Top 10 Best Bike Rack for Suv in 2020 Reviews

The best bike rack for SUV will help you haul your bike with no issues. It is constructed with heavy-duty materials such as aluminum and steel. The solid construction gives the bike rack decent weight capacity. This rack also boasts an anti-rust powder coating to help extend its lifespan.

Moreover, it is very easy to install since it comes with detailed instructions and even tools. Removing it from your SUV and storing it is also a breeze. What’s even better, the rack is designed in such a way that the ease removal does not compromise security. Keep reading to find out the one that best suits your needs.

List of The Best Bike Rack for Suv in 2020 on

01. Allen Sports 2-Bike Rack – Model 102DN-R

The patented design of Allen Sports Rack Model 102DN-R enables it to fit SUVs, minivans, hatchbacks, and sedans. The design sets up quickly, meaning in no time, you will be in a position to transport your bike. Ideally, it has features that safely transport bikes around the town or cross country.

These features include a couple of side straps that offer unrivaled lateral stability on the vehicle. Another feature is a patented tie-down system that individually secures and offers great protection to bikes. The Allen’s lifetime warranty protects this 2-bike rack from original defects.

What’s more, this bike mount rack is made of high-quality and rugged components to enable it to stand the test of time. It features narrow set carry arms, which fit many different bike sizes and styles. It also features a lower padded frame that keeps your bikes away from your vehicle.


  • Fits most vehicle models
  • The straps are very solid
  • Pads work well in preventing the rack from scratching your vehicle
  • Looks and feels solidly made


  •  The hooks can scratch the paint, but this can quickly be resolved by covering them

02. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports Ultra Compact Rack has an innovative design that makes it very easy to use and store when not in use. The design also makes this bike rack highly compatible. It fits most sedans, minivans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. Furthermore, this trunk-mounted rack for bikes comes equipped with the manufacturer’s patented and individual tie-down system.

This well-thought-out system secures and protects bikes, thereby, giving you peace of mind during transport. Although the tie-downs are fixed in position on the carry arm, they rotate to fit a variety of bicycle sizes and styles.

This bike rack also features a soft and large TPR landing pad to keep your bike away from the vehicle as well as to make sure it is well protected during transport. A carry bag, made of nylon, is included to further make the rack easy to transport or store.


  • Insanely easy to set up and use
  • The rack folds down compactly
  • The price is relatively cheap
  • Stays in place once set up
  • Works great on the highway


  •  It would be better if metal hooks, which sit on the vehicle, had a protective coating to protect against scratching

03. Tyger Auto 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Rack (TG-RK3B203S)

Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S comes 100-percent assembled. And this means setting it up and using it is a no-brainer. It also boasts high compatibility that allows it to work nicely with most SUV’s, minivans, hatchbacks, and sedans. You should, however, note that Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S does not fit vehicles with rear spoilers.

It has a maximum load limit of 99 pounds, and it is designed to fit up to 3 bikes. This bicycle rack also features a padded lower frame to keep bikes away from your vehicle. Plus the manufacturer provides a safety strap to make the rack much easier to use.

Individual soft cradles keep the bike secure as well as protecting its frame. Furthermore, there is OE standard black E-coating that offers top resistance against rust. There are also carry arms, which fold when the bike rack is not in use.


  • Sturdy and very good quality
  • Easy to mount on the vehicle
  • Does not loosen or slip after it is mounted
  • The price point is good


  •  The rubber straps for securing the bicycles could be longer

04. CyclingDeal Car Roof Bike Carrier Rack

CyclingDeal Car Roof Bike Rack has a steel powder coating that plays a huge role in improving its durability. It holds bikes steadily in place to give you peace of mind while transporting them. Nonetheless, you should note that this carrier rack only works with bikes featuring a quick-release front wheel.

It fits bars with a maximum height of 30 millimeters and a maximum width of 80 millimeters. Furthermore, this bike carrier rack fits square as well as aero cross brands. These include Thule, Prorack, Ralo, and Rhino. The maximum load of this carrier rack is 33 pounds (15 kilos).

The bike rack itself weighs 4.65 pounds (2.12 kilos). It is a tough and stiff carrier rack that will make your bike look nice on the roof of your car. Furthermore, it comes with a 5-year warranty, which shows that the manufacturer is confident in it.


  • Very secure and the price is good
  • Assembly and setup are fairly easy
  • Does not come loose during trips
  • Very easy to take from the car rooftop


  •  Not the most elegant, but works well for what it is designed for

05. Swagman UPRIGHT Roof Mount Bike Rack

Swagman UPRIGHT installs quickly and easily. It comes with instructions that make it easy to assemble and set up. Once ready, this roof mount bike rack works nicely with no wheel removal necessary. Additionally, this roof-mount bike rack is versatile in the sense that it fits oval, round, and square bars with widths up to 3 inches.

Plus it is designed in such a way that several of them can be used on one vehicle. It has a decent weight capacity of 35 pounds, and this means it can easily carry even the heaviest bikes. Ideally, the design of this roof-mount bike rack is not just minimalistic but also sleek.

Needless to say, this bike rack will look great on your vehicle. It is made of sturdy plastic and steel, and it weighs 5 pounds only. In addition, this bike rack comes equipped with tie-down straps to keep the wheels in place during transport.


  • Great value for the money
  • Customer service is very friendly
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Has a lock, which is very stable and works perfectly


  •  Not the highest quality rack on the market

06. Allen Sports Model 104DB-R 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports Model 104DB-R is an easy-to-use bike rack that offers a versatile option to transport your bicycles. It fits most SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, and sedans. What’s more, Allen Sports Model 104DB-R has a patented tie-down system that individually protects and secures each bike.

The rack also has highly functional carry arms, which are 22 inches long. These carry arms easily accommodate up to 4 bikes. And, when not in use, these carry arms can be released using one pop-up pin and then stored quickly. The streamlined, single configuration design makes the rack easy to install not to mention requiring only minor assembly.

Another clever feature of this rack is an ultra-long receiver post. It easily gets around most externally mounted spare tires. The rack is finished with a rugged ultra-violet resistant polyester powder coating that makes it more durable as well as giving it an attractive and sleek look.


  • Keeps bikes in place
  • Bikes fit perfectly on the rack
  • The installation is surprisingly easy
  • Taking the rack down is easy


  •  The description for which cars it fits could be clearer

07. XCAR 2-Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Carrier Rack

XCAR Carrier Rack is constructed with heavy-duty steel. As such, it is extremely durable and should last much longer than expected. Its heavy-duty construction enables it to easily carry up to a couple of bicycles. It has a maximum load capacity of 80 pounds, and this is nice.

Moreover, this carrier rack features a folding carry arm design that allows its arm to fold up quickly for easy storage. The carrier rack also has adjustable mounting saddles that accommodate bikes of different designs and sizes. It is crucial to note that mounting saddles should be tightened enough after adjusting them to the right position.

This prevents the bikes from falling off the rack. Dual compound tie-down cradles and quick-set straps are other features that make this carrier rack first-class. They individually protect and secure bikes, thereby, giving you peace of mind when transporting your bicycles.


  • Easy to install and works well without any issues
  • It is worth the price tools come with the rack to make assembly easier
  • The rack is not too heavy
  • Can be lowered to access the rear cargo area of SUV


  •  Clasps could be sturdier

08. Saris Mount 3 Bikes Bike Rack Carrier

Saris Bones EX Bike Carrier is compatible with 90-percent of top vehicle brands, including those equipped with spoilers. It has top-notch bike hold downs, which are easy to use as well as quick to load. Needless to say, you will be carrying your bike in no time when you have this rack carrier.

It does not carry one or two, but 3 bikes. It is, therefore, a great purchase for someone with multiple bikes. The manufacturer of this bike carrier has not just focused on performance but also made sure this rack carrier has stunning looks.

As if that’s not enough, the rack carrier is made with 100-percent recycled material. Plus it has integrated strap management that eliminates flapping straps to give a clean, sleek look. Legs and arms are injections molded so the rack can stay stable for years to come.


  • Holds bikes securely for peace of mind
  • The build quality is impressive
  • The straps are top-notch
  • Adjustments are effortless to make
  • Easy to set up and to remove


  •  Instruction manual could be more useful

09. Schwinn 2 Bike Car Bike Trunk Rack

Schwinn 2-Bike Rack has a weight capacity of 70 pounds, and it can carry up to 2 bikes. When you do the math, you will realize that this truck rack can carry two 35-pound bikes, which is awesome. It is also versatile and perfectly fits vans, hatchbacks, and sedans.

What’s more, this bike rack has a foldable design that makes it easy to store when not in use. It is made in the US and requires no assembly. For this reason, you will be able to use it in just a few moments after receiving it.

The hold-down straps of the bike rack are uniquely designed to separate and hold your bicycles firmly and securely in place. That being said, you will be able to transport your bicycles with peace of mind and without breaking a sweat.


  • It is shipped relatively fast
  • Locks down nicely and looks well made
  • The price is hard to beat
  • Does not scratch the vehicle
  • Installation is a breeze


  •  Would be better if side straps were added

10. Venzo CyclingDeal Car Roof Bike Carrier Rack

Venzo CyclingDeal Bike Carrier is developed based on the factory test in the factory in Taiwan. It is made by a manufacturer, which clearly understands that for a bike carrier for SUV to be high performance, it must be well made. Having said that, expect this bike rack to deliver when it comes to strength.

It has a maximum carry capacity of 37 pounds (17 kilos) and will let you travel at high speeds up to 65-miles-per-hour (100 kilometers-per-hour). Additionally, this carrier rack for bikes is made of rust-resistant coating treated steel. This helps improve its performance and longevity.

The carrier rack is also easy to install on the car roof crossbars. Plus it fits most square or aero crossbars. The maximum thickness is 1.77 inches (45 millimeters) and the maximum width is 3.35 inches (85 millimeters). Besides, the bike rack has adjustable quick-release straps to let it fit many different wheel sizes.


  • Solid and easy to install
  • Does not make strange vibrations or weird noises
  • Bikes remain completely secure even after hours of driving


  •  The price is a bit on the high side

Buying Guide: Best Bike Rack for SUV

In this section, we bring you the following factors.


Although these bike racks are for SUV, we think you will be pleased if you can find a highly compatible one that works with nearly all vehicles. This is particularly important if you have many different vehicle brands. So, try to choose a bike rack that fits not just SUV but also sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, etc.


Some bicycle racks for SUV are designed to carry just one bicycle. Others, on the other hand, can carry two or three, or even four bikes. This means if you have multiple bikes, consider a rack designed to carry all of them. You must, however, note that these racks may be more expensive than those designed to carry a single bike.


A good SUV rack for bikes should have a minimalistic design that will not get on the way. The design should also be sleek to make you a proud transporter. Plus it should be sturdy and have all the features, like straps, to be able to hold the bike firmly and securely in place. Furthermore, it should be designed in such a way that it will not scratch your vehicle.


A bike rack for SUV is a necessity if you have a bicycle and plan to use it on the go. It allows you to easily carry your bikes without damaging your vehicle or overworking yourself. Well, the best bike carrier for SUV should be sturdy, priced accordingly, and very convenient to use.

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