Top 10 Best Bug Zappers in 2020

Insects and bugs are very annoying and irrespective of the age, they bother human beings as well as plants. There are various products available to keep bugs away, but the bug zappers are the most popular and most effective in killing the bugs by trapping them first. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They work by attractive the bugs with a light and has a grid where the electricity passes to kill the insect. We have listed the top 10 best bug zappers in 2020 to choose from.

Table of the Best Bug Zappers

01. Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer
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This is one of the bestselling bug zappers, and it covers over ½ acre area. There are various other models available as per the area covered. It is an advanced insect control with the non-clogging killing grid. It is so powerful that it is recommended not to keep it within 25 feet of area of human activity. Therefore, it is clearly an outdoor bug zapper. The action is instantaneous and continuous. The product has 15W bulb to attract bugs, and you need to replace the cartridge every month for the best results. There is a two-year warranty on the product.

02. Livin’ Well Electric Bug Zapper

Livin' Well Electric Bug Zapper
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This bug zapper produces 4000 Volts which is very strong to trap and kill instantly. It can keep an area of 1500 square feet free of any bug. In fact, you can use it indoors as well as outdoors with the same efficiency. Therefore, whether it is your bedroom, your backyard or garden, you can stay bug-free. Coming to the construction of the product, it has a no-rust steel grid, and it can target bugs irrespective of their sizes. It comes with 18W replaceable UVA bulb, and you can get up to 8000 hours of the trap.

03. SIBOTER Outdoor Bug Zapper

SIBOTER Outdoor Bug Zapper
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In the range of 350 sq. feet area, this bug killer effectually kills mosquitoes, flies, moths and any other insects. It is perfect for your home, garden, backyard, patio, garden, and many more other places. The 365 nm Ultraviolet light wave with 360-degree coverage attracts the insects. Besides, it generates 1500V of electric shock to kill them in seconds. The high intensity 5 watt UV bulbs are suitable for use as a camp light or as a bug zapper for commercial places. The 100% physics shocking technology causes no harm to the environment, the human body, children and expecting mothers.

04. Hoont Powerful Electric Bug Zapper

Hoont Powerful Electric Bug Zapper
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The 20 Watt UV light with metal grid attracts all the insects, and then a high power electrical shock kills them within seconds. This eco-friendly product is safe for children and pregnant ladies. It gives 24/7 service and covers the area of 1-1/2 acre at a 360-degree angle. You no more require a harmful pesticide to get rid of these pesky bugs. A ring enables easy wall hanging of this bug zapper. You can safely use it in your home, garden, backyards, patio, hotel, restaurant, hospital, school and so on.

05. LiBa Bug Zapper

LiBa Bug Zapper
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With the 365 nm wavelength, this bug zapper naturally traps the insects and gives them a high intensity 2800V electric shock to death. It assures the guaranteed killing of the harmful insects and saves your home, school, hospital, office and many more other places for them. The zapper is an environment-friendly product. It leaves no toxic radiation or chemical, which are harmful to the human body. You cannot use this product outside of your house. This bug zapper pack includes a pair of UV bulbs for long-lasting service.

06. HUYHU Solar Powered Bug Zapper

HUYHU Solar Powered Bug Zapper
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This wireless set of two solar power bug zapper lights is ideal for your outdoor usage. The solar power saves your electricity bill, while the two bug zapper lights have two different modes, like brightening mode to enlighten your garden, lawn patio. The other one is insect killing modes to keep the bugs away from your home. These beautifully designed lanterns are made with durable, water and all climates-resistant ABS plastic. The lightweight of this lantern allows you to take it to your camping place easily to light up and kill bugs from there.

07. Bugs BBQ Bug Zapper

Bugs BBQ Bug Zapper
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The dual mesh grid, 365 nm wavelength with 800V electricity generation, this bug zapper is cent percent effective to attract the bugs and send them to death in seconds. This bug killer is better than any other harmful chemical pest controlling. The hardy plastic grip of this zapper keeps your kids, pets, and wildlife safe. It has a tray in the bottom to collect the dead pests. You can easily clean this zapper with a brush or warm water. You can place this water-resistant zapper inside or outside of your home and office.

08. Diaotec Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Diaotec Solar Powered Bug Zapper
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You can use this bug zapper both by using solar and 5V DC electricity power. The 800V high power electricity causes instant death of the harmful insects. You can use this bug zapper in your home, garden, backyards and use it in the hotel, restaurant or many other commercial places. This waterproof
Bug zapper is a great replacement for harmful chemical pesticides and insecticides. Your kids and pets are totally safe from this product. It covers almost 3000 sq. ft. The zapper requires 7-8 hours of sunlight or 6-8 hours of DC charge.

09. Stinger 5-in-1 Zapper

Stinger 5-in-1 Zapper
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With the 5 in 1 killing system, which includes the black UV light, green LED lights, thermal lure, clog-free kill grid, and octanol lure, this bug zapper effectively kills the pesky insects. The bug zapper is able to kill the insects within the range of an acre. It is 40% more effective to attract and kill insects than the solar ones. The automatic On/Off technology helps the zapper turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. For effective results in lifelong, you need to replace the bulb once a year.

10. Nano Mosquito Protection Bug Zapper

Nano Mosquito Protection Bug Zapper
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The bug zapper has three operational modes- Lighting, Lighting with bug zapping and Bug zapping. It is best to install this product 1.5 m away from the floor for effective bug killing. The bulb is strong enough to illuminate a room with causing no harm to your eyes. You can effortlessly utilize this product in both indoor and outdoor places. With a 360 degree coverage, intense UV and high power electricity, this bug zapper kills the pests by causing no harm to you and your family’s health.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

If you are buying a bug zapper for the first time, you need to take care of the following factors to purchase the best one.

Decide – There are different types of bug zappers available. Some are effective for indoors while some are for the outdoor conditions. Besides, there are some which are applicable to both the areas. However, it is always better to have a dedicated bug zapper based on the area of usage. The indoor bug zappers are generally harmful to human beings even though electricity is used for killing the bugs. The outdoor ones are very powerful and can cause harm to human beings at the time. Therefore, decide the usage area before buying a dedicated one.

Effectiveness – Most of the buyers assume that a bug zapper will be effective in killing all the different types of bugs. However, it is not the case as some of effective for small or big bugs or both. Moreover, some may not be effective against mosquitoes which is the most annoying insects for the indoors. Therefore, do read the description to understand the effectiveness of the bug zapper in killing bugs.

Area – This is the first criterion for selecting a bug zapper. A bug zapper is effective only for the specified area. In fact, you should consider less than what is mentioned. For indoor usage, a small area coverage will do, but for the outdoors, a larger area effectiveness is required.

Components – Most of the bug zappers are battery-driven. The battery life must be long and the rechargeable time should be short because you want to keep the bugs away all the time. Some of the zappers have electric plug system. Besides, almost all the bug zappers use a bulb to attract the bugs. The bulb must be durable, and they must be readily available in the market. However, it is better to buy the ones with solar power if you are going to use them outdoors.

Apart from these, you need to look at the safety features so that human beings especially kids and pets are not hurt during indoor use. Some of them also use ultrasonic sound to keep the bugs away.


There are different types of bug zappers available like insect traps, electric zappers, electrical swatter, and likewise. Based on your requirements and area of usage as well as the budget, you should choose the best one for you. All the above products are handpicked for their features, and they will be value for money purchases. They are highly durable, and the changeable components are available in the market.

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