Top 10 Best 4k Curved Monitor in 2020 Reviews

The best 4K curved monitor is great for gaming, watching, and working. Since it is one of the latest models in its class, this monitor is packed with lots of advanced features. For instance, it has a high refresh rate that makes it perfect for watching action-packed movies or playing fast-paced games.

It also has an incredibly low response time that helps with smooth transitioning of graphics, thereby, eliminating blurring and ghosting. What’s more, this monitor is equipped with a high full HD resolution so it can provide you with quality images. In the reviews below, we bring you different brands to help you make the right buying decision.

List of The Best 4k Curved Monitor in 2020

01. AOC 31.5” Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor (CQ32G1)

AOC CQ32G1 wraps around you to create an immersive gaming experience. The screen size is 32 inches, and this is just fine as it ensures maximum viewing. Moreover, this gaming monitor does not flicker. And that is because it is equipped with direct current backlighting that reduces flickering, thereby, significantly minimizing eye strain as well as fatigue.

Intense gaming sessions should be enjoyed in total comfort, and that’s exactly what this monitor does. The monitor also boasts a high resolution of 2560*1440. This allows you to enjoy quad HD. Quad HD gives you 4X the resolution of 720p HD.

To make this simpler; you can simultaneously fit up to four 720p HD videos on this monitor’s screen. In a nutshell, the quad HD lets you view greater detail with more spacing in vivid, crisp visuals. Another quality feature is a 144Hz refresh rate, which brings unprecedented fluidity and smoothness to games.

  • The curved screen gives a wonderful feeling
  • The adjustable stand promotes convenience
  • Amazing for the price
  • The thin bezel is very nice


  •  May have dead pixels, but this is a common problem to most monitors

02. AOC 34” Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor (CU34G2X)

AOC CU34G2X is also equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate. It is, therefore, what you need to take your gaming experience to another level. It supports high speed gameplay and has a decent screen size of 34 inches. As if that’s not enough, this gaming monitor has a curved panel. The panel, in turn, features vibrant colors to ensure a more immersive and exciting visual experience.

The gaming experience is further enhanced by a response time of 1ms. The 1ms response time allows pixels to respond quickly. As such, dramatic transitions and fast-moving actions are delivered smoothly without ghosting effects.

If you enjoy 1st person shooter games then this monitor is for you; all thanks to the 1ms response time. Ideally, there is no screen tearing when it comes to this monitor. It has AMD FreeSync Premium that synchronizes the GPU in the PC and display to get rid of input lag, stutter, and screen tearing.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Picture quality is amazing
  • Wonderful for the price
  • The stand is sturdy


  • Would be better if a built-in speaker was included

03. Philips 32” 4K UHD Curved Monitor (328E1CA)

Philips 328E1CA is a great curved monitor because of the manufacturer’s LowBlue Mode setting. The setting reduces harmful shortwave blue light by utilizing smart software technology. This 4K curved monitor for gaming is also equipped with Ultra Wide-Color Technology. This technology helps create more brilliant pictures by delivering a wider spectrum of colors.

Because of it, you will enjoy more natural-looking greens, deeper blues, and vivid reds. Furthermore, there is Adaptive-Sync Technology that ensures ultra-fast response time as well as a smooth quick refresh. By so doing, the technology delivers fluid and artifact-free performance.

The 4K (3840*2160) UHD resolution is ultra clear and will make your graphics and images come alive. Philips 328E1CA also boasts built-in cable management that simplifies declutter and cabling to help create a much cleaner look. Built-in speakers are included so you can use the monitor immediately after setting it up.


  • The metal base is sturdy
  • Colors are much more accurate than those of comparable monitors
  • The side bezels and top of the monitor are extremely thin


  •  The screen looks dark when viewed from the side

04. Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor (C27F398)

The first thing you will notice when you look at Samsung C27F398 is an ultra-slim design. The monitor measures less than half an inch thick. The ultra-slim design combines with the monitor’s sleek appearance to make a stylish statement without compromising the performance of the monitor.

Samsung C27F398 also features an 1800R curvature that delivers a truly immersive viewing experience. The 1800R curvature will let you enjoy stunning, bold, and big panoramic views whether you are playing or working. AMD FreeSync technology is another cool feature of this monitor. It lets you enjoy smooth images all the time, including during fast-moving actions.

The monitor also boasts an Eye Saver Mode that reduces blue light emissions and even flickers. The mode does that with a touch of a button, which is very impressive. Ideally, this mode enhances viewing comfort by making sure eye fatigue and strains are well taken care of.


  • The brightness and clarity are amazing
  • Assembling the screen is a breeze
  • The stand is low profile and does not take up a lot of space


  •  Would be better if the monitor had built-in speakers

05. Sceptre 2560×1080 Curved Gaming Monitor, 30-inch

Sceptre 30” Gaming Monitor has a response time of 5ms GTG and a full HD resolution of 2560*1080. The gaming monitor also boasts an exceptional refresh rate of 200Hz. This high refresh rate ensures instant transition of frames, thereby, eliminating chances of blurred images popping up.

In a nutshell, the 200Hz refresh rate will give you edge invisibility and make you pretty hard to beat. Like other premium gaming monitors, this unit is equipped with AMD FreeSync. FreeSync is handy, especially when playing fast-paced games. It delivers videos in a smooth and seamless manner.

The gaming experience is further taken a notch higher in this monitor by FPS-RTS custom set display settings. FPS simply stands for First Person Shooter, while RTS stands for Real-Time Strategy. Blue Light Shift is another stunning feature that makes this monitor one of the best. It reduces the blue light from the monitor by protecting the eyes from irritation, strains, and fatigue.


  • Comes with no dead pixels
  • The colors are vibrant
  • Well contrasted, and it has lots of great features


  •  5ms response time is worrisome, but there seem to be no noticeable input lag

06. Sceptre 24” Curved 75Hz Gaming LED Monitor (C248W-1920R)

When Sceptre C248W-1920R has a stand, it measures 21.43 by 7.30 by 15.64 inches. And when it has no stand, it measures 21.43 by 2.24 by 12.69 inches. Having these dimensions in mind will help you set up a nice space for the monitor. What’s more, this curved monitor for gaming has a contemporary sleek design that complements the décor of the room it is set up in.

The monitor is made of metal; therefore, expect it to be durable enough to stand the test of time. Furthermore, this monitor has built-in speakers as well as multiple ports for convenience. The 1800R curved screen ensures an immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, this monitor is Windows 10 compatible to further ensure maximum convenience. Its other features are 5ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate and response time may not be the best but they still help the monitor deliver exceptional performance in gaming.


  • Image quality is surprisingly good
  • The price is pretty competitive
  • The plastic used seems to be good quality


  •  Speakers are on the back of the monitor and are facing upward

07. Sceptre C305W-2560UN 30-Inch Curved Creative Monitor

The resolution of Sceptre C305W-2560UN is good. It is 2560*1080p resolution that’s ready to provide you with quality images. The 85Hz refresh rate of the monitor is good as well. Furthermore, this curved monitor is equipped with FPS & RTS custom set display settings. These settings enhance the gaming experience to make sure you enjoy every bit of it.

There is also a Blue Light shift function that helps protect the eyes from strains, fatigue, and irritation. The 1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) reduces blurring and ghosting so you can enjoy ultimate precision and clarity with this monitor. The monitor also features an edgeless design that will fully immerse you in all the fascinating action and amazing scenery.

An LED light illuminates the back cover of the monitor, thereby, creating a surprisingly unique design. Additionally, this curved monitor is equipped with a tiltable display that tilts 10 degrees backward and 3 degrees forward to help you find a perfect spot that does not sacrifice comfort or clarity.


  • Built-in speakers are highly functional
  • The screen is much bigger than expected
  • Picture quality is good


  •  The stand feels pretty cheap, but it does its job

08. LG 34 inch Curved UltraWide WQHD IPS Monitor (34WN80C)

If you are looking for a curved monitor that allows multitasking, LG 34WN80C is for you. It provides a large amount of space for audio plugins, video editing, and effects. In other words, the monitor displays all three at once. This monitor is also an excellent purchase for someone looking for a highly accurate color.

It boasts unrivaled color fidelity; thanks to 99-percent coverage of the sRGB spectrum. Another feature that makes LG 34WN80C be regarded as one of the best is a USB Type-C for data transfer as well as for power delivery up to 60W. In short, the USB Type-C ensures improved connectivity.

The monitor is also equipped with HDR 10 that renders the bright and dark areas of an image with more details. It gives detailed contrast, and, this helps improve image clarity. The monitor can be mounted on the wall to eliminate cable clutter and ensure a clean working/gaming area.


  • The stand has a good height
  • The USB-C is very handy
  • The picture is stunning


  •  The software recommended to split the screen is not as good as expected

09. Alienware 34 Inch NEW Curved Monitor (AW3420DW)

Alienware AW3420DW combines immersive features to provide you with breathtaking views. It boasts 1900R curvature and a 21:9 display. These two combine to maximize the field of view and give you a consistent and even viewing experience. What’s more, Alienware AW3420DW has a 3440*1440 resolution that delivers sharp and detailed images.

It is, therefore, safe to say that the high resolution also contributes immensely to creating an immersive experience. A 120Hz refresh rate has NVIDIA G-SYNC and provides amazingly smooth realism and gameplay. G-sync technology synchronizes the monitor and GPU to prevent graphic distortions like artifacts and tearing from forming on the screen.

Ideally, when you are using this monitor, you will be able to see faster and react much quicker. It boasts LED display technology and offers 98% DCI-P3 color coverage. With that said, Alienware AW3420DW offers amazing accuracy and color depth. This means you will be able to see the game’s colors the way they were meant to be seen.


  • Putting the monitor together is a piece of cake
  • The display is spectacular
  • The build quality is pretty solid


  •  To game in 4K, you will need to upgrade to a 2080TI card

10. Sceptre 35 Inch Curved LED Creative Monitor (C355W-3440UN)

The refresh rate of Sceptre C355W-3440UN is 100Hz, and this is quite amazing. It ensures that images transition smoothly and quickly without suffering from screen tearing. The monitor also has a fast response time that makes it ideal for watching action-packed adventures and playing fast-paced games. Ghosting and blurring are things of the past with this monitor.

The AMD FreeSync is another feature that contributes to clear images. It gets rid of stuttering and tearing to make sure you enjoy every scene. Like most Sceptre monitor brands, C355W-3440UN is equipped with FPS and RTS display settings.

Well, these settings take the gaming experience to a whole new level. Additionally, the monitor has a decent resolution of 3440*Having said that, expect it to display clear and detailed images. The monitor also features a couple of extra HDMI ports, which deliver up to 60Hz.

  • No dead pixels
  • Colors are great
  • Awesome for the price
  • Speakers are included for convenience
  • Build quality is nice


  •  The power cord could be longer

Buying Guide: The Best 4K Curved Monitor

There are some features and factors you need to consider before buying a curved monitor. They include:

The resolution, Aspect Ratio & Contrast Ratio

Whether you plan to use your curved monitor for gaming or working, one thing is for sure – you should go for a unit with a high resolution. This is because of the higher the resolution, the better the quality of images. Also, check aspect and contrast ratios to make sure they are spot on.

Build Quality

Since they are some of the latest in the market, 4K curved monitors are pretty expensive. This means the last thing you want is to pump money in one and, even before a month could pass, it starts to have issues. With that said, go for a monitor that has a metal casing if possible. But if you cannot, make sure the plastic your monitor is made of does not feel or look cheap.

Is It Wall Mountable?

We are in a modern world where mounting a TV screen or monitor is gradually becoming imperative. People are realizing that mounting your monitor or TV not only saves space but also improves sleekness, organization, and cleanliness. As such, you should check whether your monitor is wall mountable before buying.


A 4K curved monitor ensures an immersive viewing experience by wrapping around you. It is also top-notch and performs highly whether it is used for gaming, watching, or working. But given that not all curved monitors are built to the same standards, doing a little research before purchase is highly recommended.

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