Christmas tree stand and suitable for artificial trees up to 1.5 feet tall, and the base is 1.25-inch. It can easily hold trees up to 80 pounds. There are three different modes of options available. They are no rotation with lights, rotation with lights and none of them. It can rotate completely, and each rotation takes a minute. You can attach decoration outfits to the tree up to 400 watts. The product is UL approved and very safe to use.

#2. Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand
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This is the bestseller in the Christmas tree stand category. The product is imported, and the set up will not take less than a minute. There is no assembly required, and there is an internal safety belt available for full security. While setting up the tree, you can know when the tree is tied with the maximum strength thanks to a bell available to notify you. There are also pedal locks available to prevent accidental opening. You can choose among the different sizes available.

#3. National Tree Folding Tree Stand

National Tree Folding Tree Stand
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This artificial Christmas tree stand comes with a compact design and acquires very lesser space to keep. The robust steel body of this holder makes it durable, and the flat-folding feature provides a good shelf-life with zero maintenance. You only need some included thumb screws to assemble for easy installation of this stand. These screws are very helpful to hold the tree securely with the stand. The artificial Christmas tree with 4 to 6 feet length and 1.25” diameter center pole are the ideal measurements for this tree-holder.

#4. Maikerry Christmas Tree Stand

Maikerry Christmas Tree Stand
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The Christmas tree holder can hold any artificial trees with the length between 6 to 8 feet and 1.9cm diameter center poles. The tough steel construction provides robustness to the tree stand. The bottom length of this product is 45cm.To install this tree stand, you need to first stretch this cross-shaped stand to the fullest. Thereafter, insert the tree into the pole and put the thumbscrews on. Once the tree is in the proper position, tighten the screws properly to ensure that it will not come out.

#5. Good Tidings Tree Stand with Ratcheting Fastener System

Good Tidings Tree Stand with Ratcheting Fastener System
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With a spill-proof reservoir, this Christmas tree stand is able to retain the maximum 8 quarts of water in it. You can set your natural Christmas tree with 7” diameter trunk and 10 feet length. It requires only 4.5 inches of clear trunk. The height of the stand base is about 2 feet. It is manufactured with sturdy plastic, and the other parts of this tree holder are of metal. You can also place an artificial tree, in the place of a natural tree of the same measurement.

#6. Cinco Express Tree Stand

Cinco Express Tree Stand
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The push and pull ratchet technology of the Christmas tree stand helps you to installation and removal of the tree stress-free. In the center of this holder, there are robust zinc-coated three screws to ensure proper centralized grip over the tree. It is a medium size stand to hold up to 10 feet long natural tree with 7” trunk diameter. The leather layering of this product makes it spill-proof, and the rust-free screw holes are there to enhance the safety. It can hold up to 2-gallon water.

#7. Vickerman Rotating Tree Stand

Vickerman Rotating Tree Stand
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The 360-degree rotation with 70 seconds per rotating feature of this Christmas tree stand can grab everyone’s attention to your Christmas tree decoration. It has the capacity of holding the weight up to 80 lbs. You can easily put ¾” or 11/4” tree trunk on the pole. The 24” Christmas tree holder rotates by using electricity. It can hold a 7” long artificial tree with the maximum number of 1000 lights. This does not involve any cord tangling. At the base of the holder, you can get an ON/Off switch for rotation mode.

#8. Emerald Innovations Swivel Tree Stand

Emerald Innovations Swivel Tree Stand
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This 100% polymer tree stand is sturdy enough not to get cracked and does not cause any harm to your floor. The ideal Christmas tree holder has the big bolts with comfy grips for easy tightening option. An individual trunk container can carry the tree trunk with 5.75” width and 120 pounds of weighing capacity. To keep your natural tree alive, it has a reservoir to hold 1.5 gallons of water. The slot for the drain causes no mess while disassembling the tree from the tree stand.

#9. Dyno Seasonal Solutions Swivel Tree Stand

Dyno Seasonal Solutions Swivel Tree Stand
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With 20” diameter of the bottom of this Christmas tree stand comes with a 360 rotation feature. The holder can hold up to 5” diameter of a tree trunk with 10’ of height. There is a reservoir to store water for the tree. Both the stand and sleeve are made of hard and durable plastic, and the screws are of metal. The foot pedal pulls back and locks the tree in a perfectly vertical position within in a minute. It is totally a rust-free product with a good shelf-life and no maintenance.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

There are different types of Christmas stands available, and as a buyer, you are sure to be confused as to which one you should opt for. The following guide will help you choose the best value for money Christmas tree stand.


– The stability and the security are the main factors to watch out for in a Christmas tree stand. You should always check the maximum load the stand can take, and you should install a tree at least 10 to 20% less than the maximum weight capacity. The construction of the stand is directly responsible for the stability. The base has to be width to balance the weight, and it is especially important for the rotating ones. Moreover, accidental touch should not sway the stand or the tree. Moreover, go through the description of the product to understand the safety features the stand has to offer.

Size Setting

– Most of the buyers of the Christmas tree stands find it difficult to find the right size of stand for their tree. It is better to buy the Christmas tree first and find a stand that can support it perfectly. By supporting, we do not imply only the weight configuration but also the height. The stands clearly mention the height up to which it can withstand with the tree. Always opt for 10-20% less than the limits. The diameter of the trunk is also taken into consideration while choosing
the right size.

Ease Of Use

– The Christmas tree stand must be easy to install and maintain. It is better to opt for those that need minimal or no assembling. If you are going to keep a real Christmas tree, it must have a water reservoir. The insertion and removal of the tree must be easy, and the base must be easy to replace as per requirements.


– Most of the people decorate their Christmas trees with decorative lights. Having an outlet to plug in the decorative light is better because to make the stand rotate, a power supply is required. Therefore, instead of having multiple plugs, one plug can do everything with the multi-plug system. Besides, the base must have strong material construction preferably metals for better stability and durability.

Conclusion –

The type of tree stand you buy will influence how good or bad your Christmas tree looks. It is always better to go for a rotating stand than a fixed one because they are more attractive and cool looking. If you have a real Christmas tree, the fixed ones are better. Choose the color wisely so that it should not distract people and rather make the tree the center of attraction. Choose according to your budget but make sure you best the best one to make every penny worth it.

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