Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 500 in 2020

Sometime back, Bluetooth speakers were cheap and there wasn’t much difference between brands – just like disposable shavers. These days, they’re so many models packed with cool features you will be spoilt for choice – literally. Technology changes fast. They now have a longer battery life and produce crisp sounds. However, most of them are overpriced. It’s true that you get what you pay for but this is no excuse for being overcharged. You will still find great Bluetooth speakers under 500. We’ve tested various models and here’s our review. We’ve mixed both indoor and outdoor ones.

Table of the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 500

#1. Black JBL Xtreme

Black JBL Xtreme

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JBL recently made improvements to the Flip 3 to give us the Xtreme Bluetooth speaker. Think of it as its predecessor on steroids. Even though it’s three times expensive, it’s bigger. In the packaging, you will find its wall adapter and a shoulder strap. (I wonder how many people carry Bluetooth Speakers using straps)On each side, there are two sturdy hooks for portability. Attach your strap and that’s it, you can take the party wherever you want. At the top, you will find all control buttons – except the “previous button.” They didn’t include it in this model either

#2. Concrete Gray BT speaker from Urbanears

Concrete Gray BT speaker from Urbanears

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Minimalists will fall in love with this unique Bluetooth speaker. It’s basically a stylish, sleek subwoofer-like box. You will find a fabric cover over the speaker. This cloth comes in a multitude of colours with light pink and coral at the extremes complementing its black (or concrete grey) body.In this model, Urbanears decided to ditch buttons for knobs. You’ll adjust the volume dial to our liking. At the bottom, there’s a USB-A charging port and the standard 3.5mm jack. I find it flawed that they put these connections at the bottom – it’s a pain in the neck flipping this speaker every time

#3. Bose 360 Portable

Bose 360 Portable

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Bose and speaker innovation go hand in hand. In their latest model, you get omnidirectional sound. If you’re a fan of wireless speakers, I’m sure you’ve observed that 360 degree is the latest trend. This design ensures that you get crisp sound irrespective of your listening direction (or speaker placement)There are two variants of this speaker – the portable one and the bigger, corded brother. Would you sacrifice portability for performance? It’s your call.

#4. Aiwa Exos-9

Aiwa Exos-9

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This is arguably the largest portable Bluetooth speaker on this list. Aiwa is a dominant player in the entertainment industry and they never cease to amaze. This model offers the perfect balance between speed and performance. It has impressive Bluetooth capabilities and it pairs with any device easily. With this in mind, it’s a good candidate for the best party speaker as you can never go wrong with Aiwa. Aren’t the 5 drivers amounting to 200Watts of sound enough to get the party started?

#5. Black Marshall Stanmore

Black Marshall Stanmore

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If you’re a rock fan, chances are, you’ve been to multiple concerts with Marshall speakers on stage. Even though they became popular for their guitar amplifiers, this brand is now making Bluetooth speakers that produce unmatched sound. Their latest model, the Marshall Stanmore connect via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. What more could you ask for? They didn’t just upgrade the Airplay feature, it was redone from scratch.

#6. lofree Vintage

lofree Vintage

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I must say this Bluetooth speaker brings nostalgia. Relieve the good times with this retro-inspired portable speaker. It has a sturdy base yet it’s still surprisingly light. You may find that the front grill feels like it’s overdone. This wasn’t a deal breaker for me though. You will love its sturdy rubber feet. They act as tiny shock absorbers firmly absorbing impact. They help position it in place too.

#7. Multicoloured Boom 2

Multicoloured Boom 2

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Ultimate Ears never disappoint and their latest model is no exception to this rule. It’s super loud for its size. In the Boom 2, they’ve sacrificed audio quality for loudness (and prolonged battery life.) You can think of it as an upgrade to the waterproof, Splash. It’s, by all means, a worthy contender for the best Bluetooth speaker of 2019.Just like the Bose 360, it has an omnidirectional speaker grill too comes in various colours and I think this will be a turn off to a few Bluetooth speaker enthusiasts.

#8. Polk AM6119

Polk AM6119

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This one is rather pricey. It will do everything from streaming via Wi-Fi to Bluetooth connectivity to wired aux inputs. It’s rather bulky and by no means portable (unless you’re Hulk). Ideally designed for living spaces, this Bluetooth speaker will fill any space with sound

#9. A beautiful outdoor speaker from Sound Appeal

A beautiful outdoor speaker from Sound Appeal

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Who wouldn’t want a rock speaker – quite literally? This one is rather unique in that its shaped like a rock. If you need a loud outdoor speaker that blends with your landscape while producing crystal clear vocals, you will fall in love with this model. Untie other outdoor speakers, it won’t “fade” when exposed to harsh weather. Don’t push it to the limits though.

#10. Marshall Kilburn

Marshall Kilburn

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Yet another superior speaker from Marshall. At the top, you will find volume and function control buttons. This speaker uses patented “Digital Modulation technology” meaning that you will never experience distorted vocals. I wouldn’t expect anything less for its price tag.

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker

Life’s about making choices. There are many good wireless speakers they will confuse you. Ensure that you pick one with Bluetooth connectivity. Airplay is an added advantage. You don’t want to have nasty chords everywhere. In fact, they are an eyesore. Bluetooth technology is advantageous in that it’s natively supported by almost all smartphones, Mp3 players and laptops.


There are many good Bluetooth speakers. When choosing the best one, it all boils down to preference. Do you want one that’s stylish and has beautiful LEDs or you prefer a rather simple, contemporary design? Whatever works for you. The ”perfect” Bluetooth speaker doesn’t exist. You can’t find one that’s light, super loud and has stellar battery prince. You will have to sacrifice on a few things. You will realize that these Bluetooth speakers are loudest when hooked to a wall outlet.

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