Top 10 Best Carbon Steel Pans in 2020 Reviews

If you want to prepare delicious, nutritious and worthy food, you must use the right equipment. I’m talking about the best carbon steel pans. A good pan is essential cookware that makes your meal to look perfect. You can’t afford to miss this steel pan in your cooking journeys. There are various types of pans made of different materials, and sometimes you get confused. Many of these materials have specific qualities, attributes and features that differentiate them from others. Similar to cast iron, this pan is comprised of both carbon and iron. Let it be your popular choice whenever you’re cooking.

Why choose the carbon steel pans

Carbon steel pan is durable, versatile and offers safety every time you’re cooking. After testing various cooking utensils, I realized that this pan made of carbon and steel is a quality brand. Also, the material makes it appear unique. These pans are significantly lighter. Let it be part of your cookware collection.

Features to consider when choosing the best carbon steel pan

More attention is needed when selecting the best carbon steel pan. Remember that there are different pans in the market. Don’t be confused. Here are the features to consider:

• The durability of the equipment
• Heft. Pans differ in size
• Comfortability and weight of the handle
• The type that performs the best
• Quality of the materials used
• Appearance and seasoning

Table of the Best Carbon Steel Pans:

#1. Matfer Bourgeat 62006 062006 Black Steel Pan

Matfer Bourgeat 62006 062006 Black Steel Pan
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Get this useful and handy cookware that distributes the heat evenly. Made of carbon and steel Matfer Bourgeat is strong and durable. The pan comes with a high-quality, sturdy steel strip handle that is suitable for safety. Also, the cookware is suitable for all hob types. Its diameter and height show the lightweight feature of the pan. You can season this carbon pan properly and can can prolong its life and make it non-stick.

#2. Lodge 12 Inch Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

Lodge 12 Inch Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet
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The brand is extremely durable and long lasting piece of cookware. It works on different heat sources such as gas, induction stovetops, open fire, electric and outdoor grills. Lodge 12 heats quickly and has an ability to retain heat for cooking. Also, the material absorbs high heat to enable best searing/browning. It can be seasoned with oil to increase its performance and use. The model requires easy care, and you only need to hand wash it. It will dry quickly after washing. Also, you can rub it with cooking oil and be ready to cook. Most importantly, the skillet is multifunctional hence good for simmering, frying, roasting, braising and searing meat or vegetables.

#3. De Buyer MINERAL B Round Steel Fry Pan

De Buyer MINERAL B Round Steel Fry Pan
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This model is 99 percent pure and 100 percent natural iron. One unique feature associated with this pan is the two handles it has that are unbreakable. It can be used and is suited for any type hob like induction ovens. This cookware is solidly constructed with thick steel making it not to warp under heat. Be Buyer is naturally a non-stick pan after seasoning. For better cooking, the heat absorbed by the pan is evenly distributed around the circumference of the pan. Enjoy cooking your eggs with this brand.

#4. Mauviel M’steel Black Steel Frying Pan

Mauviel M'steel Black Steel Frying Pan
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It’s made in France. The model is made of extra thick carbon steel. Also, the handles are also made of back steel. It delivers excellent heat conduction thus ideal for searing. In terms of performance, Mauviel is just awesome and fantastic. Because of its commercial-grade durability, it can be able to withstand high temperatures and heat making it popular for browning and amazing searing capabilities. For households use, this pan comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, you can use in all cooking surfaces including induction, gas, stovetops, ovens and electric. Don’t forget its natural non-stick feature.

#5. Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Pan

Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Pan
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15 gauge is a commercial grade of carbon steel pan that is qualified for any cooking. It has proven its quality for several years after it was designed by Craft Work. It is has a round shape at the bottom hence a challenge for flat induction stove and flat electric. It only requires natural seasoning before use. Many Chinese chefs prefer it because of its hand-hammered feature. It contains a steel helper handle that protects you from burning when frying over high heat. The wooden handle offers you safety because it can’t absorb the heat. Finally, the wooden handle has a special hygroscopic making it less slippery to handle when cooking.

#6. AUS-ION Skillet

AUS-ION Skillet
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With AUS-ION Skillet, your cooking journey will be impressive and fantastic. It is made with exceptional durability thus can last from one generation to another. The pan is a good piece of commercial quality cookware collection. With this Skillet, you’ll have an easy task of cleaning it. Wide, concave and ergonomic handle is comfortable and safe to use with less hand fatigue and better control. Another distinctive feature of this steel pan is ease of cleaning. You only need to use steel wool or wooden utensil under hot running water. In fact, no soap is needed. This is quite incredible.

#7. World Cuisine 10 1/4 Inch Carbon-Steel Frying Pan

World Cuisine 10 1/4 Inch Carbon-Steel Frying Pan
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The World Cuisine pan comes with numerous benefits. It allows excellent heat conduction thus making it suitable for various sources such as electric, gas, ovens and stovetops. It is made of thick material that allows the pan to withstand long pre-heating when cooking at high temperatures. The flat, riveted handle is suitable for handling when browning. The steel frying pan is perfect for searing. Of all, it has a durability characteristic.

#8. Ieoke Wok Pan, Chinese Pan

Ieoke Wok Pan, Chinese Pan
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If you are a professional chef, make this pan your favorite choice. It will ensure you perfection cooking. Ieoke Wow pan is made of top-notch quality wrought iron. It is not only strong but also uniform in density with no air bubbles and hollow. Thanks to its physical non-sticky feature that gives you a healthy and relaxing cooking experience. The quality iron used to make it has a smooth surface and few impurities with no coating. When using it, you will notice the evenly-heat distribution. In fact, it is best suited for detonating, frying, cooking and stewing. It is a healthy cooking utensil that will make you happy always.

#9. Joyce Chen 22-0060 pan

Joyce Chen 22-0060 pan
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Experience the best cooking with Joyce Chen pan. With it, you will not only enjoy but also achieve your recreational and professional dreams. It has a flat bottom wok ideal for gas and electric ranges. The pan is solidly constructed with a heavy gauge carbon steel, and for this reason, it can last for many years. Its ergonomic phenolic handle is superb as it stays cool and fits comfortably. Seasoning is simple and requires a hand wash.

#10. World Cuisine 10 1/4 Inch Steel Frying Pan

World Cuisine 10 1/4 Inch Steel Frying Pan
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The pan’s commercial quality has been proven by its working capabilities. It can withstand high temperatures making it suitable for cooking. With it, you can prepare the magnificent and delicious eggs for your family and friends. It can serve for many years due to its durability. The pan requires minimum care as compared to other models. The best thing is that World Cuisine can fit in induction ovens.


I have no doubt that these carbon steel pans are durable, high quality and valuable kitchen utensils. In fact, I have no regrets after buying one of them. The pans will impress and serve you well. There exist many types of pans, but the one listed above are excellent. Consider their different features before making your final decision. With the best equipment, your dream as the best chef will come true. Don’t struggle again, visit the market and get to know more about these products. Make a carbon steel pan be part of your cookware collection.

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