Top 10 Best Cameras Under 500 in 2020

It’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words but do you think a low-resolution picture says the right ones? I doubt. You’re not just looking for something to capture memories, you’re investing in a skill. Each picture tells a story. With the right camera, you’re telling this story in the best way possible. It’s more than an art. Think of it as a miniature time machine. It lets you relieve those special memories in your life – like your wedding day or your first day on the job

Table of the Best Camera Under 500:

01. Canon EOS 1300D

Canon EOS 1300D

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I must say that while this isn’t the cheapest DSLR yet, you’ll get value for your buck from this camera. In the kit, you will find an 18mm to 55mm lens. For the price tag, it’s a bargain considering that it was released in 2016. This is a ‘lite’ version of its 2013 predecessor, the EOS 700D. It features WIFI for seamless connectivity.Just like other similarly priced DSLRs, the Canon 1300D is basically a point and shoot camera. It’s ideal for beginner photopapers. At the front, you will find the big photo quality sensor. It automatically adjusts the camera to capture the best shots possible. While it’s possible to switch lenses with this camera, most people prefer to stick to the stock lens due to its superior photo quality.

02. Mirrorless 4K PANASONIC G7 M

Mirrorless 4K PANASONIC G7 M

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This is the first mirrorless camera on our list. Most of us love working with a direct control camera and this is where the Panasonic G7 outshines similar models. You can alter the aperture, exposure and ISO settings with ease. Professional photographers love it for its wide array of controls while hobbyists enjoy using it in auto mode. The aperture is controlled from the front dial whereas the rear one alters the shutter speed

03. Canon EOS T6

Canon EOS T6

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This is an entry-level DSLR. If you’re looking to upgrade from a smartphone to a camera, you will fall in love with this model. You can easily transfer photos through Wi-Fi and NFC on the go. It’s an improvement over the T5 as they boosted the processor. You get1080p video coverage at 30 frames per second. It comes with an impressive battery life as you can capture up to 500 impressive shots on a single charge.

4.Nikon L340

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Looking for a budget superzoom camera? The L340 got you covered. It’s a major upgrade from the L330. They’ve cranked up the optical zoom capacity and you can now capture at 28x through its 20.2Megapixel sensor. It’s powered by 4 AA and for its price, can you ask for more?

05. Canon Rebel 18mm SLR

Canon Rebel 18mm SLR

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Canon redid the 1200D o give us this model. It’s the best choice for hobbyists looking to get their first DSLR. With its WIFI and NFC sensors, you can now remotely take shots from your smartphone (or tablet) and share them to your favourite social media site while on the go. It’s powered by a 4+ processor. Even though they never upgraded the 18Mega pixedl sensor, you can now see things vividly through its 92opx screen. You can capture 500 shots on a single charge and the viewfinder gives you up to 95% coverage.

06. Canon Rebel 55mm DSLR

Canon Rebel 55mm DSLR

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Looking for something more stylish? You will love this DSLR. It has a sporty black external casing and its less than a pound heavy. This is without the lens though. You will appreciate its modest handgrip. It comes with a T6 lens and it’s impossible to buy it as a body only.

07. Canon Rebel 75mm SLR

Canon Rebel 75mm SLR

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This isn’t your ordinary entry-level Canon Rebel, it’s a performer. This is their latest model and it’s backed by a 24.2 Megapixel sensor. This is their most impressive entry-level sensor yet. This camera is a natural upgrade from the 70mm variant. They have similar looking bodies except that this one has an extra status LCD. With this monochrome display, you can quickly glance at the current settings at tweak them if need be. I wouldn’t recommend this as a first camera as its overly complicated. I doubt they had casual photographers in mind when designing this model.

08. Nikon B500

Nikon B500

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An 18megapixel camera paired with 40x optical zoom capacity. Would you ask for more? Even though there are various shooting modes, it’s missing manual controls. It’s impossible to fine tune your shots either as it doesn’t capture in raw format. From its tilting screen, I must say that it was designed to be a travel camera. Beginner photographers love it for its Snapbridge capacity. Here, it syncs shots to your smartphone in real time. This means that you can share memories on social media as soon as you capture them. Considering that it has Wi-Fi and FHD recording capacity, I would consider it a bargain.

09. Panasonic FZ80

Panasonic FZ80

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Panasonic makes great superzoom cameras but the FZ80 is my favorite one (so far.) It’s packed with various fun features including their latest innovation, “Post Focus.” As you’re guessing, it lets you refocus shots after five taken them. How is this possible. It’s their secret. In fact, they have patented this technology.Looking for a Bride camera and cash flow is tight? Go for this model and you won’t regret. The 60X optical zoom will amaze you.

10.Panasonic ZS60S

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Considering that this is a pocket camera, you’re getting half a dozen functionalities and at a bargain. The polycarbonate casing protects the body from abrasion. It’s multipurpose and you can use I o capture anything from exotic dinners to fancy watches. There’s a catch though – it’s impossible to capture impressive shots in low lighting. It has a 3-inch touchscreen allowing you to focus on whatever objects you want.

How to choose the best camera under 500What’s your expertise?

Compact point and shoot cameras are great for beginners. They come with a fixed zoom lens in most cases. They are generally small enough to carry in the standard handbag. They offer come at bargain but they lack exposure settings.


Getting a camera is a big investment. You must ensure that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. I must say that most cameras on my list have almost similar specs. What things should you look at when choosing the right? What budget are you working with? DSLR cameras are great for snapping flowers and other close up objects whereas mirrorless cameras excel at capturing sports.

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