The 10 Best Bathroom Wall Shelves in 2020 Reviews

A bathroom should be a place that creates an intimate and harmonious environment as you relax your body and free your mind while freshening. It is important to store well the essentials you need inside this room without eating up so much space. Wall shelves serve this purpose perfectly well. Below is a list of the top 10 best bathroom wall shelves in 2020 reviews and buyer’s guide:

Table of the Bathroom Wall Shelves:

#1. KES Bathroom Wall Shelves

KES Bathroom Wall Shelves
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Give your bathroom a stunning look by adding this amazing wall shelf in it. It will give your bathroom a beautiful modern look that includes a concealed screws design. High quality shelf is entirely made of metal. It is made of aluminum that gives it a nice non-plastic long lasting design. It has an 8MM thick tempered glass that cannot break. It features shelves that you use to store bathroom items like shampoos, conditioners; liquid bathing soap etc. t involves very easy installation, as it is only one piece that you need not to assemble.

#2. Creative Bath Bathroom Wall Shelves

Creative Bath Bathroom Wall Shelves
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Make your bathroom work less complicated with this nice looking shelf. It has oil brushed bronze finish that adds even more beauty to it. Helps you organize your bathroom and provides two shelves for storage of your bathroom essentials like conditioners, bathing soaps, shampoos, detergents among many others. In addition to the shelves, it has a towel bar. It is very easy to assemble with assembly tools and instructions included.

#3. Gifts and Décor Bathroom Wall Shelves

Gifts and Décor Bathroom Wall Shelves
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Add style to your bathroom with this wooden white wall shelf. The two shelves that come with it provide a great room for your bathing collectibles and essentials. On top of these amazing features, it has an inbuilt towel bar. You mount it on your bathroom wall enhancing the appearance of your bathroom. It has a stylish design on the sides of the shelves and offers a lot of storage space to accommodate everything that should stay in the bathroom.

#4. Songmics Bathroom Wall Shelves

Songmics Bathroom Wall Shelves
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Create additional space to your home with this three-tier rack that features refined craft and bamboo. It not only fits the bathroom, its great design allows it to fit in the balcony, living room, kitchen or any other place that items needs to be displayed to add style in the home. It has three removable shelves and five different positions to meet your storage needs. It can accommodate so many household items like bathroom essentials, towels, shoes, books etc. It is very easy to clean.

#5. MyGift Bathroom Wall Shelves

MyGift Bathroom Wall Shelves
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This three-tier decorative wall mounted shelf will add style to your home. It can be used in the kitchen to store spices and other items, in the bathroom to store bathroom essentials or any other place you may deem fit. It is made of sturdy metal that is white in color and decoratively mounts on the wall. Keep your house tidy with this shelf that has enough space to accommodate your household items.

#6. Organize it all Bathroom Wall Shelves

Organize it all Bathroom Wall Shelves
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This is a glass shelf that is perfect to store your toiletries and cosmetics. It has a rail that prevents the items from falling off the shelf. The glass that is used to construct this shelf is durable and lasts long without breaking. This shelf has an attractive chrome finish on it and is great to store things. It is easy to install and its attractiveness will add style in your bathroom. It can be mounted above the sink, below the bathroom mirror or on any other place possible.

#7. Pretty display Bathroom Wall Shelves

Pretty display Bathroom Wall Shelves
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Just as the name suggests, this shelf set is pretty and stylish addition to your bathroom. The acrylic display is light in weight but strong and transparent. It takes up less space yet provides more storage. This amazing shelf will never rust or peel and you can use it anywhere you like around the house. it fits well under sinks making it ideal for bathrooms. Each set has two mount shelves so that you can install them in tiers, side by side.

#8. Vdomus Bathroom Wall Shelves

Vdomus Bathroom Wall Shelves
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This amazing wall shelf mounts on the wall and includes a towel bar beneath. It entails an attractive silver finish with a large thick tempered glass shelf to hold your toilet essentials. This shelf creates a tidy appearance to your bathroom when you place things well organized on it. It has a modern look that matches any bathroom. It is easy to install and very long lasting. This shelf can hold heavy items as well and the rail keeps the items from falling off the shelf.

#9. Tapcet Bathroom Wall Shelves

Tapcet Bathroom Wall Shelves
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This shelf brings an elegant and stylish look in your bathroom with its innovative and fun look. It is made of durable stainless steel and a chrome finish. It is installed at the bathroom corner giving space to the rest of the room. It fits in any bathroom whether modern or traditional and gives style all the same. It is easy to install without gluing or drilling holes on the wall. It sticks well on ceramic tiles, glass, stainless steel, and other non-porous surfaces. It will not stick on porous surfaces, stones etc.

#10. Love-KANKEI Bathroom Wall Shelves

Love-KANKEI Bathroom Wall Shelves
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These nice floating shelves mount on the wall allowing you to have enough space for collectibles, crafts, books, photos etc. They feature torch finished wood boards and metal brackets that look stylish and attractive. It includes a two tier storage shelves capable of holding heavy items as well. They assemble effortlessly with all the mounting hardware included. It is a worthwhile addition in your home, which creates more space for items around the house bringing about a tidy look.

Buyer’s Guide

Consider these factors when looking for the best bathroom wall shelves:

What do you intend to put in the shelves


  • wood?
  • Chrome?
  • Stainless steel?
  • Glass?


Do not allow yourself to struggle much looking around the house for a place to store your items. Go ahead and get yourself a great wall shelf that will be of much help in your bathroom. There are great shelves that will help you store your toiletries plus other bathroom essentials and your makeup too. These shelves come in different make, look, and style to satisfy individual’s different tastes.

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